1. I would add an example to this: If someone has broken into your home or
    in the process of doing so and you see someone attempting to do likewise
    to a neighbor which would you address first?
    I think the answer is obvious.

  2. Reblogged this on Influenced to Death and commented:
    This is what it is about -focus and priorities, cleaning up our own backyard, and holding those within our communities responsible.

    In doing so any others with complicity will be easier to hold accountable when their turn comes.

    AIM has continually attempted to put the cart before the horse, thinking that in doing so the focus they deserve for the crimes they have committed will either be placed on the back burner or forgotten in their entirety.

    To allow murderers, rapists, and thieves unrestricted access and mobility in our communities while pointing fingers elsewhere is the game they would have us play, and I’m especially tired of those non indigenous, those who have never spent a day on the rez, telling us that is what we should do. ~Rezinate~

  3. Rezinate, thanks for relaying Paul’s words and re-iterating , this entry is like a single strike of the hammer sinking nails. and it relates directly to that below

    blAIMsters here in Onigum, were recently detained at the local highschool, and are now playing the tattered race card that Dennis has tried to seize upon to prey on the sympathy of the non native community while at the same instance treating them like garbage. With the support of community members and tribal representatives and a community working together coalition , there is an attempt to remove responsibility and accountability from those kids with the defective attitudes who as per the tribal council, “representatives of Anishinabe values” , i.e to say “Team Onz” is not a gang.

    The coalition group is now saying, “Cultural Sensitivity” training along with history teachings about the residential schooling era is necessary (of course this is about grant contracts), since the trama of those times is the cause of the kids actions for not complying with peace officer directives , that included assault on an officer, it is freaking mind boggeling how drunk so many are on the kool-aid and can not comprehend how their “traditional” mindset is totally bent! Time to build another fire before i loose my sanity, 🙂

    photo attached is the Onigum “representatives of Anishinabe values” marking the street in from of our home. The territorial message was touched up a bit by Choupique who added the letter “F” and the thumbs up sign 🙂

    If it walks like a duck, squawks like a duck, and flaps its wings like a duck, people can call it whatever they want , it’s still a DUCK! ~Team Fonz~ ,

  4. Cultural sensitivity-quite the creative flare- and of course the victim/race card
    is a predictable standard.
    I know some people on a reserve in Canada that was being overrun by drugs
    and gangs, after several attempts at discussion the community at large decided
    they had had enough and the men picked up the stick and went after them, that
    ended the problem.
    One could say it was “sensitivity” training on a different level.

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