13 comments on “HONOR AND DISHONOR

  1. Thank you to remind about this word honor rezinate and thank you to remind
    for this petition for this one Annie Mae

  2. Thanks Rezinate for editing that vid. I was only trying to contrast and it made me feel soiled looking at it. Let people do their own research on LRI. However, I’m hoping this is appropriate.

    From the Facebook page:

    Leonard Peltier Still Guilty

    Perhaps we should start a separate section on the crimes and abuses of Russell Means…

    A better constructed offering from my Editor…
    As an editor, I took the liberty of correction, some of the spelling and punctuation, breaking up the run-on sentences, and ironing out a few kinks. In other words, making this ready for print. xxx….
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    Kira Young 😦

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    Jone Link sad

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    Isobel Jardine Or perhaps you should just stop taking advantage of the fact that people who have died can’t bring libel suits. It’s his birthday today, nicely timed. Not 😦

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    Leonard Peltier Still Guilty RM had years to bring a libel suit against Suzanne Dupree for her statements. The statute of limitations for rape had long passed, so he was in no legal danger, she was. He chose not to contact her in any way. I’m aware of only ONE of his victims to whom he ever apologized, a 12 year old molested by the pervs in his posse.
    He also could have revealed the person who he claims gave the order to murder Annie Mae, but it was more important to him to cover for the boys than to help the family of a raped and murdered Native woman. In a similar manner, Leonard Peltier refused to share his knowledge, after indicating he also knew who was responsible.

    about an hour ago · Edited · Like..

    • Mary-I’m not sure what you mean by editing-I assume you mean
      approving as I don’t alter any comments made by anyone, though
      it seems I do a lot of spell checking and correcting of my
      Contrast noted and appropriate.
      I’m all for a section dedicated to Russell’s abuses-I’m not
      sure if in any of my replies I mentioned statutes of limitation,
      but they are a factor.
      My opinion is that the accusation wasn’t addressed as were so
      many others for the risk it would run in shining the light on
      other events and issues-something not only Russell and AIM, but the
      leadership as a whole has studiously avoided.
      I never cease to me amazed at the lengths some will go to defend
      what and who are indefensible- and for all the talk of Nazis some
      will result to it reminds of how some many denied what was clearly
      visible as the Nazis rose to power, that the murder and destruction
      surrounding them wasn’t important in view of the personalities and
      the “cause”.
      I expect we’ll see some defense presented to minimize the molestation
      of the 12 year old mentioned, 12 YEARS OLD -we’re
      talking a real peoples movement here populated by mighty warriors.
      More like a bunch of sorry mfers.
      A friend, a former AIM member, told me that the talk of a shooting
      star during Russell’s passing was more likely someone, some victim,
      setting off a Roman Candle in celebration.
      Can’t say either way, but certainly as possible as any other claim.

  3. P.S. Isobel Jardine~Don’t you know every master manipulator such as Russell Means grooms friendships with those they know they can dupe as well? Because they must play both sides of game to succeed? While plundering through a field of victims on the one hand, a small elite club of defenders is groomed on the other? This is classic narcissism and I thought a smart lass such as yourself would see right through this. And one other note. I am Scottish as well as Shawnee and I stand alone. No one need stand behind me and I need stand behind no one when it comes down to harsh reality. However, luckily, I do have some beautiful ancestors and I have to go now so I can honor them both on this Veteren’s Day weekend here in the States. (Yes, within my family, settlers killed Shawnee and Shawnee killed settlers and I see both sides of the coin) As you should start seeing also and stop looking to a silly addiction.

  4. Rezinate, I think the video I posted from LRI didn’t translate for some reason. That’s the comparison I was making. Comparing to something of substance like the avaaz petition concerning the truth about annie mae which I prefer to promote.Understood if it’s too unacceptable. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMYQn45ieEM

    Oh yes, Veteran’s Day. Good to spell check. Lol.

    • No problem Mary-post whatever you like.
      Presented by LRI, a brain trust courtesy of Chase Iron Eyes and company
      the video states.
      Now I’m laughing-sounds like Russell’s “think tank” he used to go on

      • I had to watch the video without sound.. It still made me sick.. And Isobel , Russell’s estate CAN be sued.. And the money from the lawsuit he filed on behalf of the people for racism in regards to the mascot issue. $15,000 he split 2 ways with another. What about that? Does death pardon you from crimes? No. The estate of Russell Means can be held financially accountable.

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