6 comments on “EXTINCTION

  1. As always, Rezinate…perfectly said.
    I was notified yesterday Isobel was attempting to put her pro-AIM negativity about my posting on my WP blog & your reblogging of my account of my rape by Means elsewhere.
    Isobel tried the same AIM tactic on the Peltier’s Still Guilty FB page, when she was unsuccessful to harass me here… on your blog, Rezinate…
    The exchanges on the Pe’Sla FB page about the Cannunpa, AIM & ALH resulted in the faux-Lakota Oyate pro-AIMsters attempt to legitimize & protect Ojibway, Bellecourt, Lakota, Arvol Looking Horse, the Abourezk’s & Lakota,Tim Giago, while throwing Dennis Bank’s AIM camp under the bus for the Aquash murder….with Show LCD Dog, Ward Churchill, Bruce Ellison, and of course Banks being outed as the Lakota Traditional Spiritual-ceremony sellers…profiteers & Aquash murderers by Bellecourt & his faux-Lakota Oyate. (Bet Vivian High Elk & the Swans are in on it, too!)
    All this is a move by Bellecourt, of his & his pro-AIM faux-Lakota Oyate’s protection & support of outed fraud ALH, is to keep firm control of the big money maker for them all, the selling of the Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin in every way possible…
    To hang on the those donations & money…(that is needed & wanted by the abusers), as Vivian High Elk stated in 2006…for everyone to live on.
    Guess working for a living is not an option for the abusers fighting over the spoils since Mean’s exit…
    All it is, is more posturing, & use of unfounded titles…
    The only actions Banks or Bellecourt know is that of violence.
    That does not equate to anything that involves the Sacred, or the Cannunpa Wakan, but being nothing more than urban, militant domestic terrorists with blood quantums that are questionable… that have hijacked Lakota spirituality, history & culture, & now with everyone involved it seems… is a self proclaimed Chief or Herditary Lakota Chief, when in reality we have two murderous Ojibways fighting for control over the Tetuwan Lakota Legacy of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin & Lakota ceremony….
    It has been shared with me from insiders, it will come to bloodshed between the two warring AIM camps, as they fight for Means former position…and, Means was not Lakota, but Crow, White & Dakota.
    So, with this said…is any of it real, who is making up this faux Lakota Oyate???
    Or is it just more of a cover-up to protect the ones who have the most to lose…like their careers, faux 1st Nations identities, Chief titles & academic reputations?
    Guess this won’t go well for Raymond Demallie, who has published 16 articles by outed Professor, Ward Churchill…at his American Indian Research Studies Institute, which is suppose to be where to go for all things Lakota…
    If Demallie did not get the story straight about the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin in the 1960’s, nor since then, has covered it up by suppressing Quest & I am a Sioux, by Wilbur Riegert, but used Riegert’s copyrighted material for Demallie’s own academic career in Native Studies at the U of Indiana, the Smithsonian & his American Indian Research Studies Institute…with a bunch of pro-AIMsters on the board there…
    We know why nothing is being done to correct the misconceptions & lies about the Cannunpa Wakan, when Demallie & Vivian High Elk are chums, eh?
    Who would you believe, Wilbur A Riegert, who was the allotment agent at Cheyenne River Agency, & later the curator at the Wounded Knee Museum until AIM destroyed it & his home in 1973.
    Riegert, who spent a good portion of his life in service to the Lakota & the accurate account of the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin…
    Or are we to believe a white guy who did not bother to get the story straight, used another’s photos for his own academic career, & who has supported the Arvol Looking Horse lie for decades, & suppressed the truth….
    All the while knowing he, Demallie has done a great disservice to the Lakota people, who gave him the academic life from their Lakota spirituality, culture & history, a life he has led for decades.
    While Riegert & his heirs have had everything taken from them by AIM during the Seige, right down to the molestation of his Granddaughter by her AIM guard….
    For preserving the truth?
    Who are you going to believe?
    People who have made nothing but money off the Sacred & the Pipe… or someone who gave up everything to remain true to the truth & knowledge he was given to protect???

    • LBW-as anyone who was following the exchanges between Isobel and me could
      plainly see she did little more than talk in circles, make the usual accusations,
      and seemed incapable of sorting through comments, always attempting to place
      them at a later date or in a different context then when they occurred.
      It got old very quickly so I moved on, I expect she will continue in that vein
      wherever she comments.
      The Lakota have some much needed house cleaning to do, but they show an
      apparent lack of desire to do so-the reasons for that are a complete mystery
      to me.
      If they want to be AIM’s, Banks, Bellecourt, or anyone else’s adopted step
      children they should be up front about it-if they don’t then they need to take
      control of their own lives and culture.
      Nobody, and I mean nobody, is stepping up to address the fact that Means was
      not Lakota -none of the indigenous media, not LRI, an AIM store front, or any
      sites save a handful such as your’s, this one, and two or three others.
      One can only hope that in the passing of the AIM leadership their “tradition”
      will go the way of the dinosaurs.
      As to AIM’s penchant to throw different camps under the base it is part of
      their orbit, and determined by monetary interests-hopefully their greed will
      become such they out each other and all wind up in jail when they belong.

  2. tradition and culture turned into a cash crop, supported by so many who can not comprehend or understand the depth of tactics for completing termination policies while creating a market for black gowns disguised as warriors, Now LastRealIndians will assist with the continuance of self genocide, the ridiculous part is “they” actually believe in their heart they are working towards preservation. Such Bent minds ….

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