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    Very well put and it should be applied to all peoples not just to AIM. Very good points Rezinate. Thank you for your words of wisdom. And might I add you are using weapons the worst kind you are using words as bullets in an infowar. You are leaving bodies of ignorance where ever you aim those words. Continue to do so with the accuracy you are. I will do likewise and thanks once again for your enlightenment. Keep up the good fight. And know your words were what I needed to hear today.

    • LN -it is indeed a standard that should be applied to
      all people, and likewise an infowar as you say that AIM
      has dominated for years-but no more.
      They may run, but as they are finding out there is no
      place to hide.
      Thanks for the reblog and keep punching on your end as
      you address the issues you do.

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    This is very familiar, like we should just let go of what happened in Libya, eh?
    Watched a movie last night called “Second In Command”, made in 2006..which was strangely enough exactly like what happened in Libya at our US Embassy Sept. 11 2012…Wag the Dog?
    Or what?
    In real life, no one came to save the Ambassador or the other 3 American’s who lost their lives…
    Just like no one actually ever came to help the victims & survivors at the hands of the urban militant domestic terrorists called the American Indian Movement…
    The battle for power rages on between two Ojibways, who have little respect for their own 1st Nations people (the Riegert’s & Gilldersleeves were & remain Chippewa-Ojibway), the same 1st Nations blood as both Banks & Bellecourt. So who gives these two murderous men the right to control the Sacred of the Tetuwan Lakota or other authentic 1st Nations peoples ceremonies in Indian Country????
    The division has begun, blood shed will occur again in Indian Country between Banks & Bellecourt, egos dictates that……if law enforcement does not hand down those indictments, that is what this split in AIM leadership is all about, saving ones own behind, along with their politicians who gave AIM immunity, while throwing the exact same thing both men are, one is no better than the other…under the bus.

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  4. LBW,

    There will always be those who in doing AIM’s work will cry foul or hater when any attempt
    to speak the truth, it is an indication of the inherent weakness of their position.
    In the past it was an effective means to silence dissent, to control the “infowars” as LN characterized it-the internet which was once a boon to them has become a bane-an
    onerous opponent they now must contend with whether they like it or not.
    Increasingly so I expect less and less from the judicial system in the form of proactive
    indictments-if all that remains is the court of public opinion AIM cannot tell enough lies or
    hire enough attorneys to prevail.
    Advancing years and the passing of Clyde and Banks will remove their personal influence-but
    the concern should be the next generation of Terminators that will roll off the assembly floor.
    Power struggles often have an adverse effect that exposes vulnerabilities even among the victors-the more Banks and Clyde go at it the more a potential exists for elements of the truth
    to emerge.
    Hopefully this will play out among the principals and there will be no more innocent victims.

    • LBW-the question I would ask is who among the justice department
      hears those cries- has Holder and the USAG office gone deaf and
      blind, or do they merely choose to ignore them while awaiting the
      attrition of time that will make the prosecution of those who have
      passed on impossible?

  5. Wow.. There’s being human and there’s being a monster. Being “Less than perfect” isn’t what I would describe Russell as. A question I would pose to Db would be, what if it was YOUR mother?
    Would you let it go then? If there was never any legal justice for her murder or even a merciful admission??

    If Russell was honorable, he would have spoken the truth. He would have screamed the truth from the roof tops and had everyone’s heads. Right? But, instead, he also is a woman abusing, rapist, murderer, and death doesn’t change that.

    One does not have to be perfect to understand the basic concepts of right and wrong. You don’t hit or rape women. You don’t beat up on the elderly. You don’t lie and pillaged an already ravaged people.

    Let it go?

    Not on your life. When Ray’s body is returned to his family and Miss Annie’s family gets their admission and truths, then, we will discuss letting it go.

  6. -to replay some good words by you Rezinate:

    “None of the leadership is worthy of forgiving and forgetting-they are not representative of either the nations or tradition, and have become indistinguishable from the greed and corruption so characteristic of the very system they claim to stand in opposition of.”

    -isn’t it curious that the minute Russell Means passes, or even before, the power struggles began this summer, with the donators, sycophants and provocoteurs… the screaming viscious ones, reving up their shrill anger, hatred and rage, and ‘ideological rhetoric’, their insane allegiance to the AIM and 3 generations of mafia control, plays for power, money and celebrity

    -AIM itself splitting with the Texas AIM outting Dennis Banks, the Bellecourt camp talking about the dear elder, Bellecourt, this summer, all those sun dances by all the power brokers with blood on their hands… and the deafening scream of mother earth and father sky’s cease and desist order from Creator and etc., all the storms and damage and shaking of the earth… guess you men and women don’t get that this is not purification for being strong, this is outrage and a message to stop…

    GET IT!?

    -now AIM finally, stupidly, has outed itself, with the Bellecourt, Giago, Abourezks, Raymond Demallie, the Smithsonian, private collectors, Bahai, and the secret gov’t connection all hiding behind a slim attack against the flaky narcissists…Arvol Looking Horse, still holding the big fake secret of your spiritual lineage and power and control of WBCP’s legacy… you and your wife especially, will be the next to be thrown under the bus… in other words you’re a weak link and a liability…

    -did you know AIM, that until you admitted in your manifesto, using words much of what is contained in Looking Back Woman’s site, there was no direct admitting of guilt of AIM by the big ‘chiefs’?

    -now that you have, in your greed and power struggle for a mafia don’s control of your ‘turf’, admitted to guilt, all your fanatical followers will now shift their rhetoric to adjust to the new reality…

    -“well, you may have done everything that the survivors of your abuse, rape, murders, theft, and lies have claimed… BUT…”

    -The followers will scream loudly now, watch for this, “You’re still good guys, the abuser played me and gave me a title and was good to me once…so AIM is to be admired and the victims must finally admit that some good happened, we are all better off…”

    -there is such a darkness that has spread everywhere, there is such a beast that has been fed, this is how severe it has become all over the earth, and it extends out from the Black Hills, the mystery of the ‘Heart of the heart’ where the legacy and mystery of WBCPW first emerged so long ago;

    -remember that corny movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, when Clarence tells George that because he never existed, goodness ceased to hold back the dark of life everywhere, and all the reality he knew had he lived, became dark and ugly and cold and brutal, without mercy and compassion, kindness and love…

    -it’s like Russell Means, and all the boyz, and all their followers, and all their families, 3 generations of them, obliterated so many, but the focal point became ANNA MAE PICTOU AQUASH…

    -and WOUNDED KNEE 2, the dark energy miasm that lies there, the trapped innocent ones that lie there, the wrongs that are still being fed today…

    -you see, it has not healed, and it will not heal, until the people kick all the bums out, stop the propoganda and programming of themselves by the abusers and their therapists, educators, writers, drug dealers, booze bootleggers, followers, progogandists

    -they were not victims once, they were always bullies and abusers, and we the people have nothing to be ashamed of, and sympathy is best directed towards those of us who are waking up, and helping the goodness and kindness and respect and dignity to emerge once again into the light of a beautiful golden dawn, it’s coming, and they can’t stop us from shaking off our fear, and kicking the bums out…

    • “-they were not victims once, they were always bullies and abusers,”

      From petty criminals to big time crooks and murderers-each taking a
      turn at spinning the AIM Wheel of Fortune and each guaranteed their
      turn at the money trough.
      American Indian Mafia, Assholes In Moccasins, and ultimately Murder

  7. There is enough new info on my WP blog to answer alot of questions…who knew what & when, & why nothing is being done…I spent sometime connecting the dots for people, of the why nothing is being done…
    It does not serve those who are making money off all the carnage.

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