6 comments on “WORLDS IN MICROCOSM

  1. -love dragonflies, they are so curious, and all my relations, they are just that, relatives… when did
    we forget this?

    -thanks for your Thanksgiving words, beautiful

    -predators in nature can be as cruel as 2-legged predators, but most are fulfilling their essential nature, such as the raptors…

    -but 2-legged predators have chosen to feed the beast, rather than feeding life, and Creator’s gift to us… which is to always give back to, and thank life, or Creation, or Creator, in all our myriad ways.

    -2 legged predators have such a sense of entitlement, and power and rage over others, fed by the beasts’ mechanisms of control: drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, violence and war…

    -yet sometimes even good people have to stand up and fight, when evil threatens all of us, stand up and fight, even when it’s unpopular and the evil is denied as existing…

    -like at Wounded Knee 2 and subsequent events

    • Raptors are a favorite of mine and serve a distinct purpose-they have
      alternately been portrayed as noble,messengers, and villianous depending
      on culture and viewpoint.
      There is little pretense in the natural world, though some examples can be cited.
      One could be the mockingbird who imitates the songs of others, but they
      are flamboyant in their presentations-always perched in a favored spot
      where they are visible to all and given to aerial acrobatics-not attempting
      to fool anyone, more like a performer “covering” the song of another.
      There is an honesty in such performances-they ask no recompense, no appearance
      fees, and present themselves only as what and who they are, and while they will
      engage in territorial disputes that often contain an element of comedy I don’t believe
      they assign titles like chief, leader, or patriot to themselves.
      An amazing display of integrity when you consider the human world, and a
      nobility sorely lacking in many.

  2. Oh yes this one the mocking bird, and you make us to smile to
    think of this one always to dance and sing.

  3. I love the dragonfly and winged creatures, too. Hummingbird flies around my head, but I think I know who the message is from. I just found out about this sea angel which comes from the Sea of Japan. This video is best if you watch with no sound. Another winged creature to bring happiness. Joan, what you said about sense of entitlement is so true. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssl_skHnSyk

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