4 comments on “BE ANOTHER NDN

  1. Always we 2-leggeds misunderstand one another. If I heard you correctly you just said that some of the American Indian Movement people are ok, they have done good things… so it’s not all bad, the movement deserves some credit.

    I disagree. Do you know what the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ is? Or the Patty Hurst phenomena?

    The American Indian Movement, like John and Joseph Trimbach say in their book, is a mafia organization. That’s how mafias work.

    Now there are individual human beings who have done good things, good actions, good decisions, kind, good people, who are in the American Indian Movement, and when the corruption becomes too great, they hopefully quietly get out.

    I believe Anna Mae Pictou Aquash stayed for as long as she did because she was being manipulated and compromised, because she was in love, because she believed she could change the bad men into good men, and because, rightfully so, she wanted a better, more just and honourable life for ‘Indian’ people.

    I think she decided to leave too late, and she also had tremendous courage. She endured all the abuses right up till her last breath, she did not back down, she prayed. And Creator heard her prayer.

    You know that, and I know that, but does AIM know that?

    I am ashamed that I am not as strong as her or her daughters.

    But the organization was founded on corruption and lies, and it continues to live and breathe on power, abuse and control of others.

    • Joan-I view this in the context of my own experience-that of having
      supported Peltier at one time.During that time I don’t believe I
      was inherently evil-stupid for sure, but not evil.
      If there is a saving grace I can claim it is that and the fact that
      I never supported AIM-I was initially ambivalent about them,thinking
      the better part of wisdom was first to observe, but soon enough
      knew the game they were up to and have said so every since.
      The irony of it is that with the positions I take now some say I am
      inherently evil and stupid-but I learned long ago you can’t please
      everybody so I don’t dwell on that, and often enough consider the source
      and the agenda they have.
      Those I reference in AIM that I know and say are a good people are
      in my opinion just that-they haven’t much good to say about the leadership,
      won’t deny the shortcomings, and say AIM isn’t what it should be.
      Why they remain is a decision they have arrived at for various reasons.
      When I asked that question of a friend he replied that the more who
      chose to leave who were actually attempting to do good things the more
      corrupt and dysfunctional AIM would become, and his hope was that in hanging
      on positive change could be affected.
      I think that is admirable, but a difficult and fine line to walk.
      I’m familiar with the Stockholm Syndrome and referenced it on occasion in
      various blogs-I think it is a valid explanation that has application in
      many instances.
      My intent wasn’t to say that AIM deserves any measure of credit, only that
      there are those few within it that do-not for their affiliation, but for the
      good things they personally do.
      They live within the communities and face the same hardships- they don’t have
      an office and sit behind a desk, they don’t fly around the country promoting
      themselves and collecting appearance fees.
      Neither do they seek compensation or accolades for the things they do. They
      aren’t looking for gratitude or a reputation-they only want to do something
      positive-something meaningful.
      In my opinion if all shared the same motivation AIM would be what it should
      be and never was-but that’s another blog I’m putting together.
      I know people who are Christians, and while I don’t think much of the Christian
      doctrine and it’s history I think the ones I speak of are good people.
      I wouldn’t align myself with any political party out there-yet I know people
      who have such affiliations and call them friends.
      I won’t denounce or hold all white people to account for what their ancestors
      might have done.
      As an entity AIM is anything but beyond reproach-but maybe my friend is right,
      if those who think likewise hang on and do the best they can maybe it will lessen
      the damage, maybe it will lead to change.
      Maybe that was the reason Annie hung on until her murder-and undoubtedly why she is
      viewed as a martyr and a victim.

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