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  1. Always the good things to read here and to learn and not many
    the places to do this so we read in those recommend places you
    have made to.

    • Isobel
      In view of the positions you take, your compulsion to label the truth as lies
      can only be seen for what it is, but however many times you trail along behind
      AIM or Russell with a broom attempting to clean up it doesn’t remove the stench
      of what they’ve left behind, or alter the reality.

      • Your piece on ‘Black Robes of AIM’ was substantially full of lies, Rezinate, and you have promoted someone who has told a very vicious lie about Russell. If you want to criticise him for what he did, your choice. But attacking him, or AIM, falsely is something else.

      • Well of course it is Isobel,and we have you as an authority to
        point it out-to falsely accuse and label all the truths that
        you can’t accommodate as being vicious lies.
        If you actually believed this you would being labelling those
        who agree in comments the same, people like sps who really ripped
        Russell a new one, and even Helene who presents an undiluted
        and verifiable witness -but we see you that isn’t your game-
        you prefer to thank sps for “defending” and when asked how you
        arrive at that decision attempt to mitigate it by saying well
        maybe so but he said that a long time ago.
        Yesterday, last week, last year, ten years ago, twenty years ago,
        doesn’t make a lot of difference-the truth remains what it is.
        Wend your ways through the blog archives-will take a while maybe,
        but give you something new to decry.
        Something new to stoke the hatred you accuse me of.

      • Steve Savage made some back handed compliments in his piece, which count as positive.

        Russell was very self critical, which is hardly news to anyone.

        Your Black Robes of AIM piece was so off beam it looked insane, attempting to present AIM as some kind of bizarre cult. It doesn’t matter how often you write lies it doesn’t make them true.

        You have deliberately promoted LBW being fully aware she is lying. Nothing to be proud of Rezinate, a false rape allegation is vicious to the man concerned, it’s also a total insult to women who have been raped.

        You’re pathetically egotistical about your views and many of them are absolutely half baked with very little rational thought and certainly no adherence to truth or justice. Rabid hatred of AIM does not count as morality or truth seeking.

        And Helene Hagan is completely wrong in saying Russell was a sociopath, if she knew him for 30 years she should know that. She has also manage to label Dennis Banks a sociopath, there is plenty of evidence that he is nothing of the kind.

      • Isobel -here’s something for not only you but others who have
        been allowed to comment after following a “suspension” for lack
        of a better word tp consider.
        You came back once that PRIVILEGE was initially reinstated
        with a semblance of coherency-a coherency that has fallen by
        the wayside to be replaced with the usual over the top vitirol
        and name calling-just for your and their edification while
        your comments appropriately appear in the spam bin your
        IP can be blocked and the spam bin load will lightened.
        Then you and they can write your comments for yourself, which
        come to think of it is primarily what they are about anyway.
        No entitlement exists here or anywhere on the net for you
        or anyone to say and do as you like-if you doubt that try
        posting a comment on LPDOC, any Peltier or Graham site that
        isn’t effusive in praise and the usual rah rah go team.
        So if you believe you actually have something of value to
        contribute you would be better served to forgo your trademark
        over the top choice of words.
        In you professed great friendship with Russell and deep admiration
        of AIM you have presented those as the reasons that compel you
        to rise in their defense -you should understand then that by the
        same metric I’m not going to allow you to apply a different standard
        for me in this blog.

        “You have deliberately promoted LBW being fully aware she is lying.”
        If indeed I did believe LBW was lying I wouldn’t allow her comments,
        or if I did I point them out as the one’s I do you promote and those
        of others.
        I won’t say you are lying as I believe reasonable people are able to
        make that determination on their own-what I will say is that by your
        own admission regarding what you have and haven’t been aware of your
        comments are off beam to put it mildly, and you are promoting lies.
        You may envision yourself as the lost sister of the Blues Brothers and
        on a “mission” but you aren’t.

        “And Helene Hagan is completely wrong in saying Russell was a sociopath, if she
        knew him for 30 years she should know that. She has also manage to label Dennis
        Banks a sociopath, there is plenty of evidence that he is nothing of the kind.”

        I think most people are able to differentiate between a thirty year history
        of knowing someone in their actual presence and having worked with them than
        a friendship based on phone calls.I think they would assign a greater credibility
        to the former than the latter.
        It would require a pathetic deliberate egotism to assume otherwise.

  2. Yes, there might be some truth to this. What did that guy say, “Life is a stage….” But if you want to take this angle then let’s identify the real “actors.” The infiltrators, the informants, the under-cover agents, the snitchers, “The black-ops”….The ones that, under the FBI’s bidding, infiltrate progressive groups with the goal of “nuetrilization,” and disruption. Maybe they’ll pose as your “best bro,” Your “personal adviser,” or maybe even your “personal photographer?” The Judas’ of the world. The betrayers. The sell-outs. Maybe they’ll even wear a wire on the father of their own kids? The Kamooks, Blackhorses, Theda Nelson’s and Durham’s. Has the “Idle No More,” movement been infiltrated yet? The occupy Movement surely was. Will they triumph in the name of the Big Corporations that they ultimately work on behalf of? Will they help them to carry out the raping and pillaging of Mother Earth in the name of profit? No, THIS is good theater and acting. Will they carry out that “kidnapping, ” scheme under the orders of their “handlers?”

    To quote Jackson Browne, There are lives( comments) in the balance…..

    • Indeed Idle No More has been infiltrated-by AIM-they’re
      looking for some air time and money, their hope is
      that they as AIM Inc. will own it.
      My hope is people will rally around Theresa Spence, the issues,
      and tell AIM to get the hell out.
      We’ve addressed the issue of wearing a wire against a “father”-
      you studiously have avoided responding-to be expected though
      as you haven’t been programed to speak a truth in regard to AIM.

      • Lives in the Balance- Jackson Browne:

        Songwriters: BROWNE, JACKSON
        I’ve been waiting for something to happen
        For a week or a month or a year
        With the blood in the ink of the headlines
        And the sound of the crowd in my ear
        You might ask what it takes to remember
        When you know that you’ve seen it before
        Where a government lies to a people
        And a country is drifting to war

        And there’s a shadow on the faces
        Of the men who send the guns
        To the wars that are fought in places
        Where their business interest runs

        On the radio talk shows and the t.v.
        You hear one thing again and again
        How the u.s.a. stands for freedom
        And we come to the aid of a friend
        But who are the ones that we call our friends–
        These governments killing their own?
        Or the people who finally can’t take any more
        And they pick up a gun or a brick or a stone
        There are lives in the balance
        There are people under fire
        There are children at the cannons
        And there is blood on the wire

        There’s a shadow on the faces
        Of the men who fan the flames
        Of the wars that are fought in places
        Where we can’t even say the names

        They sell us the president the same way
        They sell us our clothes and our cars
        They sell us every thing from youth to religion
        The same time they sell us our wars
        I want to know who the men in the shadows are
        I want to hear somebody asking them why
        They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are
        But they’re never the ones to fight or to die
        And there are lives in the balance
        There are people under fire
        There are children at the cannons
        And there is blood on the wire

      • Well, I like some of Browne’s music though in this case I think
        another verse or two would be appropriate-something about the
        blood on AIM’s hands and what they’ve been attempting to sell.

        Personally I prefer Richie Havens and his song Freedom.


        No problem with Cash either-would be interesting to see what he
        would of had to say if he were in WK2 when it was being destroyed
        by AIM.

    • Rumour is SB that the US Gov is viewing Idle No More as a likely terrorist group, so my guess is yes, they will try infiltrating.

      • I have no doubt of this-as governments view the perfect citizenry to
        be one of conformity-to deviate from that is viewed as a threat.

      • Yes, to stand up against environmental destruction and Human Rights on the land of your ancestors is to be labeled a “terrorist.” Big Foot was labelled a “terrorist,” for Ghost Dancing and practicing Freedom of Religion and look what happened to him? Leonard Peltier and AIM were standing up against an FBI/ U.S gov aided land theft for the illegal mining of uranium and look what happened to him? He has done 37 years of hard time and an FBI agent has yet to do one minute for their crimes against the Lakota people and Mother Earth. So it seems that in this lifetime the “banker man,” always wins. It was revealed recently that the FBI worked hand in hand with the banks and the local police to “nuetrilize,” the Occupy movement and to protect the interests of Wall Street. ( and I guess Obama and the U.S justice dept. went along with this as well?). But being a songwriter, I took liberties with that old song “sinner man.” I changed it to banker man. “Banker man, where you going to run to? all on that day?” Run to your gold but your gold is a melting, run to your gold but your gold is a melting” Paid for your fare but your credit ain’t no good here, paid for your fare but your credit ain’t no good here. All on that day. Who knows? Maybe this movement will evolve in to the resurrection of the Ghost Dance itself? But yes, Mr. Ed, Fed Baby, and all the J. Edgar Hoover disciples will do everything they can to destroy this movement in the name of power and greed. Maybe they’ll try to label it a “communist” movement secretly led by Chavez and Castro?

      • Apparently to stand up for truth and justice among our nations is
        also to be labelled a “terrorist” in the rhetorical sense SB, as
        in sellout, fed, snitch, fedmob, etc. Perhaps in doing so it could
        loosely be referred to as ghost dance revival – as it too is about
        the survival and well being of the nations. It too is about keeping
        traditional ways and attempting to stop the greed and power grabbing
        of others-among them a list that includes AIM.
        To stop the communist affiliations that have permeated AIM and the
        commercialization of who we are and what we believe.

  3. ” I got to know some F.B.I agents as human beings doing there job and actually listened to some of the stories of F.B.I agents assigned to Pine Ridge who said, “you know when you think you’re going to be shot next and you have children you bust down doors and rough people up sometimes ’cause you think that’s the best way to make sure that you live one more day.” Paul De main

    “You know, I don’t mourn the death of those two FBI agents. I don’t say they had it coming to them, but they have been running over people there too long. They are part of a system that has killed a lot of our people. And Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be. If you believe in a god, if you believe in a creator, you know that these people aren’t supposed to act that way, not supposed to come into homes, tear theses homes apart, threaten little babies, search little babies, make little kids get on the ground with M-16’s pointed at their heads…If you believe in a Creator, if you believe in a god, you know in your heart that this ain’t right. And you know that this stuff has got to be stopped, and that these people have got to be punished. They will be punished not by us, not by anybody on this earth. They will be punished by the Creator. And that’s why I am talking here. We were right that day.”
    “Sacred feathers, whistle bones, eagle feathers, pipes and stuff like this, they violated these things….That is why those agents died. It wasn’t because we killed them, it’s because ALL of those agents were being punished. They walk around and cry about me and Bob being acquitted. They say we shouldn’t be acquitted, you know. That we are evil, cold- blooded killers, and they cry. They say that there was an agent walking down the halls of the federal courthouse in Ceder Rapids who had tears in his eyes. Now they are knowing a little bit about what it is to suffer. If they learn how to respect people and everything, then there need be no more suffering amongst them like that, there need be no more agents dying, Indian people dying.” Dino Butler

    • I particularly “like” this point where you and Dino fail again SB-the below
      excerpt is indicative of the same mentality evidenced by the military at Sand
      Creek,Wounded Knee, and various other locations-everyone and anyone was to be

      “It wasn’t because we killed them, it’s because ALL of those agents were being

      Kind of like that Christian ethic of the sins of the father wouldn’t you say?
      You see SB-this is what happens when as a wannabe you try to go Indian on
      us- you wind up relentlessly sticking your foot in your mouth.
      Dino on the other hand has a very personal and vested interest in the way
      he portrays events that is generally understood as not passing the litmus
      I submit that if you believe in God, if you believe in Creator as Dino says
      other things you don’t so is to abduct and murder women-you don’t allow drugs
      and alcohol at ceremonies, you don’t sell drugs to children, you don’t ransack
      and pillage the villages of your own, you don’t rape or allow gangs to run freely
      in your communities.
      Isn’t it odd though that in saying such things those who are guilty or supportive
      of those who are,are reduced to calling names like fed, snitch, or sellout, and
      either fail to understand or ignore that these things are the basis of tradition-of
      who we have been?
      You and others can bounce a round between here and the blog Double Entendre, Theater,
      or any other blog and nothing changes-things remain what they were and are.
      Now since “punishment” is the mea culpa -does the same apply to Ray? Was he being
      “punished” for being a black man? What were the others in those unmarked graves
      being punished for? What were women who were and have been raped being “punished” for?
      What sins had the village of Wounded Knee committed that warranted the “punishment”
      of being ransacked, burned, and looted by AIM? What “respect” was shown?
      What sins have the nations committed to warrant being pimped by the AIM leadership
      to enrich themselves?

      Hard questions-too difficult for you? Links and videos in substitution aren’t the
      answer. These are personal, and as such require a personal answer/opinion….. or
      avoidance as you opt for.

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