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  1. Another interesting article. Will the “idle No More,” movement suffer a similar disturbing fate? I guess COINTELPRO is alive and well ( and BANK sponsored)? Since you’re so obsessed with AIM, an interesting question would be would AIM have turned out differently if it wasn’t targeted for “nuetrilization,” and infiltrated by the FBI? I do agree with you though that AIM should not get credit for I.N.M and that Chief Spence should remain the face/inspiration for this movement. May the Creator protect all involved from the infiltrators and worms in the apples:


    • The quality of AIM is the result of the quality, or more appropriately
      the lack of it in leadership-so your question is moot.
      Leadership that is what it is and always has been-“neutralization”
      is the cover story-the whitewash to cover all the dirt.
      The Flip Wilson excuse that the devil made them do it.
      The game was afoot to marginalize Occupy? There’s a news flash-just
      figuring that out?
      Far as I know though Occupy hasn’t taken over villages, held people
      hostage, tossed wheelchair bound elders out of their residence and taken
      their possessions.
      Don’t think they’ve dug multiple unmarked graves either-feel free to
      correct me if I’m wrong.

      • Oh I’ve seen quite a lot Rezinate. Your lies, hypocrisy, twisting for example, and also copied it to others. Along with the lies you promote on your forum.

        Trust me, not much gets past me 🙂

      • Isobel-you’ll forgive me while I roll on the floor laughing about this,
        on the contrary a great deal has gotten past you.

    • Ironic when I responded yesterday not sure if my comment posted, I hadn’t seen the Guardian article. I quite often get British newspaper online articles in the Guardian pointed out by Yemenis ( in Yemen) when I haven’t seen them.

  2. in ref to “those who desire a “face” be put to this movement let it be that of Chief Theresa Spence”

    ‘Idle No More’ is a direct response by Canada’s First Nations to the Canadian government’s recent changes of legislation to the Indian Act with the passage of Bill C-45.

    ‘Idle No More’ began with four women: Nina Wilson, Sheelah Mclean, Sylvia McAdam and Jessica Gordon. image: http://tribalfires.com/inmwomen.jpg

    as for Spence who has yet said peep about C-45 or C-38, quite a few questions about her historical profile of leadership hit “very” hard on the coffee table and if a woman leader not affiliated with the startup , to put a face on Idle No More, it should be a woman such as Chief Jannette Peterson.


    A True Leader Speaks

    Chief Peterson at time interval 6:00 in the above youtube, comments on gov. funding, accountability and mentions N. Ontario and what has been occurring there, i take it she is speaking of Attawapiskat First Nation which has an enrollment of about 2000 and is only accessible by air or water. view in google maps , http://goo.gl/maps/oVxqU

    For example: DeBeers Mining initiated a diamond mine about 90km west of the community, it reached “commercial production” in 2008, 6mths ahead of construction plans. Initially there was a usage contract for tribal members who received monies directly from DeBeers. In 2005 a Impact and Benefit Agreements (IBA) agreement was implemented with the tribe and now the money goes to chief and council.

    In 2009, the community sewer system went belly up, that combined with flooding created an environmental nightmare. DeBeers gave assistance to address immediate concerns, such as 100 people being displaced. DeBeers has awarded over “360 million dollars” in contracts for community development that was awarded to “solely owned or joint venture companies” run by the community.

    Today the community still has no school, and many people live in tar paper shack slum conditions.

    (Peterson in the Video above is speaking about gov. funding and accountability, not of accountability that should be demanded from the tribal leadership concerning DeBeers Mining IBA agreements and the outreach support DeBeers continues to give, such as the 40 million dollars in 2012)

    on another note: one would think being isolated as such, it would be fairly simple to keep the poisons of modern day society out of the community. But for some reason business as that below is allowed to shine like a beacon to administer sickness to anyone in the community that is hooked into knocking on the door.

    “De Beers’s Attawapiskat office is in an ATCO trailer between the church and the bootlegger’s, where a mickey of vodka sells for $130. (The bootlegger’s house is known locally as “the palace,” and with its new siding and thermal windows, it’s easily one of the nicest spots in town.)”

    And now Tribal leadership (Spence) is creating utube videos saying residential schooling and the hurt it created, along with the Canadian Gov. is the cause for current problems at Attawapiskat First Nation , AND that the youth need to start drumming again ????


    There is a really good thing occurring across the continent right now, thou people might want to keep an eye on who is who, or they will be used, kinda like those that might suck up grant, outreach, gov. funding monies to purchase lands for the upcoming oil prospects derived by current seismic survey’s that are now being completed.

    above extracted from: additional notes to a re-blog of LBW’s writings at , http://jpwade.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/more-opinionsidle-no-more-by-lbw/

    a tribute and short description as to why and how to Idle No More started up:

    • I’m not exactly sure what is to be taken from this video featuring Janette Petersen-the
      answers seem pretty vague and politically generic-talk about soveriengty and not being
      sure-it’s something for down the road doesn’t resonate well with me.
      I’d also like to know how could you be a band counselor and not know what chiefs get paid?
      If the salaries are such as stated I’d say they are outrageous-I’d also say forty five or
      fifty thousand tax free ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.
      I’d be elated to make that kind of money which you have to figure as being half again that
      amount without taxes etc.
      I haven’t much to say about Petersen- I don’t know her or know much about
      her other than to watch this five or six minute video, and on the basis of
      that don’t feel as though I could promote her for being the face of a movement.
      As I recall the nations went through that ourselves when new faces arose
      and created an organization that killed our own at WK2 and elsewhere. Hope
      springs eternal.

      Here’s what I know independent of media sources-I have friends on various reserves
      across Canada-friends who were born, raised, and reside on reserves-friends who
      either went through the schools or their parents and grandparent did. Friends who
      never left the reserve-they’ve spent their entire life there.
      They say Idle No More is the best thing to happen in their lifetime-that the potential
      for change is huge-that it will be a mistake to escalate into violence but probably will,
      and those who go that route will do so by design and it will drag others into it.
      We’ve been exchanging emails about this for a month or so and they have yet to be proven
      wrong to me-early on they stated they believed a lot of infighting would begin an advised
      me when it began not to jump on the bandwagon, to have a little faith in the first nations
      people to know and understand the issues they confront.
      A couple of years before Arnett fell into disfavor they were ahead of the curve in voicing
      concerns to me about him-their take on what’s gong on with Idle No More differs from what
      media sources may be saying, so as I know these people personally, have a relationship with
      them, and know them to be worthy of my trust until such a time as is proven otherwise I’m
      not going to make any accusations directed at either Spence or the movement-other than AIM
      needs to be kept out of it-which they concur with.
      And I understand not everyone will have access to the interent or the media.
      Unlike me they are living in the midst of this as it develops-if there is corruption in
      tribal governments there just as there is here-go figure-what else is new?
      I think that the fact that Emil Bell along with a growing number of others have joined
      Spence in the hunger strike says something. I’m not willing to label anyone who does so in
      support as being part of a conspiracy or ignorant.
      In fact I think a nationwide hunger strike and work stoppage would be a viable non violent
      If government response is to go thug on people who engage in such the world will take note
      just as it did with Gandhi.
      A greater strength lies in taking a blow for a cause than giving one, though I admit I’m
      not sure what my reaction would be.

      If collusion and malfeasance is to be looked at or for I think it serves little to avoid
      making the connection between DeBeers and the government.
      Follow that money trail between DeBeers and the government and it will be discovered what
      has “trickled” down and where.

      So I offer the below link to the home page of Idle No More-hopefully people will access
      the site and make their own determinations. I’m not an expert regarding all the facets and
      nuances of what is occurring across the border,make no claim to be, mean no offense to jp
      or anyone, and advise what I have offered is an opinion and encourage people to research and
      arrive at their own conclusions.


    • The more i look into Spence and Attawapiskat, to include online discussions with community members from Attawapiskat , considering all that Theresa Hall did prior to Spence becoming Chief. Spence likely fell out of her chair after taking office, when she realized the fall out she had acquired.

      i would have to say Spence got caught up and realized she was in way over her head, and continued to follow other’s lead , likely thinking she could make needed change, and in time realized some of those she took guidance from was exactly what she was trying to battle. She seems to have recognized error and has taken a stance, “it stops now” , she has experience now and seems to be trying to make good for error, and thats what counts.

      • We may never know the intricacies of what compels Spence to take
        the position she has-but as you say it is what counts now.
        I think the important thing is to be supportive of IDM for
        the potential it has-the fact that AIM is attempting to insert
        itself doesn’t mean it will be successful, nor does it mean that
        the baby has to thrown out with the bath water.
        The more people are supportive of the ideal the stronger it can
        become-the opposite is true, and in fact will enable AIM.
        AIM has decades of laying claim to anything they think will
        heighten their public persona while denying every wrong
        they have done-I really can’t imagine more than a small percentage
        of people believing they are the face of IDM.
        I’ve seen people walk around in public with snakes draped on their
        shoulder, or a parrot, it amounts to nothing more than an attention
        seeking device, and the more they are shown the more they are
        enabled-it is the same mentality AIM exhibits-they want the
        attention, but they also want the money. Neither should be forthcoming.

  3. Theresa Spence is living better right now in her TP with her broth, than half of her people were living a year ago. How are they doing now, with the free homes from the feds.? Why didn’t you help them Theresa Spence?

    Where is the 9 billion dollars that disappeared (over a 5 year period and there is no access to the accounting books) Chief Spence?

    And why did you and Shawn Atleo and the AFN stage this spontaneous protest now, during Christmas break?

    If you look at everything associated with “Idle No More” it was planned a year ago, and worked on
    for that length of time. The logos, the flags, the staged spontaneous protests, where they are occuring, is all timed to slowly escalate and appear to be a genuine movement of people.

    It’s taken from the A.I.M. playbook south of the border that’s for sure. Stage an event expressing outrage, take control and break the law in some staged planned way with tons of media who won’t ever dare to ask the tough questions.

    In the mafia, you create the problem, bust up and destroy people’s lives, then you come in with the
    solution, which is a blackmail threat, of pay up or we will continue.

    Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, dared to confront Chief Theresa Spence, and asked where the money had gone, and took control of Attiwapiskat a year ago, and bypassed Spence when no-one could gain access to the accounting books.

    Stephen Harper agreed with Shawn Atleo and the AFN when they arrogantly said they would secede from all agreements with the government, and go their own way as independent nations.

    Harper said yes, ok, go ahead.

    Well, faster than you can sneeze, and this happened about a year ago, all the chiefs and band councils back tracked and whined and complained, and said they were mistreated, no mention anymore of seceding.

    You see, they receive so much from the Feds. that never gets to the people, and to solve the problems and meet the needs of the people…

    It just all disappears mysteriously… the financing, the money.

    And the propoganda and programming is taught, that it’s all the white people and the feds. fault.
    We don’t have to be responsible for ourselves because we have been abused, stolen from and treated with disrespect. And the pain and grief is increased with all the suicides, murders, rapes…
    happening by Rez gangs and Rez corrupt controllers.

    People like Chief Theresa Spence, Shawn Atleo, and the chiefs and band councils of the AFN are interested in themselves, the money and the political game.

    And the ideological rhetoric around this movement reallly hooks innocent good people who think this is something genuine, finally.


    There is a good kind medicine man somewhere in Canada that I know a little about. He is on his ancestral territory.

    He just signed a petition supporting Theresa Spence and the “Idle No More” movement.

    He knows better.

    Because he won’t end a failed marriage, because he has to go to work for the first time in a long time, he’s an artist, and because he is obsessed with ‘conspiracy theories’ rather than asking the hard questions and dealing with the truth that he knows…

    He was asked to visit his mentor and supporter, who gifted him many times with beauty, and all those on a traditional path will understand what that means… it means being blessed with harmony and peace, but following Creator’s will all the while…

    He has decided to whine and complain, and blame his wife, and turn his back on the truth, and his path opening before him…

    And so he has signed the meaningless petition, with it’s vague ideological rhetoric, because he wants the lies to be true, and the truth to not exist.

    It’s painful to wake up, to change, and to move on.

    Not many people can do it in this modern mind, modern world paradigm.

    I predict that this movement will escalate, and then Shawn Atleo and the AFN and Theresa Spence will tearfully laugh all the way to the bank, all the while making sure their people never know the truth…

    They will step in and solve the ‘problem’ , and deal with the Feds, so that their people receive nothing…

    The people will be bewildered, be more poor in a year than they are now, and the rhetoric will be whipped up to feed the hate and despair, but never to support them.

    Self determination means you first determine a life for yourself, in small humble good ways, and then it grows. It never starts from the outside in.

    • Well Joan, I’m not sure what this means:
      “Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, dared to confront Chief Theresa Spence,”
      I’d say Harper and governmental policies related to first nations should be confronted,
      and I’m not too inclined to accept governmental explanations.
      I see this mention of Idle No More as being a conspiracy plotted over a year in other
      places-what I’d like to see is some kind of factual verification of that, something more
      than statements or opinions.
      I think that’s reasonable don’t you?
      If AIM’s presence is to be taken as a proof of that then some consideration must be given
      to anything that will garner attention is where they will be found-that they will attempt
      to insinuate themselves.
      That doesn’t necessarily imply to me it’s a conspiracy.
      Now rather than talking about the potential of such a movement the emphasis is to be placed
      on failed marriages and the “valor” of prime ministers? I don’t think that lends itself to
      much-my interest lies with what the people think-what they can and will do.
      My friends told me that America and Americans have a penchant for trying to tell everyone
      how to best go about something-as though we have the greater insight, the best solutions.
      That they appreciate support when it is offered, but they don’t need to be told what to do
      or how to act.
      I think history proves this penchant,I also think the Canadian First Nations share a common
      and lengthy history with us-are experienced enough based on that to know what they are about,
      I have faith in them that what needs to be exposed will, and what needs to be done will be
      A lot of predictions are being made-as a result of that it is a guarantee that whatever
      solution is reached it’s going to be attacked-some will be pleased and some won’t.
      If my friends were to say come and help I’d be on my way-as they haven’t thus far I’m
      willing to listen to them and assume they have a greater insight than I do.They haven’t picked
      a favorite, they’re just saying an opportunity exists and I believe them, I give them credit
      for being humble people and something more than bewildered.
      This is the internet-the land of something can always be found to support a position,
      something we’re all aware of.

      • Here are a few interesting comments , from jan. 2012;

        Attawapiskat chief wants share of revenues from nearby diamond mine

        Spence isn’t alone in her call for some control over the resource riches on aboriginal lands. Many of the aboriginal leaders who attended Tuesday’s meeting in Ottawa were united in their demand for revenue sharing.

        Behind those demands are suggestions that aboriginal frustration could boil over into civil unrest, said Bill Erasmus, regional chief, Northwest Territories, for the Assembly of First Nations.

        “This reminds me of the early days when Oka was happening,” he said, referring to the 1990 stand-off in Quebec between Mohawks and authorities over the proposed expansion of a golf course.

        While he downplayed a repeat of similar action, he didn’t rule out people taking matters into their own hands.

        “A lot of this is spontaneous and yes it may happen. We’re not advocating violence,” he said.

    • “People like Chief Theresa Spence, Shawn Atleo, and the chiefs and band councils of the AFN are interested in themselves, the money and the political game.”

      yep who gets the credits, who maintains control and as your comments also imply some people will not speak the whole truths for whatever reason and get upset with others such as max. 🙂

    • it is interesting atleco’s is using, residential schooling/recent atrocities, distant attrocities dating back to early initiation of colonialism / , gov housing funding issues (such as spence/tar paper shacks), abuse to women issues and pipeline/environmental/clean water issues in his drive to be heard at the table to be a more independent partner (which is needed) for Canada’s energy plan.

      what some people might be missing, the production flow to the pipelines that are branching out from the tar sands will be based on sands production output status.

      when one adds more sprinkler heads to a watering system, in order to maintain the coverage of the sprinkler heads, “higher flow rates at input must be applied”

      in order to accomplish this for the tar sand output, upcoming technology of methane extraction in the mckenziee delta will provide the energy needs for the tar sands output production (when that technology becomes feasible, which is not far off) , i.e that methane will feed the energy needs of tar sand extraction (that pipeline from mckenzie to tarsands is already in play) to increase it’s production by 4x if not more to feed the pipeline supply branching out (all the added sprinkler heads) from the tarsands, (i.e Methane Hydrate extraction technology will use co2 ,4 or whatever it is and the return will be recycled or in the future pumped into the earth, as in carbon storage in caverns/ sequestration , for future uses as technology for it’s use matures), gotta pay someone to put it somewhere. (reminds me of Tabasco’s salt domes in s. louisiana on avery island that is used for national strategic oil reserves, i would love to know just how much Oil Mcilhenny has under his hot sauce pepper fields)

      that increased extraction from the tarsands is going to the west coast for India, China, etc , upcoming global industrial hubs aside from texas and other u.s refineries.

      maybe those who wanted to secede could see the gold mine that methane extraction will bring out of the permafrost zones across the north and and carbon sequestration storage, ect … and felt breaking treaty obligations was ok (bad idea). All of them (native and non native to include the Chinese, ect … throwing logs on the fire) are playing one another , against each other based on personal greed and control.

      1st nations had better find a means to gain control of what comes out from under their feet and what goes back in the ground under their feet, the water issues are futile, industry will trash every feed into 1st nations lands anyhow.

      the leadership should quit playing the sympathy , poor me gimmie, gimmie cards and be up front with the world what the needs are relative to hydrocarbon and other extraction, production, storage and how 1st nations are being pushed to the side in being an equal voice in the mix of what is coming.

      Right now they are just burying all the b.s backdoor deals, mishandling of finances, a smoke screen to hide accountability.

  4. yes, DeBeers can not function without support from the “government’s” , i find it difficult to understand how DeBeers gets away with what it does in other countries, the peoples voice here or the governments here have no influence or control over that, i.e aside from squishing media attention.

    For it to occur in our own back yard, with support of the “governments”, is a sad state, A through review from top to bottom is needed. The movement has the potential to make that happen, or it could be used as a diversion to stop “by design” such a review. Everyone from top to bottom is responsible for those people who have had, and continue to suffer. Perhaps leadership at this point is saying, the buck stops here, no more, i.e i will sit back and die, before staying involved.

    When a person realizes they have gotten in way over their head, there is a choice to be made, i.e go with the flow or bail out. The good part of bailing out “early” is, one only needs to “try and dump” the b.s indoctrination that was accepted and allowed into the self during the initiation stage, the horrid part of bailing out late “after reaping any of the harvest” , i would imagine is something most difficult to wash away from conscience. Been there, done that, and even thou my mind is still bent, it is understood, it’s about individual choice, and nothing justifies being a participant with allowing suffering as such that has and continues to occur.

    With hopes, Idle No More will stay focused on it’s initial intent, i.e getting leadership back into it’s rightful place, at the table of decision making, and then move forward with monitoring and ensuring leadership’s voice represents the needs of the nations.

    • continued 🙂 , Hopefully, Idle No More will stay focused on getting Harper, the extractors, and all other to understand there are no alternatives, C38, C45 is history

    • jp
      DeBeers of blood diamond fame-of money from that fueled
      genocide and child soldiers-another candidate for the
      World Court to face charges of crimes against humanity-yet
      we know this will never be.
      Governments or individuals that align themselves with DeBeers
      are complicit in these crimes-they too should be held responsible.
      We all make mistakes during the course of our lives, what defines
      is the ability to recognize, admit them, and reverse course-too
      often money trumps such considerations, and I pity those for
      it does.
      I wonder how long it will be before those sites who always have
      a collection going for something will begin the process anew,
      add a paypal button and refer to it as save the first nations?
      Of all the tribes to keep an eye on during this time I will be watching
      the six nations-in particular the Mohawk, as they aren’t prone to
      take a nickels worth of bs from anyone.

      • as long as the Fire Keepers maintain their regard to the voice of women, to include those in alliance, it “should” be ok,

  5. Rezinate,
    I want to thank-you for all you have written to fight the good fight for justice & truth…
    Someone commented yesterday to me…the odds against those who act & feel the
    way we do…is overwhelming.
    I found folders on my main computer yesterday, after I was able without interference via the hackers (Holiday’s are busy) of a phone folder, caches of my info from my computer in files of other people who have hacked me, a tracing folder, video caching folder, photo caching folder, with photos of Martha Bad Warrior open for public viewing.
    At three a.m. this morning when I went to check the fire, a truck was parked at our access road, on the county road, sitting there for at least the half hour that I watched, the occupants facing our house & property with their lights on…
    Where we live when it is snowing like it was last night & all day yesterday…there is no one locally parked in the middle of the road, in the middle of night…
    Unless, they have ill intent…
    I worked with AVG techs all day yesterday trying to download their Premium Security that I purchased to no avail, all avenues they tried to provide as a solution were not able to overcome the hackers controlling my system…some though, were able to be removed like the files above.
    I have tried for decades to educate people, AIM works for the government(s), & that AIM are not good examples of authentic traditional tribal leaders, for AIM are controlling our ceremonies, lands & people with violence & abuse, protected by their handlers…
    That has become so obvious with with the lovefest between AIM leaders & James Abourezk at the Dakota Conference April 27-28 2012.
    As Bill Ayers wrote in 1973, “We Are Everywhere!”
    And, they are everywhere!
    People (like AIM) who use freedom as a tool against the very people they are saying they are trying to save or help…is evil, but so profitable everyone wants a piece of the action.
    You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink…even, when they are dying from the lack of water….(re: the truth & knowledge they need to be good human beings, & live good lives).
    I have spent my entire life, all 50+ years trying to share the Ancestor’s, FFC’s true words, knowledge, teachings, & a way of being, that does not compromise a person & their relationship with their Father, Creator or living upon Mother Earth.
    What we have protected & saved for the Ancestors, for future generations will wait until the darkness & evil that prevails currently in mainstream society devours itself.
    Through prayer with Creator, it was shared…live your life, Hakikta Win you have done what was expected of you by Creator, FFC & the Ancestors…let them (AIM & Associates) live their lie, & learn the lessons from it.
    Where not many years ago, there was only my voice of truth…now there are many like yourself, Rezinate, J. Wade, Paul Demain, James Simon, just to name a few…
    The fight will continue against evil…
    While we here prepare for whomever comes down our driveway with ill intent.
    The time capsule of gifts of knowledge from Creator & the Ancestors will wait until the right individual is awaken & enabled by the Great Mystery, to pick up where I leave off…
    Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka!
    HakiktaWin-Looking Back Woman

    • LBW
      I don’t know which OS you run but if it’s Windows it has so many
      back doors built into it to enable Microsoft to snoop it is extremely
      vulnerable to hacking.
      If it’s Mac the urban legend that it’s so secure you aren’t subject
      to the same maladies as Windows have been increasingly disproven.
      The most secure in my opinion is Linux with Firefox. And of the
      Linux distros I like Zorin -the user interface is made to mimic
      Windows in a way so those who transition don’t get lost-the only issue
      I have with Linux is that a lot of software providers don’t make exes
      for it so some times you have take a circuitous route to install.
      But it’s fast, extremely light on resources, and doesn’t produce anywhere
      near the clutter Windows or Mac does.
      Firefox has an add on named Tor that allows you run online via
      proxies which is a secure way to go- and there is a growing advocacy
      for people to employ vpns and proxies as a security measure.
      If you run either Windows or Mac and want to stay with them one way
      to possibly address the issues you are having is install a portable
      security version on a pin drive, go into safe mode, and then run a sweep.
      You might try to install a trial version of BitDefender 2013 and run it,
      very aggressive and little gets by it.
      Also would recommend that you have more than one antivirus on your
      comp, one you run full time and another that runs only on demand to perform
      a scan so there is no conflict.
      If you haven’t set your firewall to “public” I would do that as well-what
      it means is that any connections are scrutinized more-if you have Windows
      and use it’s firewall I’d look for a different one as Windows firewall doesn’t
      monitor outbound, or least it hasn’t, and that can be an open door.
      SuperAntiSpyware that comes in a free version and a nominally priced upgrade
      is very effective, it makes for a backup security that will often find what others
      have missed.
      If the issue with your WP includes something on their end I think they would
      be able to address that. In the end you may have to uninstall and reinstall
      your OS-kind of pain but sometimes necessary-if you go that route and save
      anything or attempt to migrate old files to the new installation make sure
      you scan them forward and backwards before doing so first. And of course
      password changes are essential-some thing with numbers or symbols like
      asterisks, pound signs, etc. scattered throughout them.
      I’ve attempted a couple of times to leave comments on your blog but never
      saw them pull up-figured maybe a glitch,you just didn’t like my comment,
      or there was an issue with my email address.
      Anyone involved in an activity such as you described with the parked vehicle
      needs to be confronted, not something I would advocate women to do though.
      As you say more voices are joining in-the result is the exposure level has
      gone up and the “defenses” sound increasingly inane-that’s a good thing that
      can only get better.
      AIM is desperate to jump on anything now to portray themselves as champions
      for the people-that and to compensate for the dwindling donations and effectiveness
      of the scams they run- they are finding that it doesn’t resonate as well as as it
      once did-that when they are confronted at conferences like CST despite what they
      might say they lose ground.
      I appreciate your voice as I do those of others-in a way I appreciate the
      voices of those who say we’re all liars and feds, as they provide the contrast
      that allows the truth and the weakness of their position to be seen. In
      that sense they serve a greater purpose they may not even be aware.
      So as I am given to say and run the risk of being accused of misogyny, a lack of
      sensitivity, or not being politically correct, ete etc–keep punchin’, ’cause it
      ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.

      • I don’t know what I can do to enable your comments, but I never ever would not post them for any reason. I engage & appreciate others opinions & thoughts on my website, FB & blogs.
        It is only through appropriate & well thought out dialogue is the real truth revealed, like what we just found in Wisdom & Power: FFC by Thomas E. Mails 1st edition 1979, FFC’s interpreter betrayed FFC in his translation work, by translating to Mails, (because FFC did not speak English)…
        that Arvol Looking Horse was the Keeper of the Cannunpa Wakan, & was a handsome man.
        Anyone seeing the Marie Elk Head Fiddler utube video, dispelling the myth of ALH being Keeper!
        Even Arvol himself speaks of being disfigured by a spider bite, (Grandmother Spider, eh?)
        She was sending ALH when she bit him a message he refused to heed…for she is reweaving the web of life upon Mother Earth…, that AIM has tried to destroy.
        So, this is what set us off to find the truth….
        Pertaining to the FFC (Mails) Lakota-English translator yesterday, who was found to be an AIM member, as is his son, & his son’s son…
        As currently just posted today on my blog, in connection with Idle No More.
        Note: AIM drug cartel leader, Alex White Plumes comments on the bottom of the page….
        I want positive self-determination for 1st Nations people everywhere, I want everyone to know I support their ideal, but right now…they are being played by AIM & AIM’s gov. handlers, some even to the point of making a move to aquire the 7 Council Stones in Manitoba for AIM, just this last summer…
        They know they will never get their hands on the Cannunpa…ever!
        The next best thing is the Council Stones, & the Dakota Chiefs that went to Iran, were influenced to do so by Terrance Nelson, AIM member….
        Now the Chief’s have been compromised, & their land claims issue will be ignored completely in the Canadian Supreme Court System…the AIM Game.
        And, of course you are right, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!
        We are readying ourselves for a visit anytime in the future…confrontation with anyone at 3 am on a lonely county road, is what was the demise of many a good Lakota souls by AIM, like Leo Wilcox.
        If they want me, they gotta come into my domain to get me, & it will be the last thing they ever do against the light & love of Wakan Tanka & His will.
        Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka!
        I pray everyday, Rezinate for your continued strength in fighting the good fight for Creator & his teachings…

      • As to enabling my comments LBW any comment I made about maybe you didn’t
        like them was made in jest-but unlike others I don’t feel a sense of
        entitlement that they be approved.
        It may be a simple as wp doesn’t like my email address as I said (someone
        will surely read something into that) or that I am given to run proxies as
        I encourage others to do-when doing so I favor one but on occasion could
        seen as being in Cairo, Luxemburg, or Pixley as made famous in Green Acres.
        People I routinely communicate with are aware and in fact often use a proxie
        as well and we will joke about being at Cannes or Monte Carlo.
        I saw an interview with a former recently retired CIA worker who was stressing the
        importance of proxies as a safe guard against hacking, phishing etc-nothing
        illegal about them, and the wave of the future I believe.He spoke highly of
        the Firefox add on Tor-but there are many of them.
        I appreciate the prayers and we do likewise for those of good heart and good things
        to happen each morning as the sun is breaking through. Even if it isn’t we are outside
        rain, hail, sleet, or snow like the postman offering tobacco and prayers to the four
        White Plume is a long time confederate of Means and AIM so I don’t pay much attention.
        When India under Gandhi’s leadership was attempting to gain independence from British
        rule there were a lot of efforts both internally and externally to co opt him and the
        movement-in the end they failed due to the people-the same is possible with Idle No
        More-it is about what will be accepted and what will not-and first and foremost it
        must be an expression of a unified first nations mindset.
        As I said in an earlier comment, I believe a nation wide high profile hunger strike
        and work stoppage(even if for only 24 hours of non work) could be effective-if
        “extreme” measures are to be taken better that than violence which will play into the
        hands of others.
        It would present an opportunity to strike two blows-one the media attention it would
        garner and secondly the commercial profit margin. Something to think about perhaps.

    • LBW-reciprocated and hardly a techie -more a matter of having learned the
      hard way and necessity. You might want to consider looking into a program
      named sandbox or is some cases sandboxie-allows you to surf “virtually”
      in a manner of speaking, independent and protective of your hard drive(s)
      in a “safe zone”.

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