1. My gosh…I didn’t realize our liberal northern neighbor treated its own native population this way. It flies in the face of those vocal Canadian reporters and politicians who yell about Peltier’s treatment. Maybe Canada should be renamed Dawesland…

    On a different note: Rezinate and all those who participate here, even when spirited give-and-take results in disquieting incoherence, all the best for a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year to everyone.

    • Where once the nations of this country may have felt Canada offered a
      better place to be, a haven, if these bills get passed Canadian First
      Nations may view the U.S. policies as the lesser of two evils and
      migrate this way.
      These proposed bills are a recipe for disaster and an invitation for
      conflict- a conflict that may be part of a governmental strategy.
      Good wishes for the new year to you and all who participate whether
      positively or negatively.
      For those who drink please do so responsibly.

    • Canada has an appalling record of treatment of Indians. I have had Canadian 1st Nations people ‘laying into’ me because they feel the Royal family should take more interest in their treatment. t’s not within my power unfortunately.

      Britain breached many promises made to Canadian Indians of course.

      • The US fought the War of Independence with the ‘Royals’ and Britain generally and won. I have often said that American Indians would be likely to have been worse off had Britain won, given the prevailing attitudes at the time. The French had a better record of consideration, generally, than British I am sorry to say.

        J Amherst – supported by Royals – is an example of how ruthless British attitude could be to ‘natives’.

        However having said that, American Indians have suffered appalling mistreatment as well by US.

        You didn’t post the comments by Lt Britton Davis re that, or the quote from Gen Crook. Presumably as an Indian, you don’t like promoting the fact that some US Army officers were honest about what happened.

      • Approved with the understanding that Isobel is being shown the door and it
        will be closed behind her-no more of her comments will be approved.
        I think all have had enough.

  2. Yes, good wishes for the new year as well to everyone!

    (You know I keep wanting to see Silent Bear’s name as Silent Beer for some reason. LOL. I think it’s because I lived in the Netherlands for 5 years and the word for bear there is spelled beer.) Just and aside.

    • Mary- No beer for me, sorry. I don’t drink or drug like Rez himself. I sat in ceremony again like I usually do praying for all life, clean,clear water, the children and Clemency for Leonard Peltier. Rez, although I don’t agree with you on some things I do respect you, unlike some of the other sycophants that post here. If Banks and Means are “sociopaths,”like you say then what shall we call the likes of Mr. Ed, Price, Trimbach, Wood ect. who certainly fit the definitions and criterion that you presented? I’m still waiting for those BLOGS on the villainy of these “criminals.” If you should ever decide to re-blog, “Ed Woods and FBI Miss-Conduct,” You have my permission 🙂 Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty to write about as we build on the momentum of the concert and take the Clemency campaign to the next level. You’ll have to admit that the Freedom Campaign has been anything but “idle,” this year. Here’s a prayer that president Obama finally moves his pen in the right direction. As one audience member kept screaming, “37 YEARS!!!!!”Let’s end this national travesty and, “Bring Leonard Home.” Prayers for Chief Spence and the “Idle No More,” movement as well. Happy New Year.

      • SB- I don’t issue executive orders-but as I’ve said in the past if Peltier is granted
        clemency that will be the way of it and I’ll accept it as a reality, just as I do
        his conviction. Clemency won’t be a statement of innocent, just a get out of jail
        If indeed this does occur my belief is it will be on Obama’s way out of office, what
        is overlooked is that Obama will have access to much more information than the public
        has and I don’t think that will bode well- but when you look at the list of names
        of those pardoned in the past whose to say.
        If you examine Obama’s tenure thus far it becomes apparent that as a liberal he takes
        a more “centrist” than left or right approach despite the rhetoric.
        Apparently Geffin thought he had bought Peltier’s release, obviously it didn’t work
        out that way.
        Clemency or pardons have been sought for people literally on their death bed and haven’t
        been granted-some of the more notables are Manson clan members-Robert Stroud,the Birdman
        of Alcatraz spent close to sixty years in prison-later to be glamorized in a Hollywood
        movie-the Hollywood version like Incident at Oglala didn’t alter the truth about Stroud
        or Peltier, myth never does, it only becomes myth sustained by those who want to believe.
        Those who prefer romanticism to fact.
        We offer and pray every morning for some of the same things, for the earth to be healed,
        for the welfare of the people, but perhaps more importantly for justice-for justice in all
        things is what creates balance-justice will insure the land and water are pure, the hearts
        and minds of men and women are good, that the innocent aren’t subjected to imprisonment, and
        the guilty are, that no child suffers abuse and their needs are met, that parents become
        true parents, that money spent on drugs or alcohol is spent responsibly instead, that gangs
        no longer exist, no woman or child is sexually abused, that all will speak the truth.
        It seems a natural thing to pray for such things-it seems that it is appropriate, and the hope
        is they will be answered.
        So as I’ve also said earlier the best you and others in the coming year whether we agree or not.

  3. Here are the amendments to the Indian Act in the Omnibus Bill, which is a budget bill that is huge. (C-45) This includes many areas of Canadian life. For example the age for Canada Pensions has been changed from 60 to 65 as of 2013. If anything the amendments to the Indian Act give too much responsibility to the Chiefs and Band Councils…

    Sorry, I tried to copy and paste, but it short circuited, and I can leave the link at the bottom, but the link includes the bill (mini bills) in its entirety…


    Indian Act

    L.R., ch. I-5

    Amendments to the Act

    R.S., c. 17 (4th Supp.), s. 2

    206. Subsection 37(2) of the Indian Act is replaced by the following:

    L.R., ch. 17 (4e suppl.), art. 2

    Other transactions

    (2) Except where this Act otherwise provides, lands in a reserve shall not be leased nor an interest in them granted until they have been designated under subsection 38(2) by the band for whose use and benefit in common the reserve was set apart.

    R.S., c. 17 (4th Supp.), s. 3

    207. (1) The portion of subsection 39(1) of the Act before paragraph (a) is replaced by the following:

    L.R., ch. 17 (4e suppl.), art. 3

    Conditions — surrender

    39. (1) An absolute surrender is void unless

    R.S., c. 17 (4th Supp.), s. 3

    (2) Subparagraph 39(1)(b)(ii) of the Act is replaced by the following:

    L.R., ch. 17 (4e suppl.), art. 3

    (ii) at a special meeting of the band called by the Minister for the purpose of considering a proposed absolute surrender, or

    R.S., c. 17 (4th Supp.), s. 3

    (3) Subsections 39(2) and (3) of the Act are replaced by the following:

    L.R., ch. 17 (4e suppl.), art. 3

    Minister may call meeting or referendum

    (2) If a majority of the electors of a band did not vote at a meeting or referendum called under subsection (1), the Minister may, if the proposed absolute surrender was assented to by a majority of the electors who did vote, call another meeting by giving 30 days’ notice of that other meeting or another referendum as provided in the regulations.

    Assent of band

    (3) If a meeting or referendum is called under subsection (2) and the proposed absolute surrender is assented to at the meeting or referendum by a majority of the electors voting, the surrender is deemed, for the purposes of this section, to have been assented to by a majority of the electors of the band.

    R..S., c. 17 (4th Supp.), s. 4

    208. Section 40 of the Act is replaced by the following:

    L.R., ch. 17 (4e suppl.), art. 4

    Conditions — designation

    39.1 A designation is valid if it is made to Her Majesty, is assented to by a majority of the electors of the band voting at a referendum held in accordance with the regulations, is recommended to the Minister by the council of the band and is accepted by the Minister.

    Certification — surrender

    40. A proposed absolute surrender that is assented to by the band in accordance with section 39 shall be certified on oath by the superintendent or other officer who attended the meeting and by the chief or a member of the council of the band and then submitted to the Governor in Council for acceptance or refusal.

    Certification — designation

    40.1 (1) A proposed designation that is assented to in accordance with section 39.1 shall be certified on oath by an officer of the Department and by the chief or a member of the council of the band.

    Ministerial decision

    (2) On the recommendation of the council of the band, the proposed designation shall be submitted to the Minister who may accept or reject it.


    My point exactly, if the chiefs and band councils are corrupt, then yes, the ‘surrender’ of treaty land will be abrupt and finalized by a few votes, when in fact every person on the reserve except for the children, are supposed to vote in a referendum.

    By the way the Omnibus Budget Bill came out in March of 2012, and the amendments after consultation with all parties including in committee came out throughout the year, I believe.

    What really bothers a lot of chiefs and band councils is the second reading of the Bill C-27, which was in committee as we talk, but second reading has passed the bill, meaning it is a mere formality for it to become law, as of Dec. 13/12 the second reading passed in the Senate, a non-elected group, individually appointed by the gov’t. in power, and the members are elected for life.

    What is Bill C-27? An Act to Enhance the Financial Accountability and Transparency of First Nations…



  4. Like I said before, good individuals are caught up in and play out what they believe to
    be a genuine ‘protest’ or movement, and the manipulator bully/abusers who are very
    shiny and pretty and ‘good’ right now, centre stage in Canada…

    They want the money, power and control, the ‘celebrity’, Canada’s version of it

    My prediction, by the end of 2013, just like the end of 2012, the ‘people’ will be more
    derelict, more addicted, more unemployed, more crushed than ever before…

    And huge amounts of money, land use and rights, freebies, perks, travel and 1st
    Class will mysteriously disappear into the hands of the few, who never have to
    explain themselves to their own people, other than to blame the government for
    the shrinking of their hand-outs, and to rage against the genocide…

    I don’t know why loaded words and terminology short circuit people from taking
    action… but the first step to self determination is to question everything and
    everyone like you are still a child… open, curious, wondering

    Then do research for yourself….

    Then get angry, get really really angry at the years wasted because you were
    under the spell of programmers, programs and programming… not to mention
    the drugs and alcohol mysteriously flooding the reserve anytime people wake
    up and start to ‘determine’ their own lives

    Doesn’t anybody remember the playbook of AIM, how shiny and perfect they
    all appeared to be, supported by the media and academics, all the while they
    were doing dark bad things daily, harming children, animals, learning how to
    manipulate media and gain celebrity… steal money and lie, abuse others,
    threaten others, murder, arson

    When we forget history, when we want to follow an illusion, we will get hurt,
    but more importantly, we will look the other way as the abuses happen, and
    we will continue to make excuses for and justify the bully/abusers, as their
    actions and bad behaviour grows.

    It’s called the Stockholm Syndrome.

    How far is this illusion, “Idle No More” going to grow, I don’t know. It depends
    on the people. If no one supports this it will disappear so fast it will make
    your head spin.

    • Joan,
      The point I would make is that inaction due to conspiracy
      theories, or taking the wrong direction based upon them,
      in itself is counterproductive-it too will serve
      the wrong end and ultimately accomplish the direct opposite
      of what should be.Just as indecision and fear will.
      Name an issue-any issue and it comes with pros and cons, regardless
      of which side a person comes down on they’ll get blasted, there
      will be those who will say it’s all wrong- and that is a divide and
      conquer strategy as well-it’s that smooth language that makes
      right look like wrong and wrong look like right that.
      This entire issue and all it’s ramifications has the words of
      several of the nations people running through my mind-the
      Hopi have a saying that if you lose your temper you run the
      risk of losing a friend, but if you lie you run the risk of
      losing yourself- a lot of people have lost themselves over the
      last few decades, and an equal number have done likewise by
      believing the lies. More will as this unfolds.
      The Cherokee will say that when we are born we cry while others
      are made happy, but when we die we should have lived our life so
      the reverse is true.
      I believe that truths are simple and should be presented in their
      inherent simplicity-that they should stand or fall employing
      that metric.
      But that isn’t the way of it-it is all about adding complexities,
      muddling up the truth, and so to speak or defend a truth at times
      we get caught up in words, but the words shouldn’t be smooth, they
      should have the cutting edge of the truth.-
      I have yet to hear a TRADITIONAL elder speak in this way smooth way,
      they go the heart of the matter, they speak simply and to the point.
      If that is missing in the dialgoue that is taking place nothing good
      will come of it.
      But then they know the way of the net, of the world, of smooth words,
      and you won’t find them frequenting it.
      We need to understand that in the modern world truth has become
      secondary to the talk, that a few will place their greed and personal
      welfare above those of others-that it is hallmark of corporations
      and governments despite the lies, the complexities, they will say
      lead to benefits.
      We need to understand as well that well intentioned people will sometimes
      take the wrong approach-something I doubt anyone can say they are
      innocent of.

      “I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I
      remember all the good words and all the broken promises. There has
      been too much talking by men who had no right to talk.It does not required
      many words to speak the truth.” Joseph

      Every person of the nations should be tired of the talk by those
      who have demonstrated they have no right to speak-yet should understand
      as well in this day and age if we speak a truth we will have to repeat
      it-that it will be endlessly attacked by those who have lost themselves.
      I say there are more in the First Nations who speak the truth than
      those who have lost themselves, and they are the ones to listen to.

      That those who prefer the lie, their own personal welfare above that
      of their own people are little more than those things that crawl on
      the ground and bite and sting. And just as we look to avoid these crawling,
      biting, stinging things, so too should we avoid them.
      Whether this is a “good protest” or not will be determined by what lays in
      the heart of those who engage-to not protest is to give carte blanche
      and consent.
      We see how that has played out with AIM even when people have known
      they were lying.

  5. That was meant to be cynical incicentally, ie you are so devoted to the oppressors you don’t like posting comments revealing the truth about what happened, as described by US Army Officers.

    • Approved with the understanding that Isobel is being shown the door and it
      will be closed behind her-no more of her comments will be approved.
      I think all have had enough.

  6. SB-Geez, take it easy. I said it was a mix-up do to living in various countries, speaking various languages. No need to launch into accusations on Rezinate, calling him an addict, when to my memory, Rezinate has unequivocally and repeatedly spoken out against drink and drug. Additionally to paint the other commenters here as sycophants is contemptuous. All that Mr. Clean with Lemon hasn’t reduced your ego one bit, it seems, nor humbled you to give you a real vision as to your connection with “all life.” My ancestor Hokolesqua, now there was a humble man.

    • Mary. You miss-read my response. I said that I was clean and sober LIKE Rezinate and I respect him for this. As far as the “Sycophant,” comment in the words of the Great Bob Marley, “If the cap fits-let them wear it.”My point is respect has to be earned. If you want to portray this as me being egotistical then so be it. The Creator knows what I really meant within my prayers.

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