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  1. No words have ever been more true….
    We are so glad there are many more united voices saying the same thing (truth about AIM), now more than ever…It is all about making the right choices…& doing what you would want someone to do for you…if you were Anna Mae, Ray Robinson or Buddy Lamont!
    You would want someone to bring forth the truth, so no one else could be harmed, & the perps are brought to justice.
    In this case it looks like too many people have been bought off….or threatened!

  2. Still posting Dupree despite knowing she lied about Russell raping her? Interesting stuff, you are fully aware of the lies she told and you are still supporting her.

    Says all there is to say about you doesn’t it. That is completely disgusting not only as a false allegation but because a woman has invented firstly the S Dakota rape scenario, followed by her invention of the completely different rape scenario, lied about Dennis Banks being at her ‘naming ceremony’ and lied stating she had never previously said the rape was in S Dakota and had always said it was in S Dakota.

    As I have now discovered, she had in fact always previously said it was in S Dakota, which is why J P Wade falsely stated Clyde Bellecourt and Ashinishabe warriors watched it there without helping.

    As Dupree herself has denied claiming it happened in S Dakota, despite that being her previous allegation, J P Wade is slightly wrong on that point.

    It is an insult to women who have been raped as well to the man falsely accused.

    • Approved with the understanding that Isobel is being shown the door and it
      will be closed behind her-no more of her comments will be approved.
      I think all have had enough.

      • It would have been nice to challenge the yoyo to provide a link/proof to where I said Clyde watched. Drums of Blood really screws up a persons comprehension.

      • As per the daily Isobel spam-one among others claiming I didn’t post her proof of
        your statement, so I went through the archives and all the saved comments, including
        those that didn’t make it through, and couldn’t find it-now the dog may have ate
        it like they sometimes are known to do with homework, but I’m going to take
        another look, tedious as it is, and if I find it will post it.

      • I have a tendency jp to assume at some point a person will come to realize
        their own words become the best argument against the positions they take,
        increasingly I see it isn’t always so on the net.

  3. You’re starting to sound completely insane now Rezinate, as if you believe all of AIM were secretly conspiring with the FBI. Perhaps you’re going to start making accusations about FBI agents as well, or senior Gov figures.

    In the wacky world of Rezinate anything is possible.

    • Approved with the understanding that Isobel is being shown the door and it
      will be closed behind her-no more of her comments will be approved.
      I think all have had enough.

  4. Regarding Ray Robinson, you state he was ‘murdered’ but you also state he was shot in the leg and taken to the infirmary.

    That doesn’t sound like murder to me, it’s not a ‘shot to kill’ may well have been an accident and he was given care, allegedly. That isn’t murder.

    It was an armed siege situation, there was a lot of gunfire. It is very sad that he went there to support it seems, and apparently didn’t come out of the situation.

    You however are just trying to use his death for your anti AIM agenda.

    • Isobel-did you gaze into someone’s eyes to make this determination? Do
      you understand the legal definition of murder? Does the concept that if
      you shoot someone-stuff them in a closet, and then leave them to bleed
      out that is considered murder?
      Have you an explanation if that isn’t the common understanding why AIM
      would bury him in an unmarked grave and then go on to deny his very
      An “armed siege”–what, a stray bullet origins unknown?

      • Not so fast there, Rezzie. Let’s say for arguments sake, as someone has told me, Frank Blackhorse, was the shooter of Ray Robinson. If Blackhorse was indeed an FBI informant/operative and shot Blackhorse that would make the FBI and their “leadership,” the ones that are culpable, the same way that they would be responsible for Annie Mae if Theda Nelson Clark was a “pig” and instigated the murder. Also, Isobel is right. The way it was described by Two Elk in Steve Hendricks’ book you can’t call it pre-meditated murder. Even the racist S.D D.A said this. I’m still waiting for the Steve Hendricks quotes to be posted. If you’re going to present theories on Robinson why are you choosing to “bury,” this information. What are you afraid of? That people won’t believe Demain’s bullshit anymore?

      • Well to begin with SB I think it would depend on who this
        ‘someone” is and what their relationship is to the actual event.
        If Blackhorse was the shooter and an operative that in
        no way removes culpability from AIM regarding their actions
        and the approach they took in the aftermath-all it does is
        expand the responsibility.
        Neither does it exonerate Banks in that he ordered Cris Westerman
        and others to bury the body and engage in the cover up, in
        addition it fails to explain Crow Dogs words in the blog
        Crow Dog and The Grave Diggers where he makes mention of
        the graves, as in multiple, and then says he has to speak to
        Banks and a plan must be hatched to shift the blame to the feds.
        Now it was only recently that Isobel misguided as she is attempted
        to say that I was advancing the theory that Theda was a snitch,
        when in fact it is you and others who allude to that.
        You should also be able to verify where I have said Ray’s murder
        was premeditated, which I haven’t-then look up the legal definition
        of 2nd degree and felony murder.
        You should understand as well that if someone shoots another regardless
        of where it is if they die as a result of that it is defined as murder.
        An example would be when Clyde Bellecourt got shot in his ass-had he of
        died from that it would have been prosecuted as a murder-that is unless
        AIM etal hid his body as well.
        As we both know Two Elk has made various statements about the
        murder of Ray (I wonder if Isobel will take offense that I merely
        say Ray in Lieu of Perry Ray?)-but inspite of the version and who
        presents it the common denominator is that Ray was shot and as a
        result of that died and was ignominiously buried in a secretive unmarked
        In attempting to portray Hendrick’s and his book as being the singular
        unimpeachable source on all thing’s it is a huge fail-much the same as it
        is to say ITSOCH or the mocumentary Incident at Oglala are beyond
        Bury what? Hendrick’s version that has been addressed at some length
        in other blogs on this site. There are numerous sites around the net
        that cater to AIM propaganda, I fail to see why this one should-and
        as I’ve said before, when those sites,including LPDOC, want to adopt an
        open door equal access policy I will as well.
        Until such time in the interest of truth you profess you should be publicly
        calling for them to do so.
        A lot of people apparently believe in bullshit as you say -AIM’s longevity
        attests to that. The fact that Crow Dog enriches himself and impoverishes
        the traditions and beliefs of the nations in the selling of ceremonies is
        another example, as is the one that LPDOC has raised millions and AIM leadership
        lives in grand style while others around them may not even be able to heat
        their homes in winter or adequately feed and clothe their children.
        Yet you seek to “bury” these truths with feeble excuses of innocence, AIM lies and
        propaganda, and in Crow Dog’s defense say he pays his daughters utilities with
        his ill gotten gain.
        So the question arises SB what fear do you have to address these realities openly
        and honestly?

  5. Oh yes we like this one shakira and the hips don’t lie, and we
    say it is good to close the door for this one Isobel.

  6. I firmly believe theda was the pig based on what I knew. And it makes perfect sense. nothing done until she has Dementia in or abou 2003 and is put in nursing home. she is never indicted. she is never indicted even though 2 different judges rule her competent in 2010. I have asked for FOIA docs on her from every conceivable field office, and DC. Nada, Nothing, No Docs. No way that can be true. I just haven’t had time to follow up. It explains why the feds have always had to stay away from this case or it would turn into what happened in boston with the irish mob and the fbi. I will get back on trying to prove this but I need time. I don’t know what paul thinks, don’t know if I ever discussed it with him. everyone else blows me off and looks at me funny. Of course I am a funny looking guy.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire

    The Law Office of Barry Bachrach

    62 Paxton Street

    Leicester, MA 01524

    • Well who knows SB? Do you for a certainty? Bachrach is entitled to his
      opinion just as everyone is-but truthfully I kind of evaluate that on
      the metric of saying a person is “logically innocent” but not being
      able to arrive at the same conclusion “factually”.
      If Theda was a snitch or became one in her old age not much you or I can
      do about it.
      But since Theda was more or less the grand dame within AIM in as much as
      any woman could be, and head of the pie patrol, then to imply she was
      an active operative during those times lends a measure of credibility
      to my theory that one or more of her male counterparts in the AIM
      hierarchy could just as well have been wouldn’t you say?
      But I’ve left you an out here in saying “during those times”-all you
      need to do is qualify your opinion as to when she became one-same could
      be said for Bachrach.
      By all means, as I’ve said repeatedly -pursue FOI’s, but don’t narrow the
      search, be willing to accept and go wherever they might lead.
      Now if any one the AIM hierarchy were or are snitches imagine the wealth
      of information that would be exposed if that were made public -information
      that would probably answer every question related to every issue raised.
      Know anyone whose attempted that? If so were they denied? If they were denied
      what do you have to say about that?

  7. What did Trimbach say when I offered him a debate with the LP-DOC with expenses covered on both sided and profits going to heating and food assistance on Pine Ridge? Also look up the Buffalo Heart Benefit for Pine Ridge in Boulder. I helped with that as well:

    “What a waste of time and money defending a guilty copkiller; to think all that effort could have been spent alleviating genuine hardship and suffering on the reservation, where people freeze to death in winter because they have no heat. Has the world gone mad? Isn’t it time to educate the non-Indian society about the realities of life faced every day by our Indian brethren? I hope our book is a start.” Fed Baby

    “My terms are simple: I get paid the standard Ward Chuchill fee of 10g’s plus expenses for each appearance. I should actually receive more than that, since what I have to say will be beneficial to many professors of Indian Studies, quite unlike the bilge he peddles. If you wish to contribute your waterboy cut to an Indian fund, that’s your business (good idea as partial penance for the evil you’ve helped bring to Indian Country.) Otherwise, talk to the hand. Better yet, I’ll deal directly with Kari Ann. We really don’t need your bumbling.

    In the Spirit of Anna Mae,

    John(Trimbach) ”

    “I hope you will also talk with Paul DeMain, a Native journalist who respects the truth above all.” John Trimbach

    I forgot to tell you, I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,”

    • Well, we’ve been over the nature of appearance fees before haven’t we? And having
      done so you are aware of my feelings about them. Do you have anything to say about
      the AIM “celebrities” appearance fees? Do they donate them to heating bills etc?
      We both know the answer to that don’t we? Want to enlighten us about Kari Ann?

      And you see SB in taking DeMain’s quote out of context as you often do it is a
      deliberate attempt to mislead people and present yourself as a modern day Sherlock
      Holmes rather than Inspector Clouseau -here it is in it’s entirety. Care to explain?

      Nfic Paul DeMain ·
      Peter Clark Sorry, I didn’t know the use of my credibility meant so much to you. “quote – ” I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,” I believe him. Paul DeMain 11/15/09….- unquote” My theory that day was since Peltier confessed to shooting Williams, maybe he handed the gun to Robideau who shot Coler. Peltier is in prison where he belongs for Aiding & Abetting a 1st degree premeditated execution murder, Robideau got off, even though he allegedly confessed to being Mr. X to several people. I believe them both, and know that they both lied.

      Now if you’re really serious about debates why not set one up in neutral territory
      with Annie’s daughter Denise-or maybe even DeMain? Though you should keep in mind
      what amounted to a debate at the CST conference and how badly your boys came off.

      • So does this mean that you’re down with Trimbach exploiting Leonard Peltier and Native peoples in general for his own personal profit? Remember, if it was up to the elder Trimbach there would have been a Wounded Knee Massacre 2 with the National Guard coming in to obliterate the AIM camp with military force, Annie Mae and Ray included. Thankfully cooler and more qualified minds prevailed. But I guess that it’s all OK because he’s doing it in , “the Spirit of Anna Mae.” It’s my “opinion” that her “Spirit” would not be too happy with this.
        What struck me most about what I saw of the CST conference videos was how diligently Paul was holding the mic for the elder Trimbach, as if somehow the lies that he was spewing would miraculously turn to truth. I also found it amusing the way that David Price danced around an audience members question as if he were Sugar Ray Robinson. Do Trimbach and Mr. Ed give you any kickbacks for advertising their products on your page? Oh, Kari Ann is Leonard’s niece that used to be one of the heads of the committee until she found another job and moved on.

      • Well, no surprise SB-you avoided answering every question your most recent
        comments gave rise to.
        Here’s a clue SB, though it is only an opinion I’m offering…”elder Trimbach”.
        That’s “elder”-and I would automatically view it as a courtesy shown to an
        elderly person-being down with all the nuances of the nation traditions I would
        think that thought might have crossed your mind-even if only unwelcomed and
        Never having written a book like Russell, Banks, or Trimbach I’m not familiar
        with all the obligations and nuances that have to do with promoting one-though
        I do know it is a common practice that involves the authors-think it’s referred
        to as a “book tour”.
        I’ve yet to be compensated in any manner for my opinions, that would include
        kickbacks-and I confess unlike you I haven’t even been given a title like
        firekeeper for the promotional work you do for AIM and Crow Dog.
        Yeah, makes me really envious SB-when I grow up I want to be just like you and
        your boys. Could even be likened to a career choice as it has been for them.
        I hardly consider denouncing Peltier as a convicted murderer as exploitation-it
        was Annie, Ray, those in unmarked graves at WK2, and other victims of AIM who have
        suffered the ultimate exploitation-the loss of their lives.
        If writing of such things, of historical events, qualifies as exploitation then I
        assume you would say likewise of Mathiessen, Hendricks, Claypoole, and others are
        as well?
        Would you say writing in search of truth is?
        How about this blog, Annie’s Fb, Ray’s Fb, Leonard’s site, any journalist who has
        ever written a piece-how about your volumnious own internet “writings”? Would you
        classify your songs as exploitation as you surely receive some profit from them?
        Are you exploiting Leonard?
        I’m aware of who Kari Ann is-just wanted you to say it so readers can determine
        whether you are the “booking agent” or merely insinuated yourself. Thanks for doing

  8. “Hips don’t lie,” but SKABEWIS does. Here is explanation # 2. Maybe you could help me to construct a timeline? Oh, the source is from your Blog “Peltier and too damn bad.”

    As of February 2012, after talking to participants of the Jumping Bull Compound shoot-out of June 26, 1975, I fully believe that Leonard Peltier not only initiated the fire-fight that ended in the
    death of Joe Stuntz and two FBI agents, but I believe that Peltier walked up and in cold blood, inconsistent with the Lakota tradition of Counting Coup, and consistent with both his confessions and bragging to other members of the American Indian Movement, executed both Ron Williams and Jack Coler. Peltier is rightfully serving time for the murder of both FBI agents he killed that day. My Ojibwe name is Skabewis. My English name is Paul DeMain. Unfortunately, Mark Holtzman, also known as Stupid Bear amongst his other white friends has been attempting to use my Indian name to sculpture a small statement into something that he hopes will help Peltier — a theory about Peltier handing his AR-15 to Bob Robideau and Robideau shooting one of the agents — and Peltier being able to say publicly “I did not shoot those agentS in the plural,” then being a true statement. I no longer believe that at all. That is all my statement of opinion on 11-15-09 meant on that day, and that is all it means today. In my opinion.

    His ‘opinion,” sure does seem to change a lot.

    • Well SB, we all know opinions change-due mostly to additional information as it
      becomes available.
      Mine did as I’ve pointed out several times that I at one point supported Peltier.
      An example of “changing opinions” is the attempt now for Peltier and LPDOC to
      distance themselves from the Mr. X lie.
      There’s a distinct difference between them doing so and DeMain’s -the most
      obvious was the Mr.X story was a lie they purposely advanced -DeMains opinion
      was just that an opinion-not a blatantly flawed lie that had been fabricated
      and promoted for decades.
      Can you not see that?
      Another example of a lie that was intended to sway opinion was the Jimmy Eagle
      “old boots” story-expressed not as an opinion but as a lie based on a deliberate
      omission of the facts and the truth.
      Apparently we’re not all blessed with your ability to arrive at a conclusion, form
      and express an opinion that is absolutely correct and will never have need of being
      But then that may be where you miss the mark SB-you’ve formed opinions and nothing
      will change that-not the truth nor facts.
      So I’ll ask while already knowing the answer-did you, and have you ever promoted the
      “old boots” story? If the answer is yes, then why, and have you publicly retracted
      supportive statements?

    • I’m hardly the one to ask or expect an answer from to this question. Have you asked
      it of Paul? I think everyone should take a polygraph whether admissible or not. I also
      think they shouldn’t hide behind the Fifth Amendment-these are opinions I’m expressing.

  9. Oh, it is my “opinion,” that Paul is indeed LYING and that when he wrote me that email:
    – ” I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,” I believe him. Paul DeMain 11/15/09…

    He was really expressing his “opinion,” that he believed that Leonard was innocent of shooting, “those agents.” I guess only Skabewis himself and the Creator know whether he is indeed lying or telling the truth or not.

  10. Well here’s a simple question SB-, I’m attempting to simplify and make
    them as basic as I know how.
    Do you deny AIM has committed any murders? If you do not, then do
    you sanction murder-the murder of Annie for instance-do you find it
    Do you think AIM should own up to it?

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