5 comments on “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST 10

  1. I am so angry at this cover up and control of a murder trial, and how they hemmed in
    their patsy, their fall guy, Arlo Looking Cloud. At every turn they controlled the outcome,
    and Abourezk has bragged about his psycho-drama techniques influencing anyone,
    especially jurors. How about lawyers

    They re mean viscious bully abuser premedidated murder planners and programmers,
    these AIM persons and lawyers, and lawyers of lawyers, and then judges who have the
    perception of a gnat, and the attention span of a few hours…

    Arlo Looking Cloud is the only one so far who has stated what he knows and what
    happened…the truth, and that is worth something…

    9 years so far in prison while the fat boys go to conferences academia puts on and
    harasses and intimidates 2 women, 1 of whom was a 12 year old girl at Wounded Knee
    2, which we now know was a staged psycho-drama to create the problem and then
    entrench the mafia control AIM, after. And the other was a certain widow of Ray
    Robinson, who was begging for her husband s remains so that he can be buried in

    How about that, on Martin Luther King day, you never hear the politically correct people
    who are politically active, and who belong to a certain powerful organization in America,
    you never hear them even the least interested in an Indian problem that happened to
    have taken down and out one of their most inspired and resolute men, who acted on
    the values of his mentor, Martin Luther King, and Ray Robinson came to Wounded Knee
    to help those that he believed were as honest and kind and burning with a righteous fervour
    as he was.

    Boy was he wrong. One of the 12 it is alleged who never got out of there.

    So the ruthless power of men who have no conscience, nor morality or ethics but their
    own narcisstic needs, and the careful control of land and resources by Senator Abourezk
    while he enjoyed AIM s support, and the degradation and harassment and attack on
    any decent people who put the pieces of the puzzle together, and said, hey, wait a
    minute, what you are doing is wrong…

    I think Anna Mae Pictou Aquash was one of them, and who knows, she may even have
    understood and stared Abourezk in the eyes, that day at Bill means house, and finally
    put the pieces of the puzzle together, too late.

    Abourezk, you state in your questioning by Bachrach, that when you got the subpoena
    to court, talking to your associate, that it never ends…

    What do you mean… that you will be questioned untill you tell the truth, or that a cover
    up of a murder is never fool proof, it s only as strong as it s weakest link, and surprisingly
    that is you, with your worship of a programming technique that is as rediculous as it is
    transparent, so why not come clean, and tell us all about it, Abourezk

    What really happened and why, just like Lance Armstrong, you ll be a celebrity at last.
    You can even call up Oprah, and try to get on her show, although South Dakota lawyers
    aren t high on her list of priorities, but maybe if you mention Ray Robinson, an inside
    scoop so to speak, she might be interested, but probably not.

    When is something decent going to happen

  2. Has anyone else noticed…
    Anyone practicing peace in America or elsewhere in the world, have been removed from the picture…..
    Only their memory remains with us…
    What of their legacy of doing the right thing, fairness, truthfulness or prayer?
    Example: Martin Luther King Jr., John F Kennedy (Cuba missile crisis), Robert Kennedy, Bhenazir Bhutto, & Perry Ray Robinson Jr….
    All peace seekers…
    Years & decades later…we are no closer to the truth about what happened to our peace-seeking heros above, than when they were assassinated.
    All died with peace in their hearts, & will be long remembered…
    Yet, as John F. Kennedy warned the public in a televised speech just before his death about journalists & journalism….
    They are not to sway the voices of the people with sensationalism or lies… but they have!
    Example: The AIM staged event, called the Seige of Wounded Knee….
    Why would celebrity, Danny Glover lend his name to the very organization (AIM) & (Peltier), that was responsible for an honorable & spiritual black mans murder, that of Perry Ray Robinson Jr.?
    Robinson Jr. who went into Wounded Knee as a AIM supporter, refused to shoot back at the FBI, & was murdered by the very people he was there to help, the American Indiaan Movement (& Robinson’s remains are still buried & hidden at WK).
    And, no Black celebrities….like Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Reverend White, Whoopie Goldberg or even President Obama has sought resolution for Robinson’s family….?
    Why are the prosecutors refusing to pursue AIM, their handers, or their enablers?
    Re: The former Senator of South Dakota, who headed the Indian Affairs subcommittee for the Senate Committee, when all this murder occurred in his state…(by his good friends in AIM leadership), as he stated when told of Means death…
    You never hear Jesse Jackson calling for justice for Perry Ray Robinson Jr….
    Where are the Black communities on this issue of the murder of a Black man by a known terrorist group, & why is there no outrage about Robinson’s murder????
    Why are they not calling for justice for Perry Ray Robinson Jr???
    Because, any politically savy person sees it as a place too scary to venture into…a no man’s land.
    Because of where it leads…right up to the top of the heap!
    Today, I honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr, & his follower in peace, Perry Ray Robinson Jr.
    & what they wished to achieve with peace & prayer.

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