7 comments on “CONFLICT OF INTEREST 13

  1. People are emailing me asking what they can do…
    They are outraged at the treatment of Arlo Looking Cloud, by his 2004 trial attorney, the Abourezk’s self-created psycho drama interference with Arlo’s legal council & trial, that assured Arlo would take the fall for the real perps who ordered the rape-execution of Anna Mae…
    It shows two sets of judicial process in South Dakota, one for the AIM pretend wannabe real Indians, & the actual authentic 1st Nations Lakota people, like Arlo…
    Only this move to dismiss with Arlo’s case, or the self-serving actions over the years by the Abourezks, in their protection & immunity for AIM is shameful, dishonest, & should be illegal…
    People like this, who the public & the citizens of South Dakota, Indian & non-Indian alike, should be able to trust & respect obviously cannot after reading these court documents previously sealed.
    These men need to be in prison with Peltier, or sent to their former homeland of Syria, to live out their days in war, ruin & chaso…just like what they endorsed at Wounded Knee, & covered up for decades with their political power & government connections.
    No wonder we are under fire from the cyber assassins like Silent Bear or his fellow AIM ilk.
    Instead of Idle No More, our mantra is SILENT NO MORE!!!

    • “People are emailing me asking what they can do…”
      The answer is to be silent no more-to ask questions, demand
      answers. to contemplate conflicting statements made over the
      years and acknowledge them for what they are, and then to
      consider the motivation in asking who benefits from telling
      the lie.
      But always to speak out, to take a stand. and as long as the
      truth supports it remain faithful to it.
      Equally important is to stop financially supporting those
      who are undeserving.

  2. http://turtletalk.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/paul-ryan-on-the-impacts-of-a-federal-government-shutdown-on-indian-affairs/#comment-29861
    Canada & the US Governments grow tired of paying rent on what they think they already own.
    “Idle No More” in Canada, & their AIM counterparts in the US must realize…
    Self-determination is great, if your tribe is rich enough, & can afford to fund their self-determination themselves…
    Now, today… Chief Spence is looking for a way to get herself out of the mess she has made for herself…
    The other Canadian Chief’s have moved on with their own agendas, abandoning Chief Spence’s position of not wanting to be accountable for funding to her reserve of billions of dollars that has come in, under her control… that never reached her poverty stricken people.
    We all are accountable for where money goes in our lives, to think if you starve yourself, taking Elders with you, you can get around the burning question:
    “Where did the money go…!”
    Is unrealistic…
    The accounting firm who looked into this case stated… $$$$ mismanagement by Chief Spence, period.
    All the starvation, media exposure, or (AIM) bullying tactics in the world will not alter these numbers….
    Nor, does Canadian & US Chiefs want the same accounting practices required or made necessary for them from the Chief Spence fallout…

    • My personal opinion is that Idle No More is a much bigger issue than Spence or
      AIM-I’ve seen these billions of dollars figures before and am curious where
      verification of that can be found? I’m also curious if the accounting firm
      is an ad hoc agent of the government or independent?
      The concept of sovereignty encompasses a multitude of aspects-one of which is
      being self sustaining-I think if either the U.S. or Canada can pump tens of billions
      of dollars into foreign countries to assist them in sustaining themselves or to
      institute a “democratic” government then at least an equal effort should be made
      to create sustainability and self reliance within the nations of this hemisphere
      who are the original owners.
      That is the road to sovereignty-self reliance and self governance-my understanding
      from friends on reserves in Canada is that AIM has a minimal presence and is largely
      ignored-they may receive an inordinate amount of media attention but that is their
      game, one they are adept at after decades of practice.
      The handwriting has been on the wall about the tenuous nature of the U.S. economy,
      not to mention the global economy-Capitalism, which is what global markets depend
      on regardless of where they are located, or the system of government.
      The core principle of Capitalism is growth-everything is based on growing production
      and growing markets-the problem is growth isn’t unlimited, it cannot be sustained
      indefinitely, and depends on resources.
      As resources dwindle, prices increase, which leads to inflation, add massive debt
      to the equation and the consequences become manifold.
      Capitalism doesn’t view people as individuals, merely consumers, the only reciprocity
      that exists is based on market value-nothing is free and everything comes with a price.
      I’ve been experiencing some internet problems-reciprocity would imply I only pay for
      what I receive-if there is a disruption of service then the bill should be pro rated
      factoring that in, but that isn’t how it works.
      On the other hand if the bill isn’t paid then service is terminated- it’s a one way
      The problem with tribal governments is that they have been fashioned after the national
      form-that alone lends itself to corruption and a lack of transparency.
      I’ve been saying for a long time that the nations need to wean themselves from the
      governmental teat, that communal gardens, agriculture, and infrastructure should be
      the issues-that whatever economic problems arise will impact the nations more than
      Instead of chasing after grants for such ridiculous things as “sensitivity training”
      everything should be directed towards the end of self reliance.

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