5 comments on “IT AIN’T ME

  1. Right on the mark again….Rezinate!
    I think many more people will be on board with BB helping ALC case.
    Anyone of us could have been in Arlo’s shoes…hijacked by AIM for their fall guy or gal.
    Nothing has come out before now like this (sealed files)…because, of the fear factor the BOYZ, their greedy politicians & (look the other way…) corrupt South Dakota judges & AIM’s earlier attorney’s, would mark them (the people coming forward) for death if they said a word…
    You had silence for decades…until I stepped forward & refused to remain silent any longer, no matter what AIM tries to do to me.
    The fearful ones saw AIM murder their own AIM members, lovers & supporters time & again…& no one stopped them then, or now.
    When AIM’s own attorney’s, attorney up themselves…they all definately have something major to hide.
    Hoka Hey!

  2. I would like very much to come back & say….
    I never have approved of Arlo not doing something to save Anna Mae, much like Charlie Abourezk, the former Senator’s son… who did nothing to save or prevent her rape-execution….
    I do know from my own experiences with AIM, & those who have chosen to share their experiences with AIM with myself….
    The biggest reason stated by those who know something, is fear of AIM coming after them or their families…their children.
    Everyone says that I have spoke to or they with me, “look what they did to their own AIM people, think what they would do to me or someone they really felt threatened or exposed by….”
    I have been threatened repeatedly by Paula Horne, & AIM for coming forward in 2005, after speaking with Beatrice Medicine about her nephew, Arvol Looking Horse.
    Medicine said outright, loudly…her nephew,, Arvol was a fake, & the bigger cigar store Hollyweird Indians of AIM leadership…were even bigger frauds.
    Arlo never did use his Ancestoral Lakota War Chief’s title to excuse himself for his actions, it was his good buddy who also made sure Arlo went down for AIM & their South Dakota politicians & judges, good ol’ Richard Two Elk.
    Who threatened me August 2008 from Mexico…hanging with LCD & the peyote trade takeover of AIM down south, oh yeah….I have witnesses to that threatening conversation by Two Elk!
    Two Elk still wants everyone to think he is a good guy…but, the first thing he ever betrayed was his own Lakota people by joining AIM, then he was suppose to have changed his loyalties to AIM by appearing to be against them…
    If you are against someone or something, you surely don’t continue to Sun Dance at LCD’s arbor, eh…
    Or lie about your threats against someone like myself…when you get caught.
    Once a betrayer, always a betrayer…

    • Fear for the safety of family and children has always been a influence,
      something the AIM leadership never hesitated to employ-I’m not aware
      of Arlo ever mentioning his ancestors, but more than one has as can be
      seen on the net.
      What remains of the old leadership and those they are grooming as
      replacements are in decline-too much history, too many crimes, and
      too much guilt for anyone to take them seriously anymore.
      They converted AIM into a capitalist venture and now find the market
      value and sales revenue are dropping, so they continue to attempt to
      reinvent themselves and align with legitimate causes.
      Too little too late.

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