8 comments on “CONFLICTS OF INTEREST 16

  1. A certain ambitious former South Dakota senator, back in the day, ruthless, ambitious, and with Syrian or Lebanese ancestors, saw an opportunity to deliver complete control of Indian policy and Decision making, all land and resource decisions, by creating a powerful sub-committee of Indian Affairs within a proxy committee, having the ear of the White House…

    But Pres. Nixon was having his own problems, so the lobbyists and those in Congress who wanted
    a long term access to resources, minerals, military testing (where else are you going to test weapons but on land that can t be used again for much else) listened

    There was a problem… he didn t have access to many documents that were needed, and indeed
    would prove Indian land claims and treaty rights, including ownership of needed land of rights
    way for major pipelines…

    This Senator had grown up near or on Reserve land, so he knew the rez politics and the rule of law
    there, beyond what the elected officials could do…

    This Senator had and still has a brilliant mind, and he is ruthless.

    He was disappointed in his hippy dippy trippy lawyer son who was in his early 20 s at the time, and
    enamoured of psycho drama techniques of controlling outcome of behavours of jurors and others…

    But his plans and dominance were succeeding, except for a few minor problems… like objections
    from Indians themselves, and these darn documents that could get in the way…

    Lobbyists would pay huge sums of money for unfettered rights of access through Indian country…

    AIM was born then, good acronym for a mafia organization… and the petty thieves and criminals
    coalesced around the ideological rhetoric of the left, which is always a parasite politics attaching
    itself to the upset of the people yearning for decency and fairness in their daily lives…

    I wish the left were more honourable, and actually had some original thoughts, but they don t.

    But their politics has and will be powerful until the right learn that capitalism and democracy does
    not mean greed, dishonesty, huge profits, feeding controversy with fear, outrage and hate, always
    going to war, so the profits can increase, and finally not a man or woman of character and decency among them…

    So this Senator of South Dakota encourages the beautiful shiny boys of AIM to go for it… he
    promises them protection, money, rule of the rez, and more. They have more or less criminal
    records, shiftless lives, but they are beautiful and attractive like a movie star, and they can speak
    the ideological rhetoric of the left. They could care less about the Senator being a Democrat, and
    they could care less about politics, except how you can use it to further your own ends…or the
    tribal rule of dominance which happens in all rezes, in all middle eastern countries… and maybe
    that s the truth everywhere, who knows…

    Stay tune, I m just warming up to my story, and to the time frame of 1970. The state legislature.
    Guess what happened then

    Will write more soon. I must go.

    And this has everything to do with the death of Anna Mae pictou Aquash, and hence the faked trial
    of Arlo Looking Cloud, and the boys club of judges, lawyers, and legislators who have lunch
    together and discuss their daddy s words and long term friendships… the favours done like any
    good friends do…

  2. Joan, I agree he saw a gourmet feast and the opportunity to consolidate power (as a sort of mini-king) just as he would if he could have in his ancestral middle eastern lands. After all, this is the land of “opportunity.”
    LBW, my Facebook hacked today by an IE for Windows 7 from near Redmond, Washington at 12:06 p.m. PST. Facebook notified me immediately so I could change passwords. This is while I was logged in. One other hack in December by a Bruno Jolley. However these could come from at least 3 friends accounts who have deactivated. I heard deactivated accounts are easy to hack. Kind of like a free spaceship hanging out there in outer space. All you have to do is jimmy the lock.

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