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  1. What do you do with a power greater than oneself With a mystery, an impossibility that can t exist, but yet does exist…

    In 1970 things were trucking along, a certain senator from South Dakota was in the legislature at the time, he was charming, persuasive, powerful and brilliant. His ancestors would serve him well.

    He needed a plan in place to impress Washington, to make a name for himself, and control of Indian country would be the way through.

    But his real love was his ancestral homeland, and the rotten way everybody in America was treating the Arabs, and loving the Jews.

    Couldn t everybody see, according to this Senator, how Arabs in all the Middle Eastern countries, but especially Palestine, Syria, and well, most especially Iran, were attacked and degraded and imprisoned, much like the Indians in America.

    He had a grand plan to free the ideological rhetoric of positive support of Israel, and negative press
    reports on terrorism coming out of Arab countries. To reverse it so to speak, irregardless of facts, proof and media reporting on terrorism in the middle east.

    But a monkey wrench was thrown into the works when a humble man walked into the Senate chambers of South Dakota in 1970, and prayed with I assume the pte hincala cannupa kin, praying for the treaty of 1868 to be honoured, and for good relations between Indians and the government.

    Now that sounds quite ordinairy doesn t it, a man goes in and prays. With a cannupa. The good will between nations so to speak, albeit conquered, and life goes on as normal, as does political power.

    There were 3 serious problems with this man s appearance and apparent POWER. I guess people don t understand, and certainly the senator from South Dakota didn t understand, that the power
    of Creator, Great Spirit, Great Mystery comes through, in Frank Fools Crow s words, a man or woman full force in mysterious ways, if he or she is a hollow bone.

    But this former senator, he s the man, he s the power. He is frightened by this power greater than
    himself, and nobody s greater than this senator.

    But not because of spiritual or esoteric reasons.

    Arvol Looking Horse was in place although not prominent until after Wounded Knee 2 as the keeper of the Sacred Pipe. He and his wife Paula, would not make their world tours of fake gatherings for ceremonies of the sacred, until after Wounded Knee 2, because of the climate of ruthless protection and safety for him after, and the consequences of anyone who dared question him, afterwards.

    You control the pipe, you control the people. Frank Fools Crow shouldn t have it, because
    he would be good, and fight.

    And Russell Means came on the scene in 1971, hovering around like the opportunist that he was.
    He wanted the cannupa, and all other sacred objects, if only to prove to the man, this powerful senator, that he could get it. Artifacts sell for a million dollars these days if they are the real thing.

    Frank Fools Crow refused to turn it over to AIM, who already had their banners, literature and other propoganda in place to program the people into acceptance of their truth.

    Frank Fools Crow would be a problem and trouble, just because of his goodness and honesty…
    and this Senator saw that he would have to be contained, and suppressed, because he was respected by the people…

    And therefore, the history and truth of the Lakota people would have to be manipulated and altered, so that AIM could legitimize their control of Indian country.

    Most especially the museum and records at the Wounded Knee Museum would have to destroyed.

    Enter Raymond Demallie, the Smithsonian, and even people like Dallas Chief Eagle 1, changing provenance, manipulating lakota words, and inserting fake realities into books and educational materials.

    This certain senator empowers this subcommittee on Indian affairs, along with others, but he needs a staged event, a psychodrama, to influence congress, and to prove he s the man.

    He wants to be the go to man when it comes to Indian country, and getting things done.

    His hippy son has given him ideas.

    First the dark coalesces in the west, with the help of Bahai, Hollywood, a California governor,
    profs, students, etc. It s a wild time in America, with the young and activism springing up everywhere. What better time to camouflage a mafia takeover of Indian country, than the wild Nixon years.

    First Alcatraz. Then Seattle and Spokane, where Russell Means raped a schoolgirl in front of 17 others, including Anna Mae and John Boy etc., in the school gymnasium where the girl had got
    permission for them to stay for the night.

    Then the raiding of the BIA office in Washington D.C., where the documents were finally stolen, and all records destroyed, and government gave AIM $60,000. to get out of town.

    Wow everything was working beautifully, and now the best psycho drama of all, Wounded Knee 2 occurred.

    I ll skip over Wounded Knee 2 for now, and go back to it later.

    Leonard Crow Dog enters the picture because most of the public wanted his fake reality, including AIM. He loved drinking and smoking cigarettes and didn t mind what went on at so called sacred events, all because of the drugs he loved even then, and the control through necromancy of the sacred. The imprisonment of the medicines of the sacred was just about complete.

    Who is Leonard Crow Dog

    He s the perfect ruthless fake to destroy good people. And he has, many times. As the gullible hungry world of whites mostly, from North America, and from Europe and Russia gravitate to the spun Hollywood stories of sacred pure people and medicine men, they were laughing all the way to the money and adulation and anything their hearts desired…

    One of the former senator s first actions was to ensure the passage of an educational bill in Native country in 1973. Wounded Knee 2 had occurred, and sure enough, a certain Senator had been instrumental in bringing the situation under control, and eventually getting the surrender peaceful
    negotiation of the faked event.

    But they had to keep tricking and contolling the old man, Frank Fools Crow, ceremonial and therefore political head of the people, who was in on the negotiations for the stand off to end.

    They took him up in a helicopter with his AIM intrerpretor, and Frank Fools Crow who did not know Chief Eagle was AIM, he listened to him and they got him to sign a document he thought was the
    accord. It wasn t.

    Then the so called accord was brought to Russell Means, Dennis Banks etc. to sign. After they landed with Fools Crow.

    They walked out into freedom, because the judges were already programmed, compromised,
    and or tricked into believing only innocent men do what they have done….!

    A lot of collateral damage happened before, during and after Wounded Knee 2… ie people s
    lives brutalized and abused, manipulated and tricked, and even deaths, murders.

    Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, still believing in the goodness of the cause in spite of all the collateral
    damage, she was after all, in love with Dennis Banks…

    She perhaps saw or guessed at the close relationship between the powerful senator and AIM, including stolen documents, money exchanging hands, a meeting or 2, perhaps she was a courier to and from the Senator s son.

    But I digress from the former senator s speaking engagements, and his educational bill, guaranteeing schooling for all indian children on the reserves. Sounds good right

    Embedded in plain sight within the bill, is the little known proviso by the gov t formerly,
    that all contractees who hire federal govt approved contractors, must meet certain criteria or
    standards of competency, in order to generate a corruption free job.

    That is, the contractee must understand the contract, have good financial accounting, and oversee the contractor s work from beginning to end.

    In the case of Indian country, it was stated that the Indian people are obviously not capable of
    being competent contractees, anywhere, and that therefore contractors could work anywhere
    on building Indian schools, without the oversight of the contractees, because essentially they the contractees were shall we use a hidden word, were incompetent.

    Yahoo! The senator is chortling now. All contractors no longer have any controls or checks and
    balances placed on them by anyone at the job sites.

    And interestingly, the Senator was charging about $1400. a speaking engagement to talk about the Jewish problem in America, and the poor suffering downtrodden of Syria, Palestine, and Iran, in 1972 and by 1973 he was charging about $14,000. to bring his message to the American public, because he was a successful politician by then.

    Successful because he had control, power, influence, AIM secretly were beholden to him and his
    genius, and the problems were all got rid of… including a certain Indian woman…

    Now for the middle eastern agenda…hidden but in plain sight….

    • Interesting read Joan and appreciated, but I think it would be appropriate to ask
      for a clarification/verification regarding Annie’s presence during a rape as part
      of a group of witnesses.

  2. Rezinate you make us laugh with this way to speak of the pigeon but it
    is this chess pigeon to keep the eye for. And we would say yes we would
    like to see this clarification the verification for this one Annie Mae to be
    the witness.

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