8 comments on “THE MONEY WHEEL

  1. These are my Minneconjou Ancestor’s resting place, & I am in agreement with Rezinate, & my fellow Lakota whom I have just spoke with….buy back the land, it is Sacred…& quit exploiting it, forget about developing it for tourism….
    This land needs to be retain by the Tetuwan Lakota people, we call to Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, & our other brothers & sisters of Tetuwan blood, if this is the only way we can preserve that which is Sacred, & ours, then we must do so….whatever the cost.

  2. Please keep this issue updated. It belongs to the Lakota people and it’s a shame there’s a price tag on it. It makes the history of theft (appropriation) of Indian land all the more real. If there is a organization to help raise money for its purchase, I will certainly contribute. I have been there, and know I should know, but the actual burial site, on the hill, does that belong to the Nation or is it a national (U.S.) historic site or privately owned? As an outsider (although my great-grandfthater was a full blood), I am torn as well. making it a tourist attraction can be profitable but demeaning…leaving it cluttered and not pristine is also.

    • Where once slave markets flourished in this country and elsewhere what some are
      attempting to do is enslave the land and ceremonies as commodities to be marketed
      as “sacred sites” and “spiritual quests” with the obligatory claim of ley line convergence
      points, as is the case with Sedona, Arizona and a growing number of other places.
      Plastic sweats, plastic ceremonies, plastic chiefs, and above all plastic medicine men
      and women.

  3. I did of course wonder aloud about what would happen concerning the remains of Perry Ray Robinson, Jr. and others with the assumption that Wounded Knee would be returned to the hands of the Lakota. Still, it makes me nervous, especially with the “Honoring and Wacipi for 1973 Wounded Knee Veterans” rapidly approaching on February 27. We cannot forget the power the prayers of the ancestors will play in all this. I am Shawnee but I will be praying for a good outcome.I think it requires all people of the nations to pray on this one, because as you say, Rezzie, the AIM leadership has done as much damage to the nations in 40 years as the 500 plus years of the alien.

    • It’s a point to consider Mary-especially in view of Crow Dog’s words in the
      blog Crow Dog and the Grave Diggers regarding Ray’s and the other graves.
      Late from work and so the delay in approving and responding to comments.

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