1. A great piece. When you’re not incessantly whining about Peltier and AIM your stuff is enjoyable to read. Take it for what it’s worth. My compliments don’t have agendas attached to them like Mr. Ed’s and I won’t agree with all you say in sycophantic glory like some others do.
    It reminded me of a line from one of my songs:

    “The “New” Cavalry invaded his land. Bring Him Home, Bring Him Home
    so he stood up and took a stand, Bring Him Home, Bring Him Home.”

    • And speaking of incessantly whining SB I see you couldn’t help but
      whine a little re Peltier in your comment.
      I find that interesting, and wonder if I were to blog on some other
      topic like the cost of bananas for instance if you would manage to link
      it to Peltier somehow? I wonder too if some would say that would amount
      to being a sycophant?

      • Fair enough. I’m wondering why there is no “like” from Mr. Ed or Trimbach on this one, though 🙂

      • Still compelled SB ? Likes and comments aren’t obligatory, and I would assume
        that like me Woods and Trimbach may not agree with everything everyone has to
        say-that’s known as free will and a diversity of opinion, a good thing.
        Something sorely missing among the AIM/Peltier crowd-you know, the hive
        mentality where resistance or diversity of thought isn’t encouraged, much
        less questions about those moments when others “misspoke” and said Mr.X
        was the real deal etc etc.

  2. Thanks Mark; your best post ever. JC…don’t get much better than him…was fortunate to see him four times in concert, may he rest in peace. As for Custer, I would lean towards the ‘fool’ characterization. As for Mr. X; more to come soon about that fable…

    • A song Cash did in later years and covered by others-When the man comes around,
      has been a favorite of mine, just like the beat of it and the way it flows.

    • Well you both like Johnny Cash? There is hope for you after all. My bet is that if he were still alive that he would have been right beside Pete Seeger , Harry Belafonte, Jackson Browne and all of us in Dec. to stand up for Leonard. Cash was one of the few that would have Pete Seeger on his T.V show despite his unlawful and immoral blacklisting at the hands of Hoover’s and McCarthy’s “House of “Un-American” activities commission. A question for Mr. Ed. Despite being a “fan”, did you support the FBI’s covert war against musicians and artists from this era? People like Pete, Harry, John Lennon, Theodore Bickel ect…Do you think that “blacklisting,” was/ is “American?.” Also,, do you think that Johnny Cash, “worked for a living,” or was he just blowing his horn? And one last question. Do you think that the FBI were properly labeled as the New Cavalry for their role in orchestrating the Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge? ,

      • “Well you both like Johnny Cash? There is hope for you after all.”

        You find that odd? How about the fact that you and I agree AIM bears the
        responsibility for the murders and crimes committed within WK2-go figure

        Interesting thing about Seeger was when he was supoenaed in ’57 to
        testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee he refused
        to take the Fifth Amendment.
        Apparently Seeger believed his positions were just, not criminal in
        nature, and worth being truthful about, in other words he stood up like
        a man-ever wonder why your boys at AIM haven’t done the same? Why they
        always take the fifth?
        I find it a great irony that a man who elected not to do so would in turn
        speak in behalf of a coward who would rather eat his shoe than be a man
        and speak the truth-but as they say “politics make strange bedfellows”.
        And I’m curious whether Seeger actually believes Peltier is innocent or has
        been subjected to judicial misconduct, which seems to be focus now as the
        innocence thing with what has become known no longer floats. A major difference
        between the two, and judicial misconduct doesn’t alter either death or guilt.
        Yet the fact remains Seeger is as they say, an American original, whose influence
        on the music industry and national conscience is undeniable.

        But I would make the same point I have previously- you can agree with someone,
        in this case liking their music-but that doesn’t imply you agree with every
        opinion they hold.

        The below is one of my favorites, in my opinion the best Seeger has done, the
        shorter video of the one you linked….and the nations remain looking down the
        tracks with shackles on their feet.


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