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  1. Wait a minute here-we shouldn’t rely on government handouts? Kind of destroys the socialist argument doesn’t it? Not that socialist countries are noted for handouts when you consider the level of taxation,
    they’re merely receiving what they paid for-what they were taxed for. Now there’s a novel concept.
    But taxation is the name of the game when a government spends a trillion more annually than it takes in, there’s no balance in that, no budgeting as most of the citizenry must do.
    But then the citizenry can’t print money-if they do it’s called counterfeiting, a crime punishable
    by law. If they face a personal “fiscal cliff” they aren’t able to kick the can further down the road,
    no they begin to lose their homes, their cars, their ability to self determine.
    So let’s take a look at Communism-the core is that the State pretty much owns everything and everyone works for the benefit of the State, which in turn is supposed to benefit all.
    But with “five year plans” that never seem to work, forced conformity, and Gulags, who would
    want to be a Communist?
    So were left with a malcontent or a Capitalist-Capitalism has a few subtitles like venture capitalist, CEO, entrepenuer,corporate raider, small business owner, and the like.
    Of those mentioned the first four by and large are singularly about greed-I have no desire to
    fall into any of those categories. Small business owner wouldn’t be bad, and the dream of a lot
    of people, but the majority of people compose what is referred to as the working class, grunts,
    that are the backbone of any country and who without the wheels would fall off the wagon.
    Yet it is the working class that inevitably gets the short end of the stick, that suffers the brunt of economic turns and are routinely exploited-that are viewed primarily as a tax base or a watershed of consumerism for increasingly shoddy products produced with cheap labor overseas thanks to enlightened trade agreements like NAFTA, which rewards manufacturers for exporting jobs while increasing their profit line.
    Seems to me like these patriotic Americans could have created some jobs for our people,created production
    facilities or warehouses on the rez or in proximity-they still would have had cheap labor but admittedly not as cheap as overseas.
    So which is the best system to follow? I can’t speak to that as it is an individual decision each
    must arrive at-but my belief is that for us, for the nations, it is a traditions oriented approach-our traditions, that truly left no child behind-that didn’t tolerate gun violence within our communities,
    nor unbridled greed, that jointly participated in the welfare of all.
    Some would call that having a social conscience-some would call a desire to return to such a lifestyle being a malcontent, but I don’t care about such opinions any more than I do about what
    the Bieb is up to or that Jolie showed some leg.
    While thousands upon thousands of pieces of legislation may produce a mandated conformity they can do little to create what is in a person’s heart, the values they hold, the nature of their character-in the end all things begin and end within these, the humanity or lack of it that exists in each of us- so cliches of it’s a good day to die, and the land is not for sale even while it is posted as such aside, don’t actually mitigate anything- so I say it is a good day to be a human being, and live accordingly as one.
    Now recently I was told I didn’t “sound Indian”- I assume that is meant to imply I, we, are expected to be blissfully unaware of which way the wind is blowing, not only unaware but indifferent, we’re only supposed to speak in monosyllables, or clipped sentences, and only about feathers, pow wow, or the usual stereotypical expectations.
    And never ever are we supposed to acknowledge there are problems within our communities that we create, much less dare to speak about them. Above all though we are all supposed to be rabid AIM/Peltier supporters.
    So what is written above must really be unsettling-an uppity skin with an opinion about something other than what is expected. Well here’s some more bad news-we have a generation coming up who are attending schools, going to college, choosing careers, whose awareness is expanding, who will have a wealth of opinions and employ this very language to express their opinions and concerns, they will do so with the eloquence of thought peculiar to our way of thinking, and those who think we’re only supposed to stand stoically and grunt now and then catering to their expectations will be sorely disappointed.
    Damn-Indians going to college and making career choices-who would of thought?
    How non stereotypical does that sound?
    Anyway-I’m done with this particular blog -maybe I’ll work on one now about purchasable eprayers and matriarchy ramblings so I can sound more Indian like.
    If I come up with some “project” asking for donations ignore it-I’m just trying to sound like an AIM “liberator” or “patriot”. You know….a real Indian.

    • Well, we all need distractions and entertainment and no problem with
      that-only that the lines seem to get blurred at times, and people become
      focused on fantasy than reality.

  2. “the core is that the State pretty much owns everything and everyone works for the benefit of the State, which in turn is supposed to benefit all.”

    When you factor in state and federal taxes, isn’t this pretty much how the united states is?

  3. log back in next month and you will likely read about those same “stars of media attention” going into rehab, like who gives a flip. while the tax payers get blind sided again by unreported recent launches for the US to tie into Australia’s military satellite network to enhanced ground control , along with troop and cluster munition build up over there as well , must be for “their” upcoming platform in the S. China sea. Back to S.E Asia they are going for the continuance of silly war game economic stimulation that seldom if ever trickles down to the poverty stricken. Makes me wonder, How many days will it take to see the sun? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV6u97beANs

    • It’s all pretty pathetic JP, what I think in part is referred to as pop culture- being a
      celebrity doesn’t imply to me a person is clueless, nor does it imply they are
      filled with wisdom and all knowing.

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