• That’s true enough, as during the height of the plains wars and post that there were those
      who advocated in behalf of the nations-and I have never been one to assign a blanket “white
      guilt” as I believe guilt results from the individual attitudes and deeds of each person
      regardless of ethnicity.
      I have a different perspective though when it comes “policies” that have historically
      painted the nations with a broad and sweeping brush, a guilt exists in that which has
      been perpetuated for decades, if not centuries, and those who further that end.
      I would also point out it wasn’t blacks, Mexicans, the nations, or any other I can think
      of that came to this hemisphere with a sense of entitlement and attempted to enslave or
      eradicate an entire people.
      That’s history, an indisputable history, and it is the remnant of this same attitude among
      a degree of the population that has sought to sustain what has been the status quo.
      They are the guilty ones regardless of which party they belong to, and politicians who
      hold the reins of power and perpetuate any measure of this attitude have a greater guilt.
      Sovereignty is a right-but also a pipe dream, I never expect to see it happen. I never
      expect the conditions of the hundreds of treaties to be upheld either regardless of whether
      Obama or any other president says they are tantamount to the supreme law of the land- as we
      have seen the “law’ has always been malleable and subject to change or interpretation when
      deemed necessary and constitutionality be damned.
      Andrew Jackson is a prime example of that when he defied a Supreme Court ruling and took it
      upon himself the drive the nations out of areas he felt the country was entitled to.
      Neither do I expect there to be a return of land in any sizable or equitable degree, but I
      think it reasonable to expect that the nations be seen as something other than a problem,
      second class citizens,a current fad, or children of a lesser god.
      It’s doubtful this country would have even survived if not for our own fighting alongside
      soldiers during the Revolutionary War, some of our own fought during the Civil War, as well
      as this countries many other wars.
      Code talkers from our nations were this countries equivalent of the German Enigma code, with
      the exception it was never broken.
      The reward for this service was that we weren’t recognized as capable or worthy of having the
      vote until the ’40’s.
      The reward for those of ours who have fought in wars following WW2 has been the same poverty,
      the same reservation system, the same unemployment, the same inadequate healthcare, and the
      same indifference to prosecuting crimes such as rape (which has been denied us by federal mandate)
      and VAWA now attempts to mitigate to a degree, and yet is opposed by the same group who clings
      to the fantasy that coddling the wealthy and corporations leads to something called trickle
      down economics that hasn’t trickled down in thirty plus years.
      The same group who thinks women aren’t to have control over their own bodies and reproductive
      I claim no political affiliation as I think ultimately regardless of the rhetoric or the party,
      the priority is big biz first, last, and foremost. Even a cursory examination of legislation and
      voting records attests to that.
      But I’m beginning to go on now so I’ll leave it at that.

  1. I’ve examined both Republicans (LOL) and Democrats (Bigger LOL) Closely.
    Neither one gives a cold damn about us, but Liberals are actually the worst of the two. Lovely little things in their history, such as jim Crow, and founding the KKK. As for how the Liberals view women…they’re idea of ‘proper self defense vs physical/sexual assault’ is to wet yourself.
    Yes, they were SERIOUS. And have consistently attacked women’s mental capacity nd emotional ability in regards to concealed-carry, and firearms in general.

    Given the two devils, I’d hold my nose and pick Republican.

    Relative to Natives, I’m still hunting up info (reliable) on any Treaty violations/land thefts by republcans, but I DO know of one Verified land grab by obama involving the Sioux…in 2014.

    Frankly, I have absolutely NO ‘faith’ or trust in politics, government or politicins…aside from a few whom I looking carefully into the backgrounds of, as if I was considering hiring them.

    • Doesn’t really matter how many political parties there are
      at the moment, it ultimately remains a two party system.
      Independents invariably align with the Dems and the TP
      with the Reps – all others are considered rogue malcontents
      and the gang of four do all they can to obstruct and marginalize
      them ably assisted by a corporate for profit media.
      What results is a lack of choice with people often saying they
      voted for the lesser of two evils – that’s like saying you
      were offered the choice of amputating a leg or arm and opted
      for one or the other – you still come away missing a limb.
      And speaking of the media what is it with their endless
      prognostications and relentless droning on during the campaign
      season that culminates in a repetitive hours long “reporting”
      on All Hallows Eve, their version of the Celtic Samhain, commonly
      referred to as election day but conveying a distinction impression
      of Halloween?
      Their smug “interpretations” of “trends” and what a candidate
      has said, an attempt to first mystify the process and then present
      themselves as the intellectual elite who will explain it all to
      that huddled, uniformed mass in need of guidance known as the
      “Experts” straight from the makeup and wardrobe departments on
      the payroll fronting for ownerships particular political inclinations.
      That bubble headed bleached blonde, brunette, or redhead, male or
      female, Don Henley sang of replete with an array of tears, smiles,
      and studied expressions.
      These corporate journalists aren’t reporting, they’re attempting to
      manipulate and influence the outcome, and where once journalists
      strove to remain neutral in their reporting to better serve a journalists
      responsibility that’s no longer the case if it ever truly was – they want
      you to know who and what they’re for in the hopes I assume that in being known
      as a celebrity their opinion must really matter – something to consider carefully
      and vote accordingly.
      “Celebrities” have the right to endorse anyone but should it really matter?
      Should a person vote for a candidate because Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians,
      Gaga, Clooney,Limbaugh, Maddow, Stewart, or Colbert, endorse them?
      Should a single one of our own who voted have opted for Ron Paul
      because Russell Means “endorsed” him?
      Russell Means, the flip flop man, endorsing a candidate as though it
      really mattered, as though it would actually make a difference and turn
      the tide – I still laugh about that.
      Campaign reform – something talked up on occasion but also something
      politicians would rather drink a cup of Hemlock than pass meaningful
      legislation addressing it.
      Few I think would argue campaign reform isn’t needed, but that isn’t
      all that is needed – the entire political process and a mainstream media
      populated by handpicked corporate talking heads could stand a makeover as
      I often wonder if they were pieced together in some lab and animated with
      Will this campaign reform ever happen? I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on
      it, and in the meantime we would probably all be advised to hold our nose.

      • Wow, you managed to sum up the entire political swamp-circus….Perfectly!!
        Also, why hubby and myself remain out from politics. Politics, is USELESS…it accomplishes nothing, except to make it’s swamp-circus self deeper and more foul. The proof…all we need do is look around, right?
        SOME of my views match ‘consservatives’, so they just assume I’m one of them…fine, they can think what they like. Liberals, I can not stand, they’re all so divorced from reality and hungering for Mao-type political power they show themselves to be just a bottomless, hungry darkness on legs.
        The media…there’s nothing I can add to your absolutely masterfil and complete summation of them.
        And sometimes, in clearing away fouled wreckage in clean-up before reconstruction…one must hold one’s nose. 😉

      • There is an obvious value in what is referred to as “political correctness”,
        but it like anything liberals attach themselves to is always, always, taken
        to the extreme – they haven’t a clue about finding a middle ground or common
        They want more than anything to be seen as Santa Claus with a bag full of toys
        that will fill every wish list anyone may have. The Valentines Day lover with
        a box of candy and a bouquet of roses.
        That’s the public persona they want to advance, behind closed doors they take the same
        lobbyist money, participate in the same “junkets”, and write in the same loopholes
        in legislation as recompense to the same corporate demi-gods as their counterparts
        do. At least the Reps are more brazen and open about who they are and what they’re
        up to.
        As a bloc not long ago the Dems cast their vote for John Stewart as being the most
        trusted “journalist” in the country. To begin with Stewart isn’t a journalist,
        he’s a “comedian” and at best a “social commentator”, but he’s hell on the opposition
        and that’s what matters.
        Under the Bush admin there were 28 drone strikes – under the current administration
        the number exceeds 800 – drone strikes that in the majority take out more non combatant
        men, women, and children than terrorists.
        Under Bush two whistle blowers were prosecuted…under Obama, six thus far – I don’t see
        anything “liberal” or humanistic in that. I don’t see “change” or “transparency”.
        It may sound like I’m giving a pass to Bush but that isn’t so, he may well be the most inept
        president this country ever had, and that’s saying something as there’s a couple of more years
        to go and the verdict isn’t in yet – all I’m saying is whose trying to fool who?
        On the other hand Reps take their marching orders from the Koch brothers, wet
        themselves to remain in good favor with Limbaugh, think Fox News is holy writ, sign no
        tax pledges with a one percenter, and would tattoo their entire body with stars and
        stripes if they thought it would serve to make them appear more patriotic, more
        “god fearing”.
        Trickle down means trickle up to them – raising the minimum wage or taxes
        on the obscenely rich and corporations means their biggest donors might lose
        a buck or two -they have a hive mentality that says all others are drones and
        should be content with their station in life.
        Keystone is a prime example, they love it and don’t give a rip about the
        environmental risks while doing everything in their power to characterize
        it as “good for America” and a real job creator.
        That’s BS from front to back, 4,000 temporary jobs – 4,000, not the 20,000
        they claim, and not a single drop of that oil for this country – that is
        until it is sold on the cheap to other nations and then makes it’s way back
        to the U.S. at a profit. Therein by some mysterious calculation known only to
        them dependency on foreign oil is reduced.
        Fracking? Oh yeah, they’re behind that with the same arguments. Safety and
        environmental regulations? They want to repeal them all with the same story.
        Birth control and access to it? Can’t have that because “god” wouldn’t
        like it. Got raped and impregnated? Too bad, you probably asked for it
        or were dressed too provocatively, suck it up and get on with life, be
        thankful you don’t get stoned or receive a couple of hundred lashes in the Rep
        version of Sharia law.
        Poverty stricken, handicapped, disenfranchised? Get a Job.
        There are no jobs? Well then prowl the dumpsters behind those fast food
        joints, panhandle, anything, but we don’t want to hear it – God bless
        America, this is the land of opportunity, and we’re here to serve you.
        You’re a woman and want equal pay? Get real, after all you are only a
        Funding for daycare so you can work and not lose your house or get tossed
        into the street? Ever think about foster care, leaving them home unattended,
        or sending them to work in the coal mines? Hey they’re your kids, and don’t
        start that access to family planning thing again – try abstinence, God
        will bless you for it and we’ll call you a patriotic American.
        I think some opinions I hold could be classified as conservative, some
        as liberal – if so that’s the result of trying to find the middle ground,
        But like you I won’t be taking any parties oath of allegiance.
        Didn’t mean to ramble on but it was cathartic, and thinking a cup of
        coffee and a biscuit would be a good thing now.

      • Liberals, they try to show themselves as so ‘nice’…yet they are the Mao, Stalin nd such. I do NOT trust ANYone who would so gleefully and callously violate things like the Constitution and people’s Innate Birthrights.
        Also, these days, they sound like Hitler’s crowd more and more.
        Bush, as you say, there are issues, still, he does have a somewhat better record than obam, who is genuinely a classless boor and openly aids the enemy.
        In the end, Rep/Dems…I trust neither. They both play their idiotic games, people get ignored/hurt, and not much changes aside from the steady whittling down of Innate Birthrights. People mistake me for a ‘Conservative’, well, I’m not responsible for their perceptions.
        Keystone is just a useless bit of idiocy involving sludge that’s increasingly more obsolete…as you point out, it’s a ‘shell game’.
        Fracking, I asked hubby about it, and I really doubt the fracking industry has a more knowledgeable, or ruthless, opponent. He spelling it all out for me, how it works, Secondary shock-effects, all of it.
        Ramble? You spelled out som excellent points!! By all means, please ‘ramble’!
        Reps/Dems, both are Inimicaal, neither are to be trusted and both take too much from people’s pockets.
        And like the oil they covet, they’re dinosaurs…and Extinction Time is coming for them. Things must and will change, what they both do to people is Criminal in every definitions.

      • When people have asked what candidate I am for I say none, that I
        believe they should all be voted out of office for an election cycle
        or two, and in doing so send an unmistakeable message that “public
        service” is exactly that, not a perk laden cushy career.
        If that were a possibility related to integrity and service I
        suspect they would make a point of not only being “transparent”
        but monitoring themselves lest one bad apple spoil the bushel
        and campaign reform would have effectively become a slam dunk.
        Fracking is seriously bad news, but then it’s almost guaranteed
        anything corporations get behind and promote is.

      • This moder Corporatocracy, they don’t care about anything but $$, short-sighted morons who worshop what amounts to toilet paper.
        Government, can’t be trusted to govern itself. Been tried, and we’re seeing the results. The main point is that thes Criminals ca get into office without any background checks, that alone if brought in would help a lot in cleaning up the mess.

      • Money rules and the motto is greed is good.
        If criminals were excluded by and large the halls of
        government would stand vacant, what they have done is
        criminal when measured by any yardstick.

      • sorry for late/odd sounding replies, there’s a VERY nasty cold & Flu combo making the rounds here, and my brain feels as fuzzy as a baby bunny…and is not as useful. 🙂

        ‘Money rules’…y’know it’s funny, the ‘paper king’, as there’s really nothing backing paper money anymore.
        ‘Government will do what it does, but things are changing, will change further still, and there’s nothing they can do about it.
        But your points as always, solid as stone.

      • Lot of that going round just about everywhere it seems – hope it
        passes quickly for you.
        Yeah money, as Cyndi Lauper sang, it changes everything – the perceived
        power of a piece of paper backed only by a huge ever increasing national
        debt whether it should have the ability to do so or not.
        How bizzare that when people are expected to budget and live within their
        means government is the exception. How bizzare that all that is required is
        to raise the ceiling thereby creating additional money that doesn’t exist.
        I imagine if a person who was in deep debt went to bank saying they wanted
        a comparable consideration they’d get tossed out on their ear.
        Ominous in that debtor prisons are once again becoming a reality, but that’s
        another blog I wrote some time ago.

      • It will, I weather such quite well, and TY also! I hope it avoids you and yours entirely.
        Your points on money, dead-on as always, and I’m TEMPTED to try that with a bank just to see the response…
        What’s TRULY scary is how the Stock and Currency markets/trading works…it’s a straight popularity contest system, the slightest rumor drives things up or down. Hubby showed me that via some online trading platforms and a practice accout (Real, but no actual $$ involved) and I spent a few weeks tracking news streams relative to market fluctuations…it’s insanity.

        Debt-based economy…yeah, really great idea.

      • Fawn with her knowledge and gathering/cultivating of medicinals pretty
        much keeps this a flu/cold free zone – the first sign that something
        may have slipped by and she’s on it nipping it in the bud.
        People should try that going to bank for it’s educational value alone. I
        also favor the idea of a national credit card payment moratorium
        by all credit card holders – a month or two of that and after the
        predictable examples being made it would bring banks to the negotiating
        It will never happen though save another depression of the same
        magnitude as that in the 1920′ and 30’s or comparable event, but it’s
        nice to think about.
        The strategy is to actually remove money from a persons hand and replace
        it with a piece of plastic – that translates to increased profit, dependency,
        and manipulation.
        Since this is the information gathering age it also lends itself to “tracking”
        a persons spending habits, “likes”, and a variety of other things which in turn
        leads to new ways to maximize profit.
        I anticipate a huge uptick in the price of gas shortly as the current “low”
        prices is a magnet for speculators and playing the “futures market” – something
        I think should be illegal or at the very least well regulated as it always
        manipulates price and stock values.
        I would rather eat my shoe than be involved in any manner with stocks and Wall
        Street – though having just read that Apple sold something like eighty million
        new cellphones and made close to two billion, it might not have been a bad
        idea to get in on the Apple ground floor in the eighties.

      • The Old ways often prove the best ways 🙂 And often it turns out are the only real way to combat such common illnesses. The goop from pharmacorps doesn’t do anything but mask symptoms…barely.

        Your points on finance, I agree with and such matches up to conclusions I’ve found on my own and also spoken of by many experts.
        The markets are insanity made manifest, credit cards are just…pure evil really.
        LOL, yeah, lotsa folks wish they’d bought Apple stock now, but there’s better ways to make money and not be involved with a company that’s increasingly becoming something of a Cult.
        Modern finance is really just numbers backed by nothing…paper and coin currency, isn’t worth even the paper/metals that they’re made of in many instances now.
        The FNN & our company will be taking a wholly new approach to Banking, where ALL deposits are Baacked by precious metals, land holdings, electrical power sales…Solid assets that have genuine Value. While there will be electronic Linkage, the end-point remains that one’s money is Real…not just mere code-fiction and software vapor.
        Also, both we and the FNN are looking t how to de-couple a ‘transaction card’ from tracking…it cannot be done absolutely, BUT info gleaned by the system CAN be minimalized to a great degree. 😉

      • The concept of spending your way out of debt by creating more
        debt escapes me.
        As does printing additional money to facilitate that, which in
        turn seems only to further devalue the face value.
        Economists will argue there exists a near divine wisdom in
        doing so, but I don’t buy into that.
        The global economy is in essence a grand pyramid scheme, an
        overinflated balloon destined to burst as another alluded to.
        When it does, that’s when, not IF it does, those with the least
        will suffer the most.
        What exacerbates the issue is that it is those with the least,
        a growing minority apparently destined to be a majority, who have
        a minimal voice and input and are in essence being dragged along
        for the ride.
        Agriculture among other things could and should be a focus of all
        the nations – if you have nothing to eat or dependent upon a government
        in the throes of an economic upheaval you’re in big trouble.
        Sustainable crops are in my opinion solid assets, as would be the
        ability to meet your own energy needs.
        Both have the potential to be cooperative ventures among the nations
        that would lead to inter-nation trade agreements like those that existed
        in the past.
        If enough were produced it could open markets both foreign and domestic
        thereby generating revenue that could be invested in other projects.
        If the government can “loan” billions to bail out banks, corporations,
        and the like it seems similar loans dedicated to developing self reliance
        among the nations would be appropriate as well.
        Billions have been spent to this alleged end in countries like Iraq
        and Afghanistan under the aegis of nation building – I think money would
        be better spent to do some nation building here.

      • As you say about agriculture is how we think and a plan. And you’re absolutely right about the points you make!!
        There’s ways to get an enormous yield out of small plots, and tying into aquaculture furthers the agricultural yield. We’ve been experimenting with Microfarming (100% Organic with heirloom seeds) for some time now, and added aquaculture in…and results are simply astonishing!! We grow plants on ‘shelves’ of soil we thermally sterilize, then mix with compost, then allow to age a bit..rich soil with no dormant weeds, and the compost and worms reinsert the nitrogen-fixing bacteria and such.
        The banks and such…well, we have no faith in them, so we plan to bring this farming and our power systems to the Nations directly.
        We can do so on a very favorable basis, subsidize start-up costs, and then get repaid from future profit sharing until costs have been reclaimed, then we step out as we won’t eat from another’s plate, and so long as the costs are reclaimed, that’s all we need to keep things balanced and working.
        Then folks doing so can raise enough for themselves, sell the extra…and it’ll all be bona-fide Organic. They can sell power, fruits, fish, vegetables…we’re looking at trying to cultivate cocoa and coffee, tea, etc in the microfarming style also, so there’s more variety for folks to make revenue from. 🙂
        And the core of it would be Self-Sufficiency as the Foundation.
        Who knows, maybe some folks will work refinements and improvements into our designs so they work out even better??
        Hope and Possibility. Two things that go together very well.
        Screw casinos, it’s better to make money by being self-reliant and selling things that taste good. 🙂

      • I’ve promoted communal gardens numerous times on this blog, at the least
        what were referred to during WW2 as victory gardens in a persons yard.
        With a little thought and a small measure of ground it is as you say
        capable of producing a high yield.
        I built a hydroponics system for some people a while back, and it has
        worked quite well- also viable as an alternative or addition, but for
        us there exists a seduction in working the land and the feel of it in
        your hands, the shared discovery of a worm or grub, the appearance
        of butterflies and bees, so for the present we haven’t ventured into
        hydroponics though it has been a topic of discussion.

      • I understand where you’re coming from. Our microfarming units and such, well, they work great…but it’s not the same as genuine ‘dirt-work’. 😀
        It’s productive, high-yield and all that, but Trditional crop-raising (even though our garden is quite small) lends a feeling of Connection.
        I know what you mean about the Victory gardens and yes an excellent idea to be brought back!!
        Hydroponics, we flirted with, but wantd something less technical and with fewer active elements (pumps as example) for folks, so we developed ‘shelf-farming’. Aquaculture, pretty simple, fish largely are low-maintenance.
        And there’s no reason Microfarming and such cannot exist literally right alongside Traditional crop-raising, so best of both can be had, alongside beekeeping.
        In the end, at least we make additional choices and options available. Like regarding Winter, it’s not really practical to try Traditional crop-raising in winter’s grip. 😉 Up here as example.
        Thus, folks can produce and earn $$ year-round.
        Beeekeeping, Speaking of such…check this out!! 😀

      • I had a conversation with someone a while back about aquafarming
        and his desire to begin one – if I remember correctly his focus
        was on tilapia and catfish due to their hardiness and growth rate.
        I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t involve genetically altered
        fish in anyway and something a person could be capable of on a small
        scale in their backyard or a communal basis.
        Thanks for the link, heading that way to check it out.

      • NO GMOs…one reason we want to do so is to ensure preservation of Wild stocks in addition to all our other reasons.
        Tilipia, Catfish and those leaping carp that are an invasive problem are all good choices,
        Salmon are tricky I’ve learned, catfish are pretty much maintenance-free…leave them be and let them grow. 😀
        Our test tanks is small, but fruitful, aquaculture really doesn’t need a lot of room, and of course one can scale one’s tank size to one’s interests/space available.
        Yw on the link 🙂

      • I’ve had all three at one time or another and haven’t an issues with carp
        or tilapia – though the aroma of trout in a skillet ups the ante.

      • a hot cup of cocoa in the winter is hard to beat – it may
        sound weird but grandfather and I like a hot cup of Dr.
        Pepper in the winter with a slice of lemon if available,
        and a cold bottle with peanuts poured into it in the summer.

      • Well, we get some weird looks when people see us pouring a bag of peanuts
        into a bottle of DP – though there have been a few converts.
        Different strokes as they say.

      • exactly! I enjoy the old Roman thing of ice in wine…it’s great on a hot day.
        BUT, folks see that, they think I’ve lost it.
        Once upon a time, such was a Luxury…now it’s seen as an aberration, ‘uncivilized’. LOL

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