4 comments on “PATHOLOGY OF A LIAR

  1. Rezinate,
    Whatever is looming on our horizon…
    When we read your blog about the real truth pertaining to AIM leadership & their political enablers… & how the AIMsters are the biggest frauds & users of authentic 1st Nations people, their culture & spirituality for AIM’s own personal profit, & that of their (puppet master in South Dakota)…in recorded history, we have the best laugh!
    A real belly laugh!
    Which under the circumstances…
    Is so good for the soul, & much needed…
    When the obvious truths about AIM & their handlers do not precipitate any further indictments from law enforcement or the Feds to pursue AIM for their vast & long murderous criminal history, that their puppet master has enabled & protected…for the premeditated rape-execution of Anna Mae Aquash….it is such an injustice to all!
    Ultimately the puppet master has given AIM & himself immunity against further prosecution…because of just how high up the corruption & abuse of power goes…especially when they are heading Indian Affairs, & writing laws for my Lakota people & their lands….!
    We appreciate you even more… & what you write on WordPress that comes straight from your heart!
    What ever does unfold in the future…the Great Mystery, our Father Creator will NOT allow them to go unpunished, for His justice is SUPREME, & above the laws & injustices of man.
    Especially these evil & corrupt men!
    Pilamayaye yelo! Wakan Tanka!!!

    • This lack of prosecution defies logic-but I think it is as I’ve said,
      it is a strategy based on the attrition of time.
      When those who should have been indicted long ago have passed on prosecution
      becomes a non reality-and it can then be said the “ongoing investigation”
      was nearing completion and indictments were in hand ready to be served.
      The entire scenario either assumes a complete ignorance on the part of people
      or an attitude of insulated indifference and lack of accountability.

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