9 comments on “ANNIE’S WALLET

  1. from the msg box: Levi Rickert: Stay off the Native News Network…Are you some fed or some white supremist? You want to get a hold of me email at levi @ nativenewsnetwork.com

    I will find out who you are and sue you!! You are messing with the wrong Indian….You with a bp image…where is your picture anyway…are you a coward or what???

    Note: the nimwitt misspells supremest and uses the default fb silhouette image for his profile, LOL!

    • Was this intended for you or in reference to my latest blog? Gotta love it when
      the first thing out an indigenous persons mouth is to embrace “colonial law”
      and start talking about suing someone.

  2. Very well presented. Let Rickert’s selective outrage stand for all to examine.

    Could Annie’s daughters tell us what was in the Wallet?

    As for Tilsen (as correctly pointed out what they’re “supposed” to be….I personally don’t give them any more credit than necessary. Remember Shakespeare’s pronouncement five hundred years ago). It wasn’t a wise move by Tilsen to do anything with the wallet, except make it disappear altogether. He created a lingering question that isn’t answered today…and wasn’t a mere few months after Annie’s death. He should have been before a federal grand jury then. Had he taken the 5th maybe a contempt charge would have been appropriate. Had he invoked attorney-client privilege, perhaps that would have been a compelling lead for the investigators. Maybe not giving it logically to the FBI had another purpose. Perhaps, he suspected that whomever gave it to him…would or could give him up or divulge some other connection. We all know how incriminated and deceitful attorney Bruce Ellison has been in all this…and he already took the 5th and should have been held in contempt…

    • I don’t have any idea what the contents of the wallet were or if Denise and Debbie
      have ever enumerated them.

      “Perhaps, he suspected that whomever gave it to him…would or could give him up or
      divulge some other connection.”

      I hadn’t thought of that but something else to consider.

      Uh huh-Ellison, named a co-conspirator and putting track stars to shame in his
      sprint to the fifth.
      I’m not sure which quote you reference regarding Shakespeare.

      • Henry the VI, I believe, there’s a bit of sarcasm and humor attached to it and it can be viewed in context to…maybe…have a different connotation; “The first thing we’ll do is kill all the lawyers.”

      • Too funny-I have a book given to me, the collected works, but admit it’s not the
        easiest thing for me to make my way through, so I kind of approach it in spurts.
        I knew a used car salesman once, he actually had political designs, which seems
        commonplace among attorneys- but he took great umbrage that they and lawyers were
        often lumped together, thought that his profession held an elevated status.
        Not true of all, but has it’s applications.

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