13 comments on “A TEAR AND A SMILE

  1. Thank you Rezinate. These days the red carpet is rolled out for criminals. I am completely with you that the old ways are the true ways. Creator never said she would do it all herself. Creator has imparted us with the common sense to do the right thing and that is what we have always believed.

  2. This makes me recall our discussions about tethers. A connection made to a person that can grow over time.

    I’ve always seen them much like spiderwebs. A chance meeting can cause a single strand to be shared, but it can also be easily broken

    An extended period, much shared between two people, and many strands can be strung between the two. Just like a twisted double thread is stronger than a single, a braid is stronger than a twist, and a weave is stronger than a braid, so it is with the tethers we make.

    If you consider tying a rope to another person, you will no doubt feel their movements. If you got used to tension on that rope, then it was suddenly cut, it would be an obvious loss, easily felt.

    Death cuts those strings we tie to our hearts, the loss is tangible, and we can lose our balance as a result. But hopefully, we have others in our hearts web, and they can help us to rebalance.

    • well said tali-the ongoing issue involving matters related to AIM is that for
      each thread added to the weave there have been those whose sole purpose is to
      remove it or others-so in a sense a state of stasis has occurred.
      Individuals can do the same in their own lives-either inadverdantly or by
      design-an example would be an alcoholic who makes the same decision to drink
      everyday but will offer up numerous excuses why.
      Another would be a person who rather than admit something they have done will
      instead attempt to justify it in saying things like “they made me do it”.
      The reality is we each sit at the loom of our lives, and in the majority part select
      the threads we weave into it-we can pay attention to the pattern and use quality
      thread or go about it haphazardly and then complain when it unravels.
      You’ve employed some great analogies in your comment and I hope those who read
      them take them to heart.

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