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  1. From another perspective, IF aim was really just a community group looking to stand up for the people, and they were wanting media attention to draw attention to the problems…

    Why didn’t they use that media attention to voice that they even got support from someone who worked with Martin Luther king? That should have been a boasting point, or in the least drawn attention to their validity.

    • Good point-but if they had of they would have been obligated to explain his disappearance at
      the same time-with the droves of media people there it would have been difficult to say
      he limped out without attracting attention-equally so to say he had been “caught” by the
      FBI or Goons and killed.
      In fact it might have ramped attention to such a degree that the feds would have gone into
      WK2-and the reality is that even early on the leadership was looking for a way to end it.
      This despite the leadership enjoying the bulk of the spoils-the best of what was to be had.
      These guys weren’t mental giants, but they probably had enough sense to realize that.

  2. Or if he had been shot. Couldn’t really boast about a dead man.

    Yeah they don’t seem that bright to me either, but they can’t be that stupid if they’ve avoided life sentences.

    • In speaking of life sentences I assume you mean Peltier- but here’s
      something to consider-what if they gave up Peltier for immunity for
      themselves and the entire free Leonard thing is bs to avoid suspicion?
      they would in fact be hiding in plain sight and I think it is a very distinct

      • I mean all of them. Russell for when he was actually in the bathroom when David hill I think it was shot that guy, all the people killed in wk2, and the ones since. I don’t think any of the upper echelon of AIM could avoid life sentences, even if only charged with association, conspiracy, or aiding and abetting. The sheer number of bodies lying in their wake would accumulate into a life sentence. That is also only factoring in the murders. If you add in the arsons, drugs, rapes, child molestations, and who knows what else, it would roll into consecutive life sentences.

        It’s highly possible they rolled on leonard for one or two charges, but what about the rest?

        Has it been so hard to get enough evidence to convict on so many different things?

        So many crimes committed and the only ones still in jail are arlo graham and Peltier?

        Did crowdog even get brought in for questioning?

      • “It’s highly possible they rolled on leonard for one or two charges, but what about the rest?”

        “Has it been so hard to get enough evidence to convict on so many different things?”

        Those are questions that everyone who cares is asking. It is readily apparent that more
        than enough evidence exists to haul them all in-the danger in that may well be collusion
        that has taken place-free passes being given, and political agendas and manipulations.
        The result is that it breeds a climate of distrust, suspicion, and the ability as AIM
        is inclined to do to portraying themselves as victims.

  3. If no deals were made, then law enforcement would be so totally lax that I could go onto pine ridge and start blowing the brains out of every gang member, and get away scot free.

    I very seriously doubt that would happen.

  4. The best shot of this truly telling tale, is the one color photo image of Means, Banks, James Abourezk, & ol’ Clyde Bellecourt, all lovey dovey with one another at the Dakota Conference in Sioux Falls, SD….April/2012.
    That photo is worth a thousand words, & excuses… of why these men, these very guilty men are hanging all over one another…
    It literly appears as though they-AIM & Abourezk are all holding up one another, & their huge lies & criminal activites over the past 40 years.
    All that rez chaos & carnage rests solely on the shoulders of these fabricated, wannabe Indian fraudsters the US govt. gave the keys & free reign to on Reservations, without restrictions or rules of engagement of AIM’s behavior, or cruel, malicious, criminal (murderous) actions against innocent US Citizens, non-native people, as well as authentic, real enrolled 1st Nations persons they felt threatened AIM’s agenda of AIM appearing to be the good guys….all the while in truth, being the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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