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    • I think in the case of celebrity performers they have websites with contact information.
      Sharpton should be able to be reached through MSNBC-maybe something to MSNBC’s main
      office as well.
      The USAG office should be listed under gov’t contacts etc.

  1. It is very interesting isn’t it? Why would they ignore him? What possible reason would they have to ignore ray and support aim or Peltier?

    Do they think he disgraced himself in some way? Are they buying into aim propoganda, is it all merely about what the public currently supports and they dont actually care its just a publicity draw, or is it something deeper?

    I can find nothing in even the wildest stories to say that ray did something disgraceful. I find it hard to believe that all those various people, if they were actually activists, and learning about deceit and cover ups, would all just believe whatever they were told.

    My mother watched the view now and again, and from the bits I caught here and there, whoopi seems to be pretty bright, I’ve seen some interviews with Danny glover, and I would say the same for him. Al sharpton seems like an idiot to me, so not a lot would surprise me there.

    But you have smart, tenacious people fighting for black rights all over the country. EVERYONE is silent about ray?

    Why is it white and red people fight for him more than black?

    I agree Rez, something’s fishy here.

    • The only stories you will find that attempt to denigrate Ray in anyway come for
      AIM camps-predictable, and should be seen in that context.

      “Why is it white and red people fight for him more than black?

      A good question awaiting an answer.

      “It is very interesting isn’t it? Why would they ignore him? What possible reason
      would they have to ignore ray and support aim or Peltier?”

      It must have something to do with the perception it would cast doubt on the credibility
      of speaking of AIM and Peltier as being something other than what they’ve portrayed
      themselves as.

      I think Whoopi and Danny are both bright and good performers–Whoopi is kind of noted
      for the angry black woman thing at times, as well she should be-but I think she ought to
      be mad as hell about Ray-she ought to be mad as hell that Ray’s wife and children haven’t
      even been given the opportunity to properly lay him to rest or have any sense of closure.

  2. Excellent analysis…and just why don’t they…there are probably too many reasons to list that all may add up to…it just ain’t a popular topic…shame on them.

  3. Yeah, Brother Rezinate…!
    Where IS the Black Community, (the very visual, vocal, celebrity Black Community, like we just witnessed on every channel on TV, at the recent non-stop, show stopping entertainment goings on at the White House celebration for Obama’s second term….?
    The Black Civil Rights advocates of the likes of Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Wright, Harry & Danny…& of course, the Queen of TV, Oprah Winfrey…where is their BLACK outrage?
    What is their Black celebrity positions, & responsibility in finding out the truth about fellow Black, peace activist, Rev.Martin Luther King Jr mentored, Perry Ray Robinson’s betrayal & murder by AIM, during the US staged event…. dubbed the “Seige of Wounded Knee in 1973???”
    Who was behind the decision to have Robinson murdered?
    Before everyone who attended these high profile Black celebrity events… continue to boogie the nights away in support of releasing FBI murderer, Leonard Peltier…
    Could these Black celebrities take a really good look at what they are doing, & realize…
    Just how hypocritical & contrary it is, & counter productive to ever finding the remains of Robinson, or ever knowing the truth about who really was behind murdering Robinson.
    Who made the final decision to have Robinson murdered, & who actually pulled the trigger…
    And, who covered it up?
    Don’t you think these very high profile Black celebrities should be asking these questions of AIM & the US government, (that they are so close to) to end the suffering of Robinson’s family & widow, Cheryl?
    Instead of trying to help raise money & support for the release of an individual (Peltier), of the very same urban militant domestic terrorist group (AIM), the extremely 1st Nation blood quantum challenged, American Indian Movement leadership…
    Who was behind this staged event, who was in bed with government-state, with immunity…from their government-state enabler-handlers.
    Which allowed Robinson’s murder & that of 11 people, other AIM supporters murdered, & their bodies buried & hidden by AIM during their staged event, once again dubbed by the media of the day…”Seige of Wounded Knee.”
    As bogus as the faux-Indian, urban militant domestic terrorists (AIM) leadership working for the US Government & South Dakota State Government, that staged it.
    Under investigation recently, Hilary Clinton stated…what difference does it make now????
    (Pertaining to the murder of 4 US Citizens in Libya…)
    It is the difference between the truth…. & huge US government-South Dakota State Government self-serving lies, that’s the difference, Hilary…
    And, why I never voted for you or Bill!
    If you don’t know what difference it makes, you should not even be in politics!
    Let alone ever be running again to be President…

    • LBW,
      There has never been a time when the black community has enjoyed the political
      representation they do now-and I find myself at a loss to find the correct words
      to express my feelings about this other than to say I am pleased this time has
      come for them.
      Not only are they represented in the Senate and House, but the White House and
      USAG’s office as well-something that would have been unheard of not long ago-quite
      an accomplishment.
      A presidents duty is to represent all people-to serve in the best interests of them
      all, but we’ve seen that really hasn’t ever been the case as it always comes down
      to party ideology, towing that line, and what’s best for Wall Street and big biz.
      In my view a unique opportunity exists with Obama in the WH and Holder at the USAG
      to pursue and address the issue of Ray Robinson-but they are in the final analysis
      politicians who play to numbers-the numbers calling out for Ray are small, so the
      response is likewise- and that is where the black communities response or lack of it
      comes into play.
      Recognition of shared inequities between two groups can and should be acknowledged-if
      that lends itself to alliances well and good-but to ignore a murder on the basis of
      such shared experiences or alliances makes a mockery out of the very words justice and
      civil rights.
      For a president or USAG to ignore the murder of one man, a man whose work along with
      others opened doors and paved the way for this country to elect a black president and
      install a black USAG is an even greater mockery. A greater injustice if both leave office
      without ever so much as even mentioning Ray’s name.

  4. This has various BIA addresses and numbers including Holder’s

    Click to access idc002637.pdf

    Whoopi’s info

    National action network, associated with sharpton

    Danny glover foundation, has a link to his blog also

    Just to be well rounded, spike lee

    Wasn’t mentioned, but adding morgan freeman

  5. LBW, Clinton was known in Arkansas as “slick willy”. Primarily because of his ability to get out of trouble, but also for how he convinced people of his public persona.

  6. P.S- If you don’t post this your nothing for than an FBI dupe and a fraud. Like I said, “protecting the brotherhood,” or fronting for your boys.

    • SB
      Well, I’ve done an homage to Seeger-said I respected his talent and history of not
      taking the fifth, unlike your boys, and standing his ground when push came to shove.
      Also asked if he would be willing to support justice for Ray and Annie, for the victims
      of AIM.
      If he would be willing to talk to Denise and Debbie, to DeMain, or Ray’s family-something
      that apparently doesn’t sit well with you.
      But this threat if I don’t allow a comment by you or do your bidding as it seems to
      translate you’re going to refer to me as a dupe and fraud is the wrong approach.
      Now that I’ve picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing how’s this?
      NOTHING you have to say will make it through and feel free to call it what you will.
      But then you’ve been given the boot from several sites haven’t you? So pretty
      much old news I would imagine.
      To expand on one of your non approved comments regarding the simplicity of the truth
      and the reason why some won’t advocate for AIM victims is that they “know the truth”,
      apparently they don’t or choose to ignore it as you do-for the truth is a simple and
      obvious as it is that the moon isn’t really made out of cheese-maybe you and they believe
      it is though, and that the earth is flat and the center of the universe.

    • Who is this one the Silent Bear to come to this place and say the words
      like this, he is not of any the nation and can not speak in any the way for
      any of us.
      he is the one made to do this fronting for the boys, those ones the AIM boys
      who can not be said to be the man,only the little boys who need to grow up.

    • SfB calling anyone a dupe is like Pamela Anderson chastising Paris Hilton for being a dimwit. We are all laughing hysterically–at least he’s learned the AIM method of persuasion. He is trainable!

  7. Me too. He narrated a show called through the wormhole. He would tell stories from his childhood that referenced the focus of the show. He maintained composure, but you hear in his tone he still held anger for bigotry and injustice.

    Seems like he would be someone who would be good to contact. Especially if it came from rays widow.

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