• Well LRI and CIE never miss an opportunity to promote themselves through
      whatever is current at the moment.
      First time I’ve heard anyone refer to WK2 “affectionately”, and I can’t
      help but wonder if LRI and CIE are so out of touch or indifferent to
      the feelings and reality of those who lost everything, were taken
      hostage, or the survivors of the victims who lay in unmarked graves that
      their ignorance is so profound as to employ this word.
      But then I’m given to understand that in Denise once talking to CIE
      and his wife about some of the realities and the murder of her mother
      CIE’s response was that he’s more focused on the youth.
      About as lame and sorry an excuse as I’ve yet to hear.
      Bullshit doesn’t begin to describe it Kira and I believe it is exactly
      as I’ve said previously, CIE is positioning himself to fill the
      void when the rest of the yo yos pass on-being an attorney will
      probably facilitate that.

    • AIM leaders herald how much life has improved for Native Americans since the
      Wounded Knee occupation and other events in the 1970s. But tribal members such
      as White Dress quietly acknowledge that although the occupation put Pine Ridge
      on the map, it has had little lasting effects.

      “Unemployment is so high and the oppression is still so bad,” she said. “I don’t
      think it’s going to take violence. It’s going to take a gathering to determine how
      to bring jobs here. We need libraries.
      We need more of our children to have a better future.”

      Gathering equals communal involvement and direction-a part of that effort is to
      take control of the communities and education for youth.
      I see this “celebration” as little more than a celebration of all the wrongs
      committed within wk2 by AIM-a celebration of the deaths, destruction, and a
      leadership that betrayed the nations and enriched themselves in the process.

  1. I woke up this Saturday Morning with the poem repeating in my head:

    Morning in Indian Country

    good morning Indian Country
    are you feeling last and real?
    are you feeling liberated?
    … did you hear the good news?

    are you feeling your spirit rise?

    are you feeling no man should take credit
    for the work of the Spirits
    for the work of the many
    for the work still left undone?

    are you feeling the language of your grandmothers
    passing over your lips?

    are you giving thanks to the liberators
    for all they have suffered on your behalf?
    or do you see the jail-house keys
    jingling jingling jingling
    on the belt loops of the new apologists?

    the sundance goes on
    and the spirit of the people
    through the heart of the common man.

    Kira Young © 2013

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