1. Can’t agree more….

    A self-explanatory letter recently sent:


    At some point in the not-too-distant future, May 14th the press reports, you will meet your maker. Your claims of innocence will be measured immediately and the lies likewise dismissed.

    Chances are, and perhaps briefly, you’ll have an opportunity to meet Amber again. She will, I believe, still be the wonderful ten-year-old she was before her mortal life ended so horribly. But the difference now is she will be much older and wiser in spirit. She may still look like an innocent child but she will possess, I believe, wisdom beyond her years. Knowing of her short life and her ability to be looking down on all of us during these past twenty years, she will no doubt forgive you. That would be in her nature and stolen innocence.

    As for those of us who remain, you will never be forgiven, as justice on Earth has finally been served. No closure for her family, those who knew and loved her, and those who worked to ensure your horrible deeds were not left unpunished at the end of a long and bitter chapter.

    As for God, if I may be so presumptuous, there will be no Purgatory for you…you’ve been locked up for almost two decades and now you’re going straight to Hell.

    Don’t know what the family desires, but personally I’d rather you not make the date with the executioner…if it were up to me I’d let you slowly rot in a six by eight foot cell for the next thirty years or so. We are much too benevolent…they first put you to sleep, and then stop your heart. Not the final moments Amber faced.

    Child killer’s probably aren’t treated all that well by other inmates so your last years were probably pretty tough. But the worst is yet to come…

  2. Tell, her, however belatedly, ‘Thank-You!’ and (HUG) 😀 She sounds like a Treasure, a Butterfly herself. 🙂 She gives me Hope for the future, and reminds me of what it is we work for and fitght for.

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