18 comments on “HEARTS ON THE GROUND

  1. This Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota Winyan’s heart is not on the ground, & if necessary, I HakiktaWin will continue to face alone, as I have for decades now…all enemies of 1st Nations people, domestically & afar.
    We need to write our own accurate cultural histories, be our own scholars, & protect at all cost, even with our lives…our Ancestor’s spiritual connection to our Father, Creator & the faith he has given us to protect, as well as our lands & resources…
    Or we will be assimulated completely, & will become….& we are almost there now…like our caretakers, who have raped & pillaged their way across that which is & always will be ours…
    Doing so without honor, moral ethics, integrity or truth….they have continued to consume us, our cultures, our spirituality, our true histories….
    Because, a global Super Power, setting the stardards of behavior for the world, cannot preach democracy, set the standard…& leave behind the legacy of Manifest Destiny & genocide, as they have with authentic 1st Nations people since contact.
    That is why our US govt had to make up & create AIM, in doing so they cover these real truths up about their real intentions, & their actions over the years speak louder than their phoney well intentioned BS.
    I was born Indian, (before one had to be politically correct by calling ourselves 1st Nations)…I have lived free as an Indian, & I will continue to do so…until I die as a free Indian.
    I do not take a dime from the US govt, period, & that is why I am free!
    You are only captured & defeated when they can set you up to remove you, or lay their hands on you when you go to cash their guilt checks from their controlling govt, not ours….
    So, we will never be as free as our Ancestors were before being starved onto reservations, that are in reality, nothing more than concentration camps, long needing to be closed…the war is over.
    Was it ever?
    Or is it just beginning in earnest now?

    • I will accept nothing either LBW-as Paul DeMain said, sovereignty begins with
      feeding yourself-so does pride and self respect.
      Not all are able to support themselves due to infirmity, age, or other reasons,
      but all who can should strive, sacrifice, and do what it takes to insure
      they and theirs are.

  2. Have been following quite a few of the INM fb sites, to keep up with the trends and to watch it unfold, of the half dozen sites i frequent , not_one member or admin has posted any recognition for “March 27th would have been her 68th birthday.” Goes to show where their priorities are (pipelines,walks,rants about anything other than woman), so many can not even keep woman in focus, all talk and no walk. Today, from my view, of INM, “Woman’s Heart is on the Ground”

    • Women, or more to the point the lack of respect and equality of
      treatment afforded them makes a lie of the talk of spirituality, tradition,
      and warriors- more to the point it casts a pallor upon cultivated
      romanticized internet presentations-little wonder then the focus
      lies elsewhere.
      While Russell Means hustled the matriarchy angle can anyone name
      a time when doing so he addressed the real issues of rape and abuse
      women face in his video sermons? Can anyone point to a time when
      Banks or any of the so called leadership has?

  3. You are the warrior rezinate same as those in the time before and one of these
    true last real indians. not often are we made to read words strong and to the touch
    the heart like this.

  4. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    ” While as men we were never tasked with creating problems we have the ability and duty to seek the balance intended in working alongside our women and resolving issues.

    To do this it’s necessary to view them with respect, to see them as equals, not as chattel, not as someone to dominate.

    If we would be strong as nations, as a people, it will result as it did in the past from knowing that hearts and devotion are given, not taken.

    That harmony is productive- that it lends itself to the well being of communities and all who reside within them.

    Historically our women have fought alongside of us when facing a common enemy-the existence of this form of abuse is also a common enemy and a few good men need to fight alongside the women as they wage this battle-in doing so a message will be sent and others will join……others like true warriors and last real indians.”

      • You’re welcome! Thank-you!
        It might strike some as ‘odd’ that a ‘peaceloving Native American’ can be interested in sci-fi, or speak out vs islam and socialism, but I have studied a LOT of history in Libraries, cross-referenced…handled books so old I had to wear a mask and white gloves.

        I KNOW who our enemies are, and they are ‘Wendigo’, to use a term.
        Husband and his life experiences, those of other Elders…all have shown me that we face a 2nd Invasion…one Foretold once LONG ago even before we had horses.
        And that old Blackfoot prophecy is coming to pass with chilling closeness to detail.

        And Blackfoot have Warrior tradition, so I am one who will do all I can to protect my Cousins of the Tribes, speak of the Danger creeping towards us, fight in any way needed.

        I wish the world was not as it is, but ut is what it is, and there’s only coping with it to be done.

      • I have a friend I refer to as a “budding author”, he too is a sci fi fan and writes in
        that genre – I’ll send the link to your site to him as you have shared interest.
        I read as often and as much as I can, it has stood me in good stead, and vastly
        improved my global understanding.
        I barely made it out of the seventh grade before going to work – I believe education
        is a key to success for the nations youth and strongly advocate for that as a way
        to help level the opportunity field.
        An education where a part of the curriculum is our history and our customs that will
        in my opinion help our youth to be grounded while at the same time equipping them with
        skills and training to succeed in an increasingly competitive world.
        Ultimately it could lead to a change in the rez dynamic – like the development of
        infrastructure and opportunities….a major step in achieving self reliance and
        We sit on resources coveted by others, that alone should translate to opportunity
        and strength at the bargaining table.
        For too long cases we have advanced as a people seem to have been with an eye to
        a cash “settlement”. In some cases that may be all there is, but if so money
        received in such a manner should go to communal development and essential
        Casinos equate by and large to Reagan’s “trickle down economics”, not much of
        a trickle, and what does make it through is only a small portion of what is needed.
        While they may have a measurable economic impact they promote by their very nature
        all the wrong things.
        Many things are coming to pass as foretold in prophecies even as some attempt to
        corrupt and own them as a marketable commodity – an example would be Clyde Bellecourts
        efforts to position himself as the seventh generation herald and mentor – a convicted
        drug dealer and “guest” at Bill Means house when the call came to murder Annie.
        Stay strong.

      • Reading and education, is Vital, and like you, it ha had many benefits for me also. ‘School’ was of Limited benefit, and we will be Homeschooling our offspring, as then we can ensure as high a quality as possible free from the nonsense found in school systems these days–also, will schools teach our children anything genuinely Native??
        They will not, where I and Husband can introduce them to people, objects, and show it to them as Living.
        I won’t raise ignorant, indoctrinated ‘soft-bellies’.
        I believe as you do, and will do all I can for it, as will the company Husband and I fight to build.
        Our view is to lead the Native Nations to the prosperity you speak of, built on self-sufficiency and Sovereignty.
        Our keystone is Alternative Energy, please have a quick look-in on this link:


        Clyde Bellecourt…I will be looking into him, to be sure.

        Thank-you for the offer of the link and I would like to visit your friend’s works, yes!!

        I will, always…I’m a Woman, that’s part of the job. 😉
        But I wish you strength when things seem overwhelming, and Crows when you need inspiration and light in your heart.
        We have some nesting in our yard’s trees, whom I give some small tidbits too each morning, just to give them an edge to begin their day and foraging, but they are Not ‘dependent’ in us, and they have often been a great help on days when the world threatened to engulf me in darkness and despair.They’re not ‘pets’, they’re…Family who lives outside. 🙂

      • The blackwinter engine seems not only interesting but viable and I would encourage
        readers to follow the link.
        As long as fossil fuels remain corporations will continue to exploit not only the
        land but consumers as well with no concern regarding the environmental impact.
        I suspect that as people become less reliant on utility companies somehow down
        the road a way will be found assisted by “legislation” that will insure their
        profit margin.
        Some local governments have begun enacting laws that make it a crime to collect
        rain water falling on a persons property, ominous implications to me and a battle
        people should be preparing for now.
        “Family who lives outside” – well said, we have a few relatives who do likewise,
        most notably a squirrel who comes to the window each morning at the first smell
        of biscuits – far from dependent, more like a tax he collects for the space we
        inhabit, but a good friend who never fails to cause a smile.
        Home schooling has definite advantages, more so if it is a collective effort
        with multiple families and children involved and the associated interactive nature
        of that, the exchange of ideas and questions they will generate.

      • Ty for saying about our work! We’ve been fighting, well, everybody over the past few years about it (them blocking us from building it) and REALLY upset some who tried to buy us out. We’re NOT wealthy, my 10 year old laptop proves that! But hubby isn’t going to sell out for, and I quote: ‘prettied up toilet paper that’s backed by nothing’.

        Fossil fuels HAD their time. Husband converted n Intrepid over to use a modied version of that same system, drove in on a business trip to New Brunswick and back with NP.
        NOTE: If you plan on going electric conversion, electric horsepower is about x2 what compbustion is. His reminder of that came during tests, and an Intrepid’s stock transmission ISN’T built for that!! 😀 150 Electric moves that car around vastly better than the stock combustion 190 Hp engine. 😉 Also, no refuelling when it’s -30C, or ‘engine chugging’ when the air conditioning is used in hot weather.
        So, one plan is to buy/start a trucking company and use thi system in the trucks. NO fuel/fuel related overhead = Massive competitive edge = inducement to others to copy such to be able to compete.
        One spark lights a great fire. 😉

        About oil companies and their money…


        We will offer them (once our ‘showcase’ facility is built so they can come, learn and build their own) them a chance to be a Benefit, and make a LOT more money in doing so.

        But, as you say, they have politicians in their pockets. Fine…we can handle that battlefield too, in time. The collecting of rainwater, is from the Socialist desure for Centralization, Control and Domination.
        They will not have such, and indeed those who crave it should Leave these lands. Such tyranny will NOT be allowed here in the Americas.
        The 20th Century showed us all in the blood of Millions of people why uch tyranny will not be allowed and indeed is EXTREMELY dangerous for any would-be Dictators to play with.

        ‘Squirrel Tax’ 😀 I like that!! But he sounds more like any normal family member whose nose twitches at the smell of Nomz 🙂
        After all, one shares with Family out of love. 🙂 I am glad he and the others are in your life! 🙂

        I agree about Homeschooling, as the broader a base, the better. We’re lucky to have just that here, and it factored Significantly into our decision. After all, no matter how much we know, there’s always more to be found with others also.

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