5 comments on “TRUTH SERUM

  1. There should be tons of DNA blood evidence still available from AIM’s reign of terror in South Dakota during the 1970’s…or is that why AIM always burned their victims & accompanying evidence like with Leo Wilcox?
    Let’s get on that….
    We have the technology now that we did not have then, let’s use it for good…. instead of asking for donations & self-promotion.
    The key word for Peltier is….”unrepentant.”
    He, Peltier…has never ever been genuinely sorry for taking those 2 young men’s lives, period.
    Peltier has also profited unbelievably from his murderous crimes… by his & his crews panhandling for donations, & their selling Peltiers books, paintings, plays, T-shirts…& all the rest of the self-serving BS.
    Insiders know…with these AIM boyz & their state & US govt. puppetmaster, I refuse to call any of them men….He wicasa sni yelo, none of them are innocent.

  2. “No one forgets the truth, we just become better in lying.”

    ~ Kate Winslet as April Wheeler ( “Revolutionary Road” by Sam Mendes)

    ” Look all these things we’ve done under the burning sun. Is this the way to carry on?
    So take a look at yourself and tell me what do you see- a wolf in clothes of the Lamb?

    Let your spirit free through window of your mind, unchain your soul from hate – all you need is faith.
    I control my life, I am the one.You control your life -there’s a time to live, there’s a time to die – but no one can escape their destiny…

    Through the storms we wandered, many mountains we have climbed – but all the bad times are behind. The road is free – WE coming home ”


    That’s the truth I can see without serum drug, until we look at it way that truth is serum itself, is it IS in our pure blood*, whoever, wherever we are :P.

    Serum (blood) = plasma from which the clotting proteins (lies) have been removed…

    (*please do not confuse “pure blood” (spiritual meaning, not being tainted by hate and fear and lies) with “full-blood”( biologically, genetically understood as physical description of belonging and identifying oneself fully with specific race/tribe/ ethnicity/ culture/ land 😀 )

    • “No one forgets the truth, we just become better in lying.”

      This is an excellent quote and speaks to the heart of the matter,
      despite everything the AIM/Peltier camps have attempted the truth
      hasn’t been forgotten.
      Even when they go silent refusing to answer a question or address
      an issue another truth is spoken, and it too isn’t forgotten.

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