3 comments on “WHERE’S THE BEEF ?

  1. When My Two Beads Worth began her 2007-08-09 investigation into the non-profits of AIM.org, Wolakota.org, & Peltier, (that she was a former supporter of)…..
    None of them were even filing their non-profit financials, & non-profit information is suppose to be public info.
    Wolakota.org at the time ALH’s fraud was being exposed at Cheyenne River 2005-2006, Paula Horne said Wolakota was working under an umbrella of another non-profit ….
    Peliter rallied support from Harvey Arden, who was in the middle of promoting Peltiers play, “MY LIFE IS A SUN DANCE”, to harass & silence My Two Beads Worth, & to spread through out AIM’s network & sites…. that she was an enemy of AIM, & was a fed for asking for this public information.
    I was privy to Ardens nasty email telling her to back off….
    Harvey Arden, who has known for years now ALH is a fake, was so vicious to MY TWO BEADS WORTH in his email after using her… his betrayal of her made me sick, & made me realize how dangerous all this (immunity of AIM’s) corruption & systemic abuse really was…
    The only way they-AIM could get away with murder & not filing their taxes… was if they-AIM actually worked for the US Govt., not against it.
    AIM & Harvey used MY TWO BEADS WORTH’s publication to (for free) promote their AIM & ALH events, many of the events hosted or sponsored by the Bahai’, hence my Lakota cousin, faux Lakota Heritary Chief (for AIM’s agenda), Phil Lane Jr’s participation with AIM based protests in Canada, (Idle No More) & over the Keystone Pipeline’s environmental issues, which recently investigations show…will not harm Mother Earth or ground water.
    Get your high boots on Folks, it is getting so convoluted & confusing with all the misinformation & propaganda from AIM & their political buddies…the idea is never to be able to figure all this crap they have done out.
    However, the more they try to cover their tracks, the more they expose themselves…
    Add to the mix academia’s support & hero worship of AIM & their crimes…we need to ask, what ARE they teaching our children in school, and if they make it…in University?
    From our determination over decades of following AIM’s misinformation & self-serving propaganda, researching their co-conspirators, and academia’s lack of due dillegence…one word explains it all, lies!
    All self-serving, worth killing for (they-AIM believe)….lies.

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