5 comments on ““YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”

  1. Yes, the Lakota gentleman who wrote this as an editorial in Giago’s newspaper…. that also spoke with me several years ago when I called him to ask permission to reproduce his article on my website, he said at the time… the old folks who were at WK during the “Seige” were having strange accidents, like falling down stairs when they were actually being pushed.
    Anyone AIM knew had or has inside knowledge of the actual goings on during the US staged event dubbed by the media as the “Seige of Wounded Knee” were disappearing, & no one was looking into it…
    A Lakota Sister went last summer to WK to check on this forthright Lakota man who wrote the editorial piece, & he was gone….too!
    He also said strange spiritual manifestations were being sited at WK, dishes flying around the rooms…the sounds of crying, & calling for help during the night.
    He said the Lakota remaining at WK believed this was coming from the hidden bodies there…calling to be found.
    I was startled, but not suprised at this admission…AIM has violated everything sacred, even life itself.
    The Lakota Sister said AIM has guards posted as one enters WK, so as soon as someone enters, they are approached by AIMsters & evaluated if a threat, or to see if someone is going to go digging looking for the hidden, (murdered by AIM & associates) bodies from the Seige of WK.
    If there was not the South Dakota politicians involved, with US government position during this period of AIM’s reign of terror in Indian Country….heading Indian Affairs subcommittee of the Senate Committee…there would be justice for the innocent victims hidden & buried at Wounded Knee.
    Our sources have verified our information, authorities have known for a very long time who did what & why, but because it goes soooo far up the executive food chain, every law passed by these crooks would be reviewed & it would open up a huge legal can of worms for the US Govt.
    So, in the interest of National Security, without huge outrage of this coverup….the perps will die heros & role models of our children, hailed as the heros of self-determination of 1st Nations people everywhere, when all AIM really was then & remains today….the Trojan Horse of 1st Nations people in North America, & now of aboriginal people everywhere.
    Evil perpetuates without oversight…
    If our governments refuse to adhere to their own laws…where is the democracy, eh?

    • I’ve heard comparable stories of this very “phenomena” and have little
      doubt they are true-it is to be expected in my opinion and speaks to
      an undeniable truth.

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