8 comments on “EPIPHANY OR CATCH UP ?

  1. My feelings mirror yours Rezinate, with the Church…
    Though, I cried with joy for the Catholic Church, they now have a real practicing Saint as their new Pope…!
    Which does show…things can get better if we find the right person to lead us from the darkness.
    Whatever faith….
    There are far more churches on the rez, than grocery stores with good, nourishing food….
    Hypocracy abounds when one can fix all the crimes they commit against their fellow human beings…by going to chruch on Saturday or Sunday, asking for forgiveness to do it all over again the following week…all forgiven.
    My Creator-God’s supreme laws over man, do not work in that manner, & that is called Karma…
    Paybacks are a bitch!
    Whatever you fear the most, if you cross the line Creator draws in the sand as acceptable behavior…if you cross His line, you will pay, no matter what laws man has in place to protect the perps…
    Ask Means when you cross over, he prided himself on his oral skills as a master manipulator of the truth, Creator took his lying tongue…
    What fate awaits SB, eh?

    • There are some nations telling the church to pack up and get off their land,
      with their history I favor that.
      As to Means I suspect it won’t be long before “mediums” begin claiming to
      be in communication with his spirit-as the wannabe Lakota pope “miracles” may
      also be attributed to him at some point.
      Wouldn’t be surprised if those among our own who read crystal balls and tarot
      cards do the same.

  2. May be the good man this new pope, but many things to make right
    and we will see for this.

    • Maybe so M+J, but this is an internal leadership that has always sought
      to maintain the status quo, control, and an out of touch patriarchal
      hierarchy (sounds a lot like the AIM leadership doesn’t it?)-so
      we will see what eventuates.

  3. i know many who have processed, and still are, (self included) mental illness’s, as just some of the observations i witnessed & lived & seen,effects of indoctrination by patriarchal, hierarchical religious institutions.
    There has been murder, the inquisition, & cultivation of pedophilia. Humiliation, incarceration, female degradation, unbalanced mental illness that is contagious.
    Yet rivers of money keep flowing to rome, “Sell the vatican, feed the world” Rome never fell….
    Much Religion, can be addictive. Seductive, sold, stolen. & used to control people. Prophets for profit.
    Forgive me if i have offended any sensibilities here,
    only my observation and perceptions & studies, but Most Matriarchal earth based traditions, and other polygamous or pantheist theocracies were robbed. am i atheist? no, i just tell folks, it’s personal.
    They had to get a kinder more user friendly image, from the other guy with Nazi roots who wore “Prada” shoes.
    I still have nothing good to say, my Grandmother would have put her hand over my mouth & told me “To say nothing then” sigh, Forgive me this time again Grandmother.

    • I think grandmother would agree auntiej5-maybe in coming from a different
      era her approach would have been different, but nonetheless I believe would
      have agreed in her heart.
      It may be that as membership declines, people become more critical and
      outspoken, it translates to a decline in revenue as well. If so the
      church will surely be seeking a way to address that and also to staunch
      the flow resulting from “settlements” related to the abuse.
      Archbishop Law of the Boston diocese was actually given what amounted
      to sanctuary in the Vatican when assigned a new position there that effectively
      removed him from the fallout.
      John Paul following the American Conference of Bishops convening to address
      the issue of sexual abuse and subsequent draft they drew up with a one strike
      and you’re out approach turned that down and replaced it with three strikes.
      For all the talk of being youth oriented that one decision speaks volumes
      to priorities.
      Priorities that put the church and it’s priests first-history repeating
      itself down through the millennia.

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