11 comments on “FROM WITHIN

  1. I do not often post in reply to your messages, but I read them all, appreciate them, and would like to take a little time to thank you for them. I always look forward to what comes out of your mind, your heart, and your pen. Please keep up the good work you are doing.

    • Thank you Helene and be well. Commenting on this blog can at times
      come with an element of risk, it’s an easy way to be attacked, accused,
      and labelled by those whose positions are anathema to the truth.
      The truth can cut like a knife and be painful to all-just as the
      truths spoken in this blog you have commented on wound me to speak
      of-yet the greater wound of the reality if left to fester inflicts
      a greater pain-a wound and a pain in my opinion all are obliged to
      address and attempt to heal.
      Silence may be golden as some say, but I have found few instances
      when such is the case, this isn’t one of them, and I refuse to be.

  2. Something for your consideration from a past email from a former AIM insider, which sheds more light on a subject recently up for discussion here….”Where does all the donations & non-profit $$$$ go for AIM & their online begging for donations off shoots????”
    Into the pockets of AIM leadership for their personal expense money….
    Wonder what kind of kickback we are looking at for James & Charlie for AIM’s immunity?

    • An excellent link all should follow-exposes the fraudulent claims
      made by Means as being Lakota as well as the unrepentant grifter
      he was.

  3. More true strong words and some to be angry for them and say it
    is not made to be but we know different and will not make the lie to say
    it is not so.

    • Yes, I imagine they will anger some, and denials will be the way
      of it for them-neither of which will alter the reality, and in the
      end only serve to re enforce what is wrong.

  4. teddi en tu nuff (sp?) , translated from the swamps, “a little bit of nothing, and everything of something” is in place for this blog entry, kinda like a child giving someone a bit of soil, the one receiving might think it is not much, thou in reality it is everything. merci beaucoup , many , many, many thanks Rezinate,

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