7 comments on “COCKTAIL OF CHOICE

  1. Recall they started out as jailhouse cons. In a sort of warped Indian circle-of-life, the criminals return to whence they came, we hope. Aided and abetted by white liberal lawyers, (insert AIM war cry here), and buying time with sold ceremony, they leave behind destroyed lives and a perverted history that attracts nitwits and wannabes. The most ardent racist could not devise a more effective program of betrayal and mockery of the legacy of genuine Native warriors!

    • A history of the nations composed of millennia of communal
      awareness and service to the overall welfare-of truth, decency,
      respect, and the seeking of balance.
      Women seen as the fabric binding nations together, children
      seen as sacred and a gift, a responsibility none could
      or would shirk or abuse.
      Everything the AIM leadership has show itself to be the
      antithesis of.
      A result in part of assimilation that disallows us the “legal”
      right to ban and drive such people from our midst as we
      surely would have in past times.

  2. A couple of articles written by the son of Tilsen were published in a local community paper recently. I think maybe he intended to pay homage to AIM in an op/ed sort of way but it came across as more of a blind loyalist ode to AIM, especially Clyde. He even went so far as to proclaim his love for Clyde. Man crush or stalker? Not quite sure but it left me laughing AND disturbed at the same time. In my opinion, the attitude & thought process of these supporters makes me wonder if there is any hope of independent thought left among them?

    • “Man crush or stalker”- now you’ve got me laughing. Like father like son
      I suppose.Poverty can be generational, maybe blind loyalty as well.

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