4 comments on “NOT TRUSTED ANYMORE 4

  1. Always rezinate you ask the good questions and speak with
    the common sense, may be it is now people will think we are
    not the children to tell a story to.

    • It isn’t necessarily about telling a story, often enough it is
      merely about what someone believes, and maybe an unwillingness
      to consider other things.
      But I understand perfectly what you mean.

  2. “I believe Peltier is as guilty as they come, but also think your statement of having to go with what the courts say is a little too broad a statement for me.”

    But, I believe, Peltier’s own self-incriminating public statements (and those to Matthiessen) provide the validation of the jury’s and subsequent court decisions.

    • I believe every blog I’ve authored related to Peltier in any manner
      clearly illustrates my comparable belief-but if it’s all about
      truth and justice then dancing around a blatantly obvious fact that
      people don’t walk away from both state and federal charges without
      a deal being made serves neither.
      Nor would any attempt to claim authority regardless of who wields
      it is never abused.
      To assert that this is so is to admit a simple truth and lends
      A credibility that AIM and the Peltierites have never had due
      to their unwillingness to admit the obvious-I want the side I
      am on-which is truth and justice, to be better than that.

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