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  1. DOI/BIA getting an education on the AIM myths…
    Looking Back Woman

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    • An excellent link hopefully others will follow and consider
      what Robideau had to say…unlike the Peltierites, who when
      confronted by such words are quick to respond that Peltier
      didn’t shoot Annie.
      True enough, but I say he is in part the reason why she was
      killed and undoubtedly had prior knowledge of the “death
      tribunal’s” decision.
      I’m convinced the person Robideau is talking about is none
      other that Mr. It’s a good day to lie Dennis Banks-but the
      entire leadership was aware either before or immediately after.
      I also believe Russell’s immunity allowed him to grandstand and
      point the finger at Vernon-who did make the call the Russell’s
      brother Bill.

    • What remains of the AIM leadership are little more than toothless
      predators-still can make some noise and arch their back as though
      to threaten but rapidly becoming laughable caricatures of what
      they’ve always claimed they were.

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