4 comments on “LAST CALL

  1. You know, Rez…. I am all in!
    What say you, John?
    All input provides a more rounded out road to the truth…
    Let’s walk that road together, for with that truth…. is the light & love of our Father, Creator.
    You have to have the truth as a foundation for that relationship, or you have nothing.

    • The passage of time occurs in such a manner as to impact
      and influence all things whether they be animate or inanimate.
      Sometimes this passage serves to enlighten and other times
      to obscure-time isn’t necessarily on a persons or the truth’s
      side for everyone.
      It apparently has been for the AIM leadership though as the
      protracted “ongoing investigation” and search for answers
      continues to drag on.
      It’s just the way of things that any number of people can
      look at a set of events and arrive at different conclusions
      despite the core elements remaining the same and being agreed upon.
      As to Janklow I never spoke to him personally-to do so may
      have been beneficial but I submit his public record is a clear
      indication of the character of the man.
      Two known rape accusations and a drunken vehicular manslaughter
      charge, not to mention the various positions he took over time
      leads me to conclude Janklow was of dubious character and far from
      being a caring fatherly figure with the best interests of a young
      troubled girl at heart.
      This was a man with an acute sense of entitlement, a larger than
      life self image who was used to having his way and relied on
      the power of his office and political connections to enhance that.
      His relationship to the AIM leadership is well known, and why I
      have asked has anyone made an effort to research his relationship with
      Abourezk -another South Dakota politician with the same sense of
      entitlement and the same AIM associations.
      Hill’s personal history defies being passed off as inconsequential.
      To attempt to minimize the part I have referenced based on the word of
      a single person who would be obligated by policy to deny it shouldn’t
      be acceptable to anyone-for sure it isn’t for me.
      Trimbach has invested a lot of time and effort investigating and
      researching the events and people that led to the book American
      Indian Mafia, and there is a wealth of valuable information to be found
      within it’s pages.
      A book that I am going through once again in an effort to understand
      the position taken on Hill and the willingness to accept a single
      “official” position while not even offering a personal opinion about
      what appears to be a blatantly obvious fact.
      I’ve made no claim to being the sharpest tool in the shed or to have
      a Sherlock Holmes ability to perceive clues-that being the case I’m
      willing to be proved wrong if it will serve the greater purpose-but
      at the same time if bread crumbs are dropped along the trail I’m
      capable of seeing them-and if they are I want to know why.
      It’s that simple and about filling in the potholes to round out
      the road of truth you reference- something we should all be dedicated
      to and share as a common goal.

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