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  1. This whole thing about “old” boots reminds me of a pair of boots I had-Redwings in the
    logging style.
    I had them for seven years, considered them broken in and comfortable-took
    very good care of them, cleaning and oiling them often. They withstood the rigors
    of construction work, running around in the woods, wading through streams and
    snow, and even wet concrete.
    As luck would it have I had taken them off one day after work and had in them
    in the bed of the pickup-someone thought they needed them more than me and took
    Thinking I could replace them I went to look at a new pair-$200-which effectively
    put them beyond my reach
    The point being that it wasn’t about the age or condition of the boots but the
    replacement cost, and that they were as much a part of the tools I used in earning
    a living as were a hammer, speed square, or saw.
    To portray the warrant for Jimmy Eagle as being about nothing more than a
    pair of old boots and not mention that his victim was held against his will for hours, beaten, and had a gun or knife pointed at him several times should say all anyone needs to know.
    It should also speak to the egregious manner in which the Peltier and AIM camps
    will go about attempting to mislead and bs people.
    A lot easier to be dismissive of a pair of stolen boots than it is of assault, threatening
    someone with a gun or knife, and holding them hostage.
    Something so obvious it is only natural to assume that everyone would recognize
    that-apparently some don’t, or just prefer to accept and perpetuate a lie.

  2. I fully agree.

    (“Old Cowboy Boots” Revisited)

    An element of the folklore surrounding Leonard Peltier is the continuing theme that Agents Coler and Williams went to Pine Ridge and Jumping Bull searching for someone who stole an old pair of cowboy boots.

    A follow-up to this issue was prompted by a lengthy article in the Toronto Sun, within which the reporter stated, “On the morning June 26, 1975, Coler and agent Ron Williams drove into the Jumping Bull property, ostensibly to look for a teenager who had allegedly stolen a pair of cowboy boots.” This article also precipitated another round of threats of lawsuits between a Peltier attorney and an editor who criticized the reporter and the article. The NPPA was prompted to finally get to the bottom of this incident.

    On the evening of January 17, 2005 Mr. Jerry Schwarting was telephonically contacted and asked if he would be willing to discuss the incident which occurred on June 23, 1975. He agreed. Mr. Schwarting stated that he considered Hobart Horse a family friend and after a day of branding cattle with several other individuals agreed to provide Hobart Horse a ride to the residence of Teddy Pourier. Also at this residence were Herman Thunder Hawk and Jimmy Eagle. Accompaying them to Pourier’s residence was a younger male, Robert Dunsmore. Mr. Schwarting is white; the other individuals were Native Americans.

    While there, after some prompting and friendly dares from Hobart, Schwarting agreed to wrestle Hobart Horse for fun; he did, and beat Hobart three times. It was at that point the evening turned from an impromptu social gathering into a dangerous and criminal confrontation. Schwarting was beaten by the others, and held, along with the young teenager Dunsmore who was stripped of his clothes. They were both threatened, even with castration, and had guns repeatedly fired over their heads by the others.

    During the telephonic interview, Mr. Schwarting, on his home computer, reviewed the NPPA section (above) concerning this incident and agreed that it was an accurate summary of what had happened. Mr. Schwarting added that at one point they stole his vehicle, jacket and boots, and clarified that the boots were only two months old and cost $200. Two hundred dollars in 1975 was a good sum of money to pay for a pair of boots.

    Mr. Schwarting stated that during this episode he was put in fear for his life, was cut several times by Hobart and still carries the scars to this day.

    He recalls being interviewed by FBI Agents Coler and Willilams, providing them with the details of the incident and later being held in protective custody for a period of time.

    The final outcome of the charges in this incident is irrelevant. The fact remains that there was a violent confrontation, felony laws were violated, charges were filed, including robbery and assault with a deadly weapon, warrants issued, and on June 25th, one of the subjects, Teddy Pourier was arrested. Agents Coler and Williams were pursuing a fugitive investigation at that point and were attempting to locate and apprehend Jimmy Eagle on June 25, and at Jumping Bull on June 26.

    To claim that the “Incident at Oglala” was over a stolen pair of old cowboy boots, as Peltier and the LPDC have repeatedly suggested, would be like saying Leonard Peltier has never changed his version of what happened at Jumping Bull that fateful morning.

  3. I don’t watch the program either. Just saw a heads up on facebook. Thought it was interesting that they say Leonard Peltier killed two FBI agents and it goes out on national tv. That’s a pretty powerful blow to all the Peltier supporters. There may possibly be comments somewhere on the tv guide site which links to the amazon site with the preview.

    • Kind of flies in the face of the Hollywood celebrity supporters and
      will be interesting to see if they elect to keep a low profile or

  4. Ahhhh, we can only hope the action/reaction comes to pass….people’s character seems always want to back winners, & now AIM just isn’t a winner any longer.
    Hollyweird is the worst of the lot of love them & leave them…popularity is fleeting, when you are not kewl any longer.
    Check out what I was sent today by AIM & ALH supporter on my wp, this person is as nuts as SB!
    Wonder just what is given to people like this by ALH, for them to see what they said they saw….
    Oh, yes, ALH & Show Dog are all buddied up with my phoney Lakota Heritary Chief cousin, Phil Lane Jr….& from my South of the border sources say Show Dog has the market on Peyote, that will make you see this…. with enough mind influences-mindwashing techniques & enough of the Peyote.
    Why can’t we have visions the old fashioned way, thru faith & sacrifice?
    In a word….AIM.

    • Peyote was once an integral part of various ceremonies, even healing ones,
      among some of the nations, and to a degree remains so-all that began to change
      during the sixties with the hippie movement and the appearance of AIM.
      Of interest people should note that during the transition time of boy to man
      when a vision was sought it was done alone and without any chemical or
      hallucinatory inducement.
      The current peyote fad-which in large part is what it is, is about
      profit and another attempt to commercialize some aspect of indigenous culture.

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