11 comments on “TELL ME THE DIFFERENCE

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  2. There isn’t any difference….
    We all know that, who know AIM & their US Govt handlers.
    Like, there isn’t any real differences between the murders of 4 Americans in Benghazi, Libya Sept 11, 2012 & the accompanying political Presidential election cover up right under the noses of everyone….
    And, the countless murdered bodies of American (*Indian & non-Indian) supporters of AIM, (*murdered by AIM leadership over the fear the truth would be revealed about WK being a US govt staged event & what really happened there).
    American bodies… hidden & buried at Wounded Knee with the same corruption at the highest levels of government as Benghazi!
    At least Nixon was impeached, Clinton should of been for lying to the American people, but now our tolerance for unacceptable government behavior is at an all time high…
    Maybe we are just numb to corruption.
    All we hear from the people responsible is….what difference does it make now???
    *A lot Hillary, like the truth, something our White House refuses to acknowledge any longer if it ever did.
    What is glaring obvious in both cases is why they happened (govt corruption at the highest of levels), & why they were allowed to happen to innocent AMERICAN people on American soil, in the case of Wounded Knee.
    *Political government agenda!!!
    Those 4 men in Benghazi were left to die without our governments intervention, just like those innocent AIM supporters, like Ray Robinson at Wounded Knee AIM was allowed to murder at will, who proved to be a threat to the corrupt government agenda…*that AIM serves.
    There isn’t any difference at all, which shows nothing has got any better, we have not learned anything from all this human loss…
    Except if someone in govt gets caught lying, cheating, stealing, raping & murdering American Citizens nothing will happen to them, no accountability….
    Some things never do change….
    Is this still America, home of the brave?
    Or home to those who refuse to stand up against this type of govt corruption.

    • I’m not all that familiar with the Benghazi event other than to
      realize it has become a partisan issue that will undoubtedly
      rage on for some time.
      When any issue becomes such it is always the truth that suffers
      in the end.
      For the most part the political and social climate generations
      are born into are thought to be the norm, often accepted as such,
      and that is the real danger- that the lessons of history are
      A reality that speaks to the importance of elders who remember,
      who should be listened to, and whose advice sought after.

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    Do any think Assad is an honorable man as he kills his own people-or the Palestinian movement not without it’s own downside when it is controlled not by Palestinians but Hamas and Hezbollah as clients of Iran and Syria?

    Is the Taliban worthy of honor as they subjugate women, bomb schools where children attend, and rule by fear?

    If you have said no to these questions then tell me the difference between them and the AIM leadership.

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