12 comments on “ALL HANDS ON DECK

  1. Perfectly said, we can only hope common sense & justice will be remembered, along with Coler & William’s famlies & their loss, rather than the propaganda & lies of the American Indian Movement & their co-conspirators…in murder!
    With what is all over the news today, we know being misled, lied to, & spied upon by our politicians & government officials is not out of the rehealm of possibilities, what really happened at Wounded Knee ! & @ us how things are done without conscience to authentic 1st Nations people, now today all Americans.

    • Early on I can understand the desperation to believe in what was
      promoted as a people movements, but it defies description that
      any continue to cling to a such an organization and it’s history
      or greed, murder, lies, and intimidation.

  2. […] “As of May 2013, there are a number of strategic efforts in the works, some of which are not being made public at this time in order to properly launch them for maximum benefit to Leonard. Leonard and the board have extreme confidence these strategies will bring forth exciting results you will all be proud and energized to be a part of.

    After 38 years of working toward a goal and not realizing it, frustrations and tempers are bound to grow and need a place to go.

    Many of you have special skills you can offer, be it writing, technical, organizing, marching, etc. The time is NOW, to put our efforts together and push in the same direction at the same time.

    This is, quite likely, Leonard’s last real chance for freedom.
    When his transfer was denied last month the Prison casually told him he could reapply in two years. Leonard’s health and age may not allow for that.
    In two years he may not have the stamina to apply for anything. Or worse. ”

    -The LPDOC Board of Directors.


    I am just an outside observer who has been very briefly tempted to support Leonard Peltier and AIM…
    It was few good years ago and luckily very fast I was shown how big a mistake it would be, having been inspired to do research about Wounded Knee ’72-’75 on my own, and with help of my indigenous friends and clan. To see and hear OTHER voices of the indigenous community and nations…and LISTEN TO IT. That IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO to stop supporting him (and other “main heroes” like Dennis banks and Russel Means and few others trying enrich themselves creating false image of what happened) and open ears, eyes and heart for TRUE indigenous choir of voices and what others who been there, who participated in it have to say, what THEY experienced.

    Thing that really makes me hesitant here, in that LPDOC statement – is “a number of strategic efforts in the works, some of which are not being made public at this time in order to properly launch them for maximum benefit to Leonard”.

    Does nobody there really understand that this desired maximum benefit for Leonard has already been gained? And he cannot achieve more that that?

    That he who was just a bully, the dullest tool in the shed and a thug and a murderer of two FBI agents, a selfish coward who wouldn’t hesitate to betray his people and elders to save his miserable three letters, kill, interrogate, run, hide, lie was already turned by those “number of strategic efforts in the works” for over 38 years into twisted delusional public image of “political prisoner, martyr, AIM leader, artist, poet, warrior, hero, elder, savior of Indian nations and whatever-else-you-want-to put-here-just-praising-leonard”; the Golden Calf being milking cow for AIM TRUE leaders, those Masters of Puppets, wolves in lamb’s skins, Liberators who used and using him to fill their pockets still as much as possible and try make they lies survive.

    There’s really nothing new, nihil novi sub Sole to use to TRY again fool and mislead public and keep that St.Peltier lie going …all has been said and shown already in thousands versions and didn’t work to free him plus great counterweight to it all now – is indigenous people approach to discover and reveal TRUTH about Wounded Knee 1972-75.

    Besides those who allowed to put him into prison and stay by not standing united for him have no interest or benefit of him being released. What’s more – in my humble opinion – they have great interest in keeping him there as it is great business and quite good money.

    But most of all – great security, lifetime security for them as in prison Peltier is bounded to play his role created by LPDOC PR team. Let him loose, let him out – and all will crumble and fall when he will open his mouth in person; with no more smooth and sleek statements written and polished by editors with all those special skills maybe in writing, technical, organizing, marching…

    Let him out – and NOTHING of this will be needed anymore. Nothing of it will have reason to happen. To exist.

    NO LPDOC, no events, no concerts, no books, songs, paintings, T-shirts, mugs, FB fan pages, fundraising, urging “whole world”, no jobs, no full wallets. NO doubtful talents songwriters/signers wailing their mawkish “freedom poetry” for Leonard trying to grab their five minutes of “fame” squeezing themselves in his doubtful spotlight. Dead end, stop of money machine.

    In addition – he being himself as he TRULY is, after so many years being inmate in prison – being let out – he won’t be able to adapt to social life, current times; what’s more – he will be walking “time bomb” for old AIMsters with his big mouth and enormous ego, feeling like this “hero” they created and with all things he could speak out without PR team speaking,writing in his behalf … he could expose them all. So he could meet very violent fate – same as others who stood in AIM’s way and messed with THEIR business.

    As much as I detest him for what he has done and his participation in creating worldwide lie which made many of indigenous people – old and young- suffer terribly in reservations, being fooled and mislead by his story…I kind of pity him for playing that schizophrenic role in that quite well staged and fiercely coerced untrue version of Wounded Knee events.

    It’s a check-mate situation for him – and I suppose only treasure, benefit he may yet find in it all is his freedom hidden in Davy Jones Locker…which he may open sooner that he expects with all those “hands on deck” sinking LPDOC ship, reaching their World’s End – ship which is already barely floating on surface of Real Life Ocean because of their 38 years of working toward a goal and not realizing it, frustrations and tempers bound to grow…

    • Well said SF -indisputable points made that can only be addressed by opposing sides
      with the predictable and cliche responses of attempted redirection- the only arrow
      in an otherwise empty and tattered quiver.
      Peltier with his penchant for running his mouth and thinking himself bigger than life
      could indeed be perceived as threat to the AIM order of things inspite of whatever public
      displays they would put on.
      And while the LPDOC coffers would surely be impacted I believe there would be an initial
      effort to commercialize and profit from his release by his self professed homeboys.
      Thanks for adding additional food for thought and perspective.

  3. Good to see this one stonefeather to speak these words,
    May be it is others will learn the thing or two.
    This Peltier is not made to be anything he says he is
    and only those things he says he is not.

  4. Rez & StoneFeather, excellent points to consider.

    Supporting the notion of Peltier’s inability to stand on his own we need only look back to 12/19/12 when Peltier had a rare opportunity to respond to some pretty softball questions from NPR’s, Amy Goodman. He was caught flatfooted, scriptless, unable to think on his feet and had to be led and prodded into the canned LPDOC and folklore responses. Even with that help, his cerebral filter having been clogged long ago, the best he could come up with on the fly was “they’re full of crap…they ain’t proved nothing about me, they ain’t proved I did anything, let alone killed somebody.” So if the cash-cow were released, and as Rez suggests, they’d probably pimp him on the talk show circuit, it’s evident that he’d have a running series of one appearance on Stewart, Cobert, DeGeneres, or even Oprah, before the embarrassment would end that. And the speaking stump would attract about the same number Peltier rallies do today. They wouldn’t need an auditorium and the stipends would probably pale to what they try to sneak past the gullible supporters and money-laundering dodge in front of the IRS. So the conclusions are right on target.

    Peltier and the LPDOC are becoming so desperate that even their Facebook page has pathetically little traffic and is embarrassingly ignorant with its latest alleged Peltier quote, “When injustice becomes a law, disobiedience is a moral obligation.” Paraphrasing or plagiarizing MLK, even with the typo, they are utterly confused about what the real message should be, or how they should present it.

    Truth is, they are stuck with the myth and folklore, no reinvention here, they have to get as far away from the facts as possible and continue the diversions (warrior/victim), which of late has turned their efforts into silly sound bites. They’re out of real ideas so they pander to the clueless by offering yet some other great scheme that’s right around the corner.

    This whole charade has turned into a circus. Not sure who the ringmaster is because no one at the LPDOC has the courage to sign anything they publish. That leaves the sideshow. Peltier is not deft enough to be a juggler or trapeze artist so he must be the bloated clown honking his nose for the children.

  5. “As of May 2013, there are a number of strategic efforts in the works”

    Such statements accompanied by the various claims remind me of Pinky and the Brain,
    from an animated series in the ’90’s I believe it was who were always intent on “taking over
    the world”. Examples can be found on YT.

    “The Brain: Imagine thousands of mes focused on the same goal.
    Pinky: Doing a one-man show?
    The Brain: No, Pinky. To take over the world!
    Pinky: Egad, Brain! You mean…?

    The Brain: Yes. I’m franchising.”

  6. Haha,

    Oh dear Rezinate and Justicenppa you made me laugh now so much. Dear oh dear,suppose to be such serious issue such noble cause ( how possible for warrior to be victim ? That’s oxymoron!) …But yeah it’s like mad cheap circus with Pinky (would never consider Peltier as Brain)as the bloated clown honking his nose …under supervision to not start picking it in front of audience. 😀

    JP – I think there’s no really brain for LPDOC as their chaotic and illogical action suggest it’s rather “let do something maybe it will workout this time” brainstorm every time and clash of mostly marketing ideas without reaching compromises and incoherent vision of what to do to help ,only how to use circumstances for own group benefit…actually mostly focused on selfish minor benefits and money making, not reaching goal that why they wrote themselves “After 38 years of working toward a goal and not realizing it, frustrations and tempers are bound to grow” – quite surprising they admit that. But NO, not in public – in newsletter sent to those who subscribed 🙂

    Being honest I am quite curious what are those “numbers of strategic efforts in the works”, just hope circus won’t turn into horror show 😀

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