1. such the important thing to talk about and many the tears to fall
    for our people and to many to say nothing or oh just the way it is
    made to be.
    and we would ask the question why if any the man who has words
    to speak for the things you have said in other blogs dos not have the
    words for this one.

    • M,J,S, and N- an ocean of tears with no end in sight, a great sadness
      not just for the nations but people everywhere.
      I can’t speak to what motivates a person or how what appears in this
      blog will resonate with anyone-some may just feel overwhelmed, some
      may be indifferent, some may be angry and others in agreement- what matters
      is where their heart is and the positions they will take on a personal
      Too often people will celebrate a law being enacted, or some political
      gesture and feel an issue is on the way to being resolved.
      Laws and legislation related to issues such as these are a good thing, but
      the better thing is to prioritize them and proactively address the professed
      If that were to be the way of it a significant impact would be made allowing
      collateral issues to be addressed as well.

  2. Reblogged this on Hidden in plain sight and commented:
    I’m a woman with a pretty big heart. Forget that. I’m a being with a heart so big that I can fit literally everything into it. Here are a couple of links that might get your heart beating, and your eyes beaming. Let’s do this, world!! If we don’t speak up, then this world full of horrible abuse will forever go on and in turn the newer generations will struggle constantly and wonder where the GOOD GUYS are! I’m right here!!! Are YOU in?

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