1. The serious problem for our women many do not want to talk of
    and time to be this mad as hell and say enough.

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    People need to understand the realities, to put the romantic imagery aside and acknowledge the fact that serious problems exist-forget the buxom indigenous babes and ripped warriors of internet art and Hollywood fame.

    We are a people under attack from within and without, and while we may only be able to exert a restricted effort against external influences we sure as hell can proactively address this issue within our communities if we have the will to do so and refuse to be intimidated or led around by the nose.

    • The reality this video speaks to is a monumental shame each nation must
      bear, an inescapable indictment that each nation must proactively and
      openly address.
      It’s difficult to fight on multiple fronts, but when the enemy lives within
      your own community that is first and foremost where the fight should be
      A step in that direction would be to raze every vacant and dilapidated
      building where gangs and the night crawlers gather. Another would be
      some type of community patrols, possibly something like the Guardian
      Angels since apparently the Akicita and comparable societies no loner
      exist or prefer to maintain a low profile and exist in word only.
      Thanks for the reblog.

      • YW, as always 🙂
        I’ve been giving thought to that also, and of course agree…we must start with reclaiming Ourselves and work outward.
        I’ve also been examining the ‘Rez Casino’ thing…I am NOT a fan. Those damn things…it’s just ‘polite theft’ of people’s money, lives, self-worth…and feeds ‘government’ far too much.
        The hangs can perhaps be salvaged, some among them, law of averages, might embrace a better way. Those who do not, what to do about them remains a puzzle.
        The Rez issue, they need to be remade, into bona-fide communities, and that will take much thought from many people.
        Fighting multiple battles at once?
        I’m a Woman, we’re literally built to multi-task. 😀
        If it comes down to just myself, alone, to save our Peoples…then I will do that, and I will not die until it is done and the People are well on the path to a better life.

      • Casinos were in a manner of speaking a bill of goods sold to the nations.
        Not much of the take remains within the communities, an argument can be
        made that whatever the amount is a help, but it is associated problems they
        bring with them that offset any good that might be achieved.
        It seems that if cigarettes come with a warning, alcohol related to
        pregnant women, or casinos offering hotlines to gamblers anonymous that
        should be enough for people to take a second and third look.
        There seems to be a misconception among the public that we’re rolling
        in casino and oil money, but that’s far from the case.
        In my opinion the only viable makeover for the rez is automony, traditional
        leadership that wouldn’t tolerate the likes of AIM and the issues this blog
        and others address.
        We could do that and still adopt those things that serve us in a beneficial

      • Regarding Rez, I agree and we’re speaking the same, yes. That’s been the trend out here in some local ones, and it works quite well in how they blend Traditional and Modern World. Unlike how things usually are, they are Closed, meaning you do not enter without perission or invitation, and while this does eliminate ‘tourism’ the overall health of the mindset and spirit of the Citizenry of the Rez is MUCH improved as they no longer feel like exhibits on display, and makes dealing with trouble much easier…though with the rturn to Traditional ways, the only real trouble comes from external elements.

        Casinos, you nailed it, exactly. They’re a big, brightly-lit LIE, plain and simple, and they’ve got to go in favor of things that produce REAL revenue and benefit to our people.
        The oil companies operating on Native Treaty lands, to be blunt, are facing Eviction…and the FNN can back it up, believe me.
        Also, as you say, the Toxic and it’s warnings, I will always hold to personal choice, but it amazes me how folks can just ignore such plain, proven evidence of things that are harmful unless handled with respect and care.

      • The nations are keeping an eye on pe sla, the concerns are
        as evidenced by what is and has been going on there is it will
        become the latest new age Mecca pay to pray site.
        “Holy Grails” are being cast there in an attempt to meld
        traditional and crystal waving belief accompanied by “spiritual
        centers”, all of which could lead to a toxic warning being attached.
        A growing number of nations are closing ceremonies, something I’m
        in complete agreement with, others will continue as a revenue
        Invitation is one thing, and for each nation to decide, selling tickets
        something entirely different.

      • Yeah, this ‘commercializatio…talk about a mixed and bloody dangerous ‘blessing’. This cockeyed mangle-kludging if our ways with new age crystal stuff…I find it, insipid, and here’s why.
        I am a Witch, and that’s due to to Lineage through my British line going back 40+ Generations and more. All Pagan…Old Pagan, Traditionals also. There is a Paganic Enclave here that abutts the Native Lands. They’ve been here since the very first ‘commercial’ ships came over, they came to Hide deep in the West, far ahead of colonialism. Intermarriage and peace has been the way between them. Like us, they suffered during the Bad Times as you can imagine.
        By Witch, I mean just that, and Initiation one is asked to come to, one does not ‘decide’ to be a Witch. I accepted, and it was NOT easy, quick, simple or without risk.
        Gaining my Marks, 4 tattoos, about the size of a twonie, one on inside of each wrist, in the middle-heart of chest and correspondingly on the back. Hand-picked, and gaining them is only from hard work, learning, developing skills and enduring the ritual of gaining them.
        ‘Witch’…all it really means, is ‘wise woman’ and ‘Warrior’ combined. Forget the bad fiction, but we do practice rites, rituals and such.

        The closing of Ceremonies, I fully support. In time, a long time, when we as a people have recovered sufficiently perhaps then we can open them again to the outer world…but for now, we must keep what is ours, for ourselves and keep them sacred.
        As for our lands, the world MUST learn and accept that OUR lands are not to be treated as anything less than Sovereign…our lands are not a drive-thru wildlife park.

      • I knew a witch once, a Wican, she didn’t ride a broom, have a black
        cat, or wear a coned hat – she did have a black pot hanging over the
        fireplace but assured me it was for cooking in the winter and not
        brewing spells or boiling children in, and I have no reason to doubt
        Friendly and outgoing, but closed mouthed about ceremonies and such,
        which I have a respect for and never asked about.
        I also know someone who claims to be a medicine person, a non indigenous
        person, cobbled together a “hat” with a dead bird something like the one
        Depp wore in the Lone Ranger – got a little confused though I think as the
        bird is a Grackle,not a Crow….thought about pointing that out but it’s
        his fantasy.
        Kind of has a reputation as well, lot of people aren’t comfortable around
        him, fawn being one of them, says too many bad spirits, and if he happens
        to draw near anyone she cares about she has a way of inserting herself
        between them, something he doesn’t seem comfortable with.
        I know genuine medicine people, men and women, they don’t refer to themselves
        as “spiritual intercessors” as Crow Dog and his sort do and, they don’t befoul
        or commercialize their beliefs.
        People seem to have forgotten at some point in time that their ancestors
        were tribal, holding tribal beliefs, reconnecting with those are a good
        thing as long as they don’t involve human sacrifice or running amok.
        What has always interested me is the evolution “religion” has undergone.
        An example would be the incorporation of several “pagan” beliefs into
        Christian doctrine, another is the Code of Hammurabi that predates the
        Ten Commandments by hundreds of years which are almost an exact duplication
        of the Code.
        Evolution and yet common threads to be found in all that have withstood the
        test of time.
        People generally tend to think of these ancestral beliefs as quaint, they’re
        to informed and sophisticated for such things.
        I’ve seen healing ceremonies work when nothing else would, rain dances bring
        rain in the midst of drought, and had more than one argument with fundamentalists
        claiming it is demonic.
        I believe that Creator gave to each nation what they could understand and was
        geographically centric, it has been the way of humankind to corrupt what they put
        their hand to, and in doing so much has been lost.
        If I am correct in this opinion then adding, detracting, or co mingling such things
        as “spiritualism”, or new age tenets to produce a hybrid version serves no purpose,
        it is in fact counter intuitive and counterproductive.
        But then for some it’s always about new “revelations” and new trinkets to play with.
        The belief in extra terrestrials has become a religion for some, and while I believe
        it is arrogant to assume that in the vast expanse of the universe no other “intelligent”
        life forms exist I don’t believe for a moment they have nothing better to do than to
        visit our planet creating crop circles, or that a select few are routinely taken for
        a ride, given messages to enlighten and prepare the way as some sort of ambassador.
        I was asked to attend a UFO convention once by a friend,really wasn’t wanting to but a
        good friend and so I did not realizing the fuss that would be made over me as a result
        of my obvious heritage, as though that in itself assured I had some special insights
        into UFOs and the like. Whether Bigfoot was actually some sort of ET scout.
        I’ll never forget a husband and wife team both in need of losing several pounds stuffed
        into some sort of silver Lame “space suits” they had obviously made who had a kiosk
        offering various items and presenting themselves as ambassadors. Even more unforgettable
        were those buying into it and the level of competition about who had the better experience.
        Cost me thirteen dollars to get in, could have been better spent for other things but
        ultimately it was worth it for the sheer entertainment value.
        The very nature of “religious” beliefs is or should be predicated on doing no harm, if they
        cross that line no respect should be shown. That would apply to crusades, “holy wars”, and
        the events that took place in this hemisphere under the egis of Papal Bulls, Manifest Destiny,
        and “God on our side”.

      • Gonna address Pagan animal sacrices, don’t worry folks, nothing unpleasant is involved.
        LONG ago, centuries back, we ceased killing the animals.
        Here’s how it’s done;a baby animal selects itself, not too bad, stand in the pen of say, goats, and the first to touch the right hand is the one, unless it’s a runt…
        Now, runts are Chosen, and no matter the ritual, rite or ceremony a beseechment is spoken for the runt to have Health and a long life.
        A few drops of blood are taken, about a thimble’s worth, some hair clipped from head, tail and forelocks, if applicable, some hoof or related trimmigs taken, also some whisker trimmings.
        These are collected, mixed with appropriate herbs and such depending on the ritual, then burned atop coals of specified wood to create smoke, carrying some of the animal’s essence upward, while the animal remains within the circle until the rite/ritual is complete.
        The blood taking is a VERY minor injury, most of them don’t even realize it occured, and is properly treated immediately after to ensure vs infection.
        The last time, the baby goat decided to have a nap halfway through the ritual. 😀 Settled down, right in the middle of the circle, and snoozed.
        The principle is this:
        If we were those above, then they are akin to parents, now, would it not look better to their eyes and judgement that the old ways are done, they are honored, yet, the life is not taken?

        What’s interesting is that Pagans are still stigmatized for such rituals, yet not a word is spoken about islam and it’s Eid sacrifices…which are truly horrifying.

        In regards to your speaking of co-mingling and such, I agree, and it’s always something of a trainwreck-by-committee. Here, the mingling occured over time, like two trees growing together and unifying, yet are still two seperate trees. I guess it’s when it’s tried deliberately thaat it all comes apart.

        Pagans, yes, they do ted to be pretty closed-mouth, as (like our people) they have been hounded, persecuted, and very often killed.
        Consider that the ones who founded this Enclave here, ran across half a world to seek escape and safety in peace.

        I have no pointy hat, closest we have to a cauldron is this huge stockpot, which is often used for making stock, but I DO have a black cat, my Vesta. She chose me. 😀

        There are some…’wold ones’…who are connected to Things, but it’s not a…’clean’ connection to borrow from comp. networking lingo. I know they fit into the way of things, I’m just not sure how…but I wholeheartedly agree with the sense of ‘bad spirits’ around them…but it rarely feels malicious, nore like standing too close to a lightning rod during a storm.

        I know what you mean by the ‘spiritual intercessors’ vs genuine Medicine people, I’ve encountered a few. You can almost smell the hunger for money and adulation coming off them. Unpleasant Encounters.
        I refer to myself as Witch, as I did endure quite a bit and worked very hard to earn my title.
        Witch of The First Circle. Meaning, I’m qualified to know how much more I have to learn and how little I really know as yet. 🙂

        The Tribal path is for me, and as you say, to do no harm. I do not/will not sling ‘curses’, and I know that a Core spct of being a Witch, is to Learn and Preserve/pass along knowledge.
        Religion…I’ve found I am most comfortable with it at a stand-off distance. As you point out, it’s…assimilationistic. And yes, they tend to look down on us, but more and more they’re slowly learning that Science is affirming what we’ve always known and worked with…and science is looking for the ‘why’ when it should just be enough that such things work…but as always, they want to synthesize it, package it, sell it.
        The Fundamentalists, when I learn I’m dealing with such, I just walk away, I haave better things to do than to listen to/argue with them.

        Ah yes, the ‘Cargo Cultists’ as Husband refers to the UFO worshippers.
        I have little experience with them, and prefer to keep it that way for now. While there ARE some possibly Extraterrestrial contacts in the histories of our Peoples, well, new age types cannot resist reading into such what they want to see.
        As to aliens out there, Law of Averages says ‘HELLZ YES!’ there’s gotta be some out there, but as you say, they MUST have better things to do than ‘troll’ earthlings.
        Husband, he’s very much NOT a fan of the UFO crowd, as the ‘ambassadors’ and such always make claims that smack right into the windshield of Physics.
        But, they’re harmless enough, so I take the live-and-let-live view.

        In regards to Paganity, and doing no harm vs. ‘religion’ and what has been in the past…
        “Do as thou will, but harm none.”
        Centuries bck, the following was added:
        “Defense only.”
        Translated, that means END a fight/attack/conflict that an enemy brings to one, one’s family and friends, people.
        Do Not start a fight, but if one is brought, End it and the assailant.
        Their version of the similar, Jewish; “Never Again.”.

      • This is a heartbreaking video that speaks to a belief many of our people hold,
        that our spirits don’t understand English.
        If that is true it demonstrates the ridiculous and callous nature of corrupting
        and commercializing them for the non indigenous, and makes me mad as hell that
        any would even attempt to do so, something I have zero tolerance for.
        But even if they do then wouldn’t it be more respectful in their eyes to speak
        to them in their own language?
        The importance of maintaining our language cannot be stressed enough – as the
        language goes so does everything else.
        I don’t like watching this video for the emotions it generates, yet I do as those
        emotions are valid and I will not allow myself to forget a single thing.
        There are people in this home, the surrounding area, who underwent the boarding
        school experience that still carry the emotional and physical scars, and so I
        too say never again and mean exactly that.
        I won’t actively carry a grudge or spread the white guilt blanket in such a
        manner as to encompass all, but also won’t hesitate to assign blame to whoever
        it belongs to regardless of ethnicity or position, especially inclusive of those
        who would culturally vacuum up what strikes their fancy, and any who facilitate
        that like Crow Dog, Banks, or the rest of those poverty and culture pimps.

        “For that white man it’s a terrible thing to be treating people like this”

        I haven’t an issue with what you have described, but I do with some other
        belief systems – I deal with that by keeping them at arms length – their life,
        their belief as long as no attempt is made to burden me or the nations with it,
        or it is characterized by stupidity and inflicting harm.
        Going to take a break now and will respond to your other comments in a bit.

      • First, and no surprise, I agree with you on all your above points. That is the nature of this battle we fight, to preserve and reclaim what is ancestrally ours.
        Languages,we covered in anoher article, and you know I stand with the rekindling of the Nation’s languages. For us, and for those above.
        The mis-appropriation and selling-out of the Nation’s heritage, will Stop. The self-annointed AIM ‘dear leaders’ better think about their future…with Great care.
        I’m not one for white-guilt as you know, but yes, there are those who do need to be called out and Challenged.
        Frankly, I think the Spirits do understand English, but spurn those who address them in it…the languages of the Nations grew with them, were spoken for millenia, are the words of stone, forest, wind and water.
        So, I think they find being addressed in English, Insulting.
        Pagans, use Old language to speak to those above, not English, as a means of respect for the old ways…also, it just works properly with the cadence/timing and such of the rites.

        The other belief systems that do practice harm, I actively fight. Such belief systems have NO place in our lands, and as can be seen from the wider world, are insanely destructive, and our Peoples are in a precarious position, and they are trying to dump their nonsense on us, and I will not have it.

      • Politics, legislation, and an increasing numbers of laws are
        characterized by a complete lack of coherency – some so bizarre
        and lopsided as to be mind numbing and require a constant
        paddling upriver.
        The same can be said of certain belief systems that have their
        own “laws”, thought, word, and “religious” police – their own
        unmistakeable lack of coherency.
        There are those within political parties attempting to float the idea
        of reducing the amount of historical curriculum being taught, if
        I have it correct they don’t believe anything earlier than the 1700’s
        is relevant.
        This is about as 1984ish as possible – first the 1700’s and
        and then the 1800’s, and on and on until history is only what
        is current, what is approved, manipulated, and revised.
        A situation like this speaks volumes to the necessity of
        maintaining language and culture, to maintain customs, and
        at the very least the oral recounting of history as has
        been our way.
        Political correctness on steroids is a weapon of choice in
        accomplishing this -schools and libraries have already begun
        approving and disapproving, removing and banning books, while
        the media tiptoes around trying ever so hard to project the
        image of correctness and sensitivity, yet move as a stampeding
        herd to thrust a microphone and camera in a survivors or victims
        face asking how do they feel about it.
        Such things as the burning or banning books is an assault not only
        on liberties but language as well that in turn would readily lend itself
        to the corruption/ revision of belief systems.
        Language? Yeah, people need to fight for it and become fluent or there
        will be no recognizable traditions and customs -they’ll become a chapter
        in a history book subject to removal.

      • That’s exactly what i see happening also, and it just makes me more determined to fight to do what I can for the Nations.
        We tried the Liberal and Conservative ways and those both didn’t work so great, especially for us. It’s time things were done the Native way…based and grounded in Traditioal principles, and as these are OUR lands, we do have the only proper and rightful authority in them.
        The alternative?
        More of the same ‘2 party’ swamp-circus that’s led us all right the edge of cataclysm and is falling apart.
        Socialism? Yeah, doesn’t work, and kills millions of people when it inevitably morphs to Communism/Tyranny.

        It’s time things were done based on what we know from past history Works and worked very well.
        If we are to be Sovereign, there’s no half-way to do it, right?

      • Agreed, there are no half way measures. Whether the world, much less governments,
        will do things the native way is anybodies guess, but as indigenous people
        we not only have the right to, but an obvious need to as well – the dog and pony
        show forced upon has failed miserably and will continue to do as a reflection
        of a larger external reality.

      • People are growing VERY annoyed and fed up with the conventional ‘government’ system, they want change that lead them out of darkness, fear, confusion…so, perhaps bcause of that, they will demand to try things our way?
        But as you say, we have the Right and Requirement to do so, and in doing so, possibly guard against & prevent the growth of such things as inflict Democides.
        The fog-and-pony…lacks real dogs & ponies, and is a sham even of that expression, and is deliquescing both against the larger reality and the promise of the future I see, that our Peoples Can attain and stand strong in.

      • The problem with sustained annoyance lacking resolution is that it can
        lead to apathy and resignation, at the same time it can cause some to go
        “postal”, none of which affords a solution, and ultimately leads to
        other problems.
        In a time of 24 hour news cycles and the media attempting to lead
        people around by their nose in a specific direction focus becomes
        a valuable and irreplaceable asset, a necessity.
        I said in an earlier comment that if you say it, you do it, you
        own it – the same could be said of poverty, misery, and oppression,
        those who live it in very real sense “own” it, and should understand that
        no one is going to offer a bid so they in turn become the owner.
        That doesn’t leave a lot of options – doing everything from the least
        to the most viably possible to mitigate situations is what will work,
        not bemoaning conditions and leaving it for someone else to attend.
        Not accepting dependency because whatever is given is “owed”.
        What is “owed” will never be paid, what we owe ourselves is achievable.
        Everything from raising one’s voice to digging in the dirt to plant
        has a value, combined with other efforts focus is gained like turning
        the focus ring on a lens – too little and all one sees is blurred.

      • All are points I agree with, And about ‘Owning’ it…this fight for our Peoples, Husband and I DO.
        Right to the end.
        Our energy system, and other works that will improve things for our Peoples…we will not be ‘giving’ them anything…we will only be supplying tools they need to Own their own future and lives. As u said, Sovereignty begins with the individual, and you are absolutely right.

      • I could not agree more!!
        That is in fact what drives hubby and I, our over-arching goal is not for us…but for The People of The Nations.
        We’re just building a company to help further that cause, that’s all. 😀
        We will fight for our People, and I mean all Indigenous Americans.
        We don’t love money, we don’t want to be among the ‘elite’…we want to leave behind a legacy our kids can carry on, one to be proud of, that can point to works that have helped The People of The Nations.
        It’s what we genuinely Live for, it’s something we can do, and see every reason in the world TO do.
        This is all about The Nations, our future kids, grandkids, your kids…the future of all children of The Nations who we will not abandon, nor just turn a blind eye towards.
        We will bring Hope, and the means to manifest such into Change for the Better. We will provide ‘tools’, advise, help as we can so our People can get their legs solidly back under them again.
        Wee cannot do it for our People, but we can help our People do it themselves. 🙂

      • The future is now as they say, arriving with each new day and associated
        concerns and responsibilities, but it is also what lays ahead, and an attempt
        to address those needs as they will arise is also a responsibility.
        Anything in furtherance of that is a worthy and necessary cause as the
        environment deteriorates and corporations tighten their stranglehold.
        Success stories are about more than the individual,a person who rises above
        and succeeds – no greater success is there than for entire impoverished
        nations to shed the chains of dependency and become self reliant – that must
        be the ultimate goal.
        The vision you pursue could contribute immensely to that.

      • As you say, the future is arroving. 🙂 We’re doing what we can to shape it to a Beneficial one, rather than more of what’s come before.
        We work because we like to, to solve problems, and mainly to do what we can for the Nations.
        Our Naations need a hand to grasp to get back on their legs…we’re just helping them get back on their feet is all. 🙂
        Like helping an injured family member to stand up after bing knockeed down.
        Many folks have no idea what to do with their lives, we count ourselves Lucky to have found our Life’s work, and that it is one that we can feel good about and will make a Difference.
        We don’t care about self-aggrandizement…hubby and I have decided that we will NOT be paid by our own company, our household income will come ONLY from a few small powerplants we will own directly. That will supply necessary income, and more than that we don’t need.
        But, the pay we would recieve from the company can instead be put to better use, like funding Scholarships and other such things along those lines of thought.

      • It’s easy I think at times to become a little overwhelmed by the
        current state of affairs and forget the power of one, of a single
        thought that can gain momentum – everything that has ever transpired
        at the hand of humanity began with a thought, some good, some evil.
        What results are which of the two gain prominence, which becomes the
        ripples on the pond.

      • It is yeah…this world is in such a mess.
        But as you say, things can change, do change, with just an idea, like a spark kindling a fire.
        What folks need now, is Hop…a candlelight in the darkness of this time. We can give this to them, without any ulterior motive, we just want to help put things right.

      • It is an axiom that a nation is not conquered until the hearts of it’s
        women are on the ground – the absence of hope is the precursor.

      • Mine is in my chest, and will remain so. I know the quote from your post, and we Women are not about to give up, that’s just not an option.
        Hope, as you say, it all comes down to Hope…and when Hope is given by showing solid things, like new ways of supplying energy and thus beneficial income…it has a beneficial effect.
        There is MUCH that will be of benefit to our People, and fit alongside traditional values as well.
        It will take work, but all good things do. 🙂

      • “It will take work, but all good things do. ”

        And all good things are worth fighting for be they Goliaths
        of industry or entrenched attitudes.

      • Agreed. But I will say this about goliaths…the bigger they are the harder a time they have with the small and quick. 😉
        The attitudes, those will take time nd steady effort…perhaps across generations to correct/ameliorate.
        But, worth the effort, because this is about our People and history yet to be written.

      • The bigger they are the harder they fall, and contrary to government opinion
        and endorsement no corporation or bank is too big to fail.

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