11 comments on “THE FOURTH AMENDMENT

  1. Very well written as usual, and very on the mark. I had been struggling to say this but lacked the words. Thanks.

  2. The foundation of this is the “twistability” of the English language. What is considered “unreasonable” and by whom?

    When you have a government whose very workings require them to enact laws that look the other way when crimes are committed by people who have enough money. Or to enact laws that enable wealthy person to stall or stymie law enforcement until there is now evidence to be found.

    When you have those who bankroll the government, be of the sort that the law should prosecute, then the government and it’s laws will become a cover and force for criminals.

    When you consider how long it took the constitution to be amended the first time, it’s not surprising that after so long the law now reverses what is supposed to be its foundation.

    When a foundation doesn’t encompass the entire structure, how solid is the structure?

    • Well said Tali-apparently the foundation is being replaced with sand as opposed to what
      has been referred to as an original bedrock based upon a humanist approach that favored
      the individual.
      In the work I do on occasion I see houses suffering the effects of subsidence-doors and
      windows become difficult to open and close, cracks appear in the walls, and floors once
      level no longer withstand the marble test.
      Structural issues then have to be addressed to right the wrongs-to put things back on the
      level and square up what is out of square-usually an involved process requiring hard work
      and attention to details.
      The “house” of government is in need of the same effort,the same attention to detail-and
      it is the responsibility of those who own it, the electorate, to do so when temporary
      tenets fail to.
      People often speak of arriving at a crossroads or tipping point when discussing an important
      issue- I believe the nation is currently confronted by both, exacerbated by years of this sort
      of behavior, it will be interesting to see the course it settles upon-more of the same or a
      new direction?
      The president now says he welcomes a debate regarding the issues-that may momentarily
      appease the faithful but it has always been my understanding that debate and discussion take
      place prior to decisions being made, and they are or should be inclusive of those who will be
      Interesting isn’t it that a “peeping tom” will rightfully find themself in jail and yet this
      sort of intrusive invasion is “legal”?
      George W. Obama, the current meme….wit, satire, or reality?

      • As the saying goes “A wise man builds his house on the rock, a foolish man builds his house on the sand”. Thinking about that I can’t help but remember the pueblos built into the side of rocks.

        “we find these truths self evident, that all men are created equal under god”. Apparently they weren’t that self evident as many were considered lower than others. Not just those with black, red, or yellow skin. Whites from different countries were treated as lesser mortals simply because they were different.

        It’s only slightly different now. Even children treat those different than them as lesser people. It is seen all the time in school.

        There are many who have money who see poor people as less than they are.

        You listen to a different kind of music than someone, you are “not one of us”.

        The problems with this country are in the very fabric of it, and have been since before it was made.

        The current form of government, where federal overrules state, is against what the founders had in mind.

      • The public’s attention span is notoriously short, easily diverted, and I’m
        confident everything will de done to steer it in another direction-hopefully
        that won’t occur.
        Interesting that you reference pueblos-I’ve been to most of them, those
        long vacant and those that weren’t built into cliffs and still inhabited.
        They speak to a continuity and sense of purpose offering lessons all could
        benefit from, mostly they are seen by others as quaint curiosities.
        Good examples you’ve provided about “differences”, often what people focus
        on rather than what is commonly shared, and an unnecessary obstacle.
        Those living in poverty, or any other seen to be have nots are considered
        to be children of a lesser god- someone to maintain a distance from as
        though a leper and contagious, when the reality is that they and poverty
        itself is an indictment against a system that favors and entitles wealth
        and position- caters to and empowers corporations at the expense of all
        that is decent and ethical.
        Equity and equality are words whose definitions have been struck from
        the political landscape-little more than rhetorical references.
        I saw somewhere recently, though I can’t attest to the accuracy, that the
        heirs of the founder of Walmart have or control something like forty
        percent of the nations wealth that rests in the hands of the top one
        percent- in the midst of all the need, all the poverty that exists in this
        country and globally it seems a criminal offense to me.
        For a nation guided by the “rule of law” when such things can exist, when
        the privacy of the populace can be subverted bolstered by the “law” then
        laws need to changed.
        Any law lacking a moral or ethical foundation is constructed on the very
        sand you mention, and in my opinion nothing more than a criminal act itself.
        When people hesitate to raise their voice wondering if a word they may
        innocently employ is to be found on “word list” that will attract attention,
        or know they are being followed and stalked across the internet, their
        private email conversations scrutinized, it should be a wake up to demand the
        transparency and change politicians always promise and never deliver.

  3. We have not known much of this constitution oss this the fourth
    amendment but are learning and made to see important to do this because
    the tenants on our land do not keep the rules they make.

  4. I also find it interesting if you were to for example offer a vegetarian the choice between beef or chicken, they’d chose neither. Yet they will allow the same selection of choice when they go to vote.

    The Waltons are a commonly lied about family. People make claims about them because they hate what Walmart has done to the little guy. While I don’t fault them for their dislike of a large corporation actively taking those jobs, it doesn’t give them a license to lie.

    There are only two or three Waltons who are willing to spend money on anything but frivolities, that I know of. The Walmart corporation itself has a large effect on the economy, but not to the extent you mentioned.

    Very few families have that much pull, and even those don’t really have the power, it’s their companies, which are run by boards.

    Those boards are usually fronts for others who are the true puppet masters.

    What I find very interesting is lobbiests pulling in opposite directions, yet when you follow who owns what, you find those pulling in different directions are owned by one company at the very top.

    Kind of like the visa/MasterCard fight while both were owned by one bank.

    • Funny thing about Walmart -many rail about it and yet will shop there.
      The bottomline for all corps is profit-everything else pales in
      significance and is the primary concern of “boards”.
      Lobbyists are little more than corporate prostitutes who in having
      sold their soul seek to sell those of others.

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