2 comments on “NATION BUILDING

  1. Been away and very busy and have to catch up on this blog. Check my own email about once a week.

    I agree with your overall premise, but there are people and religions that are not tolerant and just as soon kill us and others in the name of their faith in their ‘God,’ and, in the major instance, have a mandate to impose their will (Sharia law) on everyone. Fundamentally, if you’re not a Muslim, you’re damned. As for us as a nation, we’re damed if we do and damned if we don’t.

    Don’t disagree for a moment that we should do more nation building at home but we’ve slid so far as a society that the repairs are out of reach; rebuilding has to take place at the nuclear family level where two parents raise children with strong moral values and a work ethic. That part of the equation is broken, shattered, and I don’t think it can ever be recovered.

    Unrelated: http://wwwnoparolepeltiercom-justice.blogspot.com/

    • Well, I’ve read the Koran and while it has some beautiful
      and poetic things in it the bottom line in my opinion is
      when people say Islam is a relgion of peace they either
      haven’t read the Koran or in having done so choose to ignore
      what is in front of their eyes.
      Chritianity with it’s history of conquest from the Crusades
      to events in this hemisphere can’t truthfully be said to be
      one of peace either.
      The real trouble between this country and Islam began
      with it’s shameless support of the Shah to be exacerbated
      by nearly every event and policy since then- and so we
      are damned to suffer the consquences.
      The Middle East has long been the playground of the vested
      interests of world powers-it’s about the oil and the “balance
      of power”-a game that once begun has no end-no true exit
      strategy-another part of the broken equation in what has
      become a dysfunctional world with monied interests pulling
      the strings. and truly places the onus on parents to do and
      teach the right things.

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