1. ” All you have to do is instill a little fear in people, tell them they are at risk, threatened, and the bleating will begin-they’ll go for the proverbial fried ice cream…”

    Couldn’t, wouldn’t say it BETTER …

    And being in bit rebelious mood – that songs expresses fully my point view regarding this matter:

  2. Thanks for the link and comment SF-good lyrics.
    Much is being made of Snowden taking a circuitous route through Russia to
    Venezuela, Ecuador or wherever he winds up at,and the political reality
    of Russia.
    The conundrum is that neither Putin or Obama have shown themselves to be
    men to be trusted.
    What’s being overlooked here is that this country has a long list of human
    rights violations just as China and Russia do.
    No doubt saying so will raise the hackles of the patriots but it’s true nonetheless,
    and I make no effort to condone such violations wherever they occur.
    Human rights violations are what led to the civil rights movement, such violations
    can be traced back five hundred plus years related to indigenous people-and continue
    to this day wih the reservation system.
    Every man, woman, and child non combatant killed in foreign wars is a violation.
    The use of Agent Orange and operation Rolling Thunder in Viet Nam were as well.
    Supporting people like the Shah, Noriega, and Saddam Hussein, which this country
    did at one time or another, were violations by proxy if nothing else as they waged war
    against their people.
    But all such things justified as being directed at enemies, in the national interest, and
    maintaining the balance of power.
    Domestic spying and the big brother approach is railed against by the population of this
    country as it occurs in other nations and yet somehow defended here. I find a supreme
    arrogance in that.
    We need to do some nation building here, clean up our own act-in doing so we might
    find there is no need for whistle blowers, and our enemies list very well could dwindle.
    I have yet to call Snowden a hero- but if the Snowdens, Bradleys, and Assanges are what
    it takes to make government transparent the government needs to do a little soul searching,
    as do the people.

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