9 comments on “NATIVE PRIDE ?

  1. If we do not have the language not much do we have, all the ceremony should be
    spoke in the language for the spirits to understand, all the parents should speak
    to the little one the language so to help them to understand the many things
    and to know with out the doubt who they are made to be.
    These ones the bubbas in the the buckskins many do not speak the langauge, they
    know the few words put the feather for the hair and dos not change the bad heart
    they have, and we are made to agree this banner for them no different than the banner
    for the Chivington and the Custer we know of.
    They do not know the language but would say oh this is the bad word and you must
    not speak it and we must sue some one to make the money, we say we are the indigenous
    woman, the squaw and more to, and proud for this to know what it is this word means, and
    we would have the respect for the many things we are they will not give. we have the
    few words for these bubbas and not the one good.
    May be better for them to close the mouth and open the ear to learn, and if not better
    to leave us to be the ones we are and not the one they would make us to be. If they
    would tell us any the word is bad may be they would open the boarding school to teach
    us different and make the more money, we think they would like to do this.

    • I couldn’t agree more-it has always been about them and their
      version regardless of what the subject is.
      Their “political correctness” about language and other issues
      has been characterized by a desire for attention and money.
      They fail miserably as the mentors or teachers they claim
      to be-they are elders only in the sense of years, not wisdom,
      understanding, example, or compassion.

      • We are not just the one to make the coffee to braid the hair or to lay the bed with
        and have the little ones these ones always would have us to be and they are not the big
        men they think to be.
        Dos not matter all this talk the matriarchy, we love all the women, or any the other
        lie they would speak. And this one Dennis Banks with this talk for the elk medicine
        makes us to laugh, to bad it is he was not born the woman.

      • Again,I couldn’t agree more, and within the context of what you
        have written I can’t help but laugh at the mental image of Banks
        as a woman.
        Too bad reincarnation isn’t a reality so he could come back as one
        and pay some dues.
        Women have always been the thread that binds the nations together,
        and worthy of great respect for the role they play and all they do.
        The core of native pride should be the well being of our women,children,
        and elders-when that is the case the nations and their respective
        communities reflect that same well being-in it’s absence we face the
        common prevalent issues to be found in every one of our communities.

    • Thanks JP-there seems to be a lot of that going round, but it’s
      not only a matter of comprehension it’s also a matter of accepting
      an obvious truth and admitting it.

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