1. There are undeniable homogeneous elements to be found in all things,
    all beliefs, that should be understood and respected as having sprung up
    in an environment best suited for them.
    Like a plant for example that may flourish in one location and yet wither in
    another-such a plant may be grafted or genetically engineered allowing it to
    adapt and survive in some manner but it is no longer what it originally was.
    It has become a hybrid, something manipulated- and in my opinion a sterile
    GMO whose benefit if any is only temporary.
    It may feed a momentary need but if unchecked will spread and sterilize all it
    comes in contact with.
    Our beliefs have always been vibrant and sustaining,capable of replicating
    themselves through our generations-if intact they contain the pure unadulterated
    DNA of the nations, a seed bank like the one in Norway it could be said-as such
    they are something to be protected and fight for to that end.

    • We could not agree the more rezinate and never to think of this in such the way
      as the dna and the seed bank. But we see this is true and say we do not want
      to be the gmo or have our little ones to be.

      • Well,the nations have struggled for a long time to avoid becoming GMOs-yet
        we see despite the talk there are those who have thrown the towel in.
        It is about choices, and for some their choice is predicated on money or a
        YT video.

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