• Appreciate the link and a good read- this is a story SB has spammed me
      with too many times to count, but knowing where he and the AIM propaganda
      machine are coming from and my own research I would question the
      legitimacy of their words if the sun was beating down on and they said it
      was daytime.
      I believe a case could be made that AIM and Peltier are among the worse things
      that could have happened to the nations in the 20th century.
      They have added another new word courtesy of the fraud Crow Dog-forgiveness.
      Something he stressed during his pandering “eulogy” to Russel Means and is
      becoming a mainstay of his “teachings”.
      Strikes me it is very self serving- as though to say keep your mouth shut and
      don’t worry about the past because we’ll all be forgiven.
      Recently I was talking to a person who is Jewish-they told me about the premise
      of Yom Kippur -that it is a day set aside for a person to seek out the ones they
      have injured in some way, make amends, and ask for forgiveness.
      A practice in my opinion that would benefit all of humankind if it became commonplace.

  1. Megwetch for sharing your thoughts on what many of us know but only a few of us challenge. Chip away at the stone and we can create something better than what we have.

    • Thanks for commenting- the masquerade ball is becoming an absurdity.
      Surprised they haven’t issued collectible cards like the baseball and other

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