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  1. Flaws in case
    Flaws in the case include the FBI changing the “red pickup truck” to a “red and white van” — owned by Peltier, three prosecution witnesses recanted and claimed intimidation forced their compliance, the jury heard nothing of the FBI’s suppression of evidence or its being rebuked by the court, fraudulent ballistic evidence withheld from the jury and the FBI’s later admission that “we do not know who killed the agents.”
    Author Peter Matthiessen’s book on Peltier’s case, In the spirit of Crazy Horse, was delayed seven years to 1992 because of FBI legal suits against its publication.
    In it, Matthiessen interviews a “Mr. X” who alleges he was the one who fired the fatal shots into the FBI agents.
    I became convinced that Mr. X was Bob Robideau, whom I phoned in Spain and questioned him. He equivocated.
    When I phoned Judge Heaney, of the 8th circuit appeal court, he also implied Robideau might have been the shooter.
    If so, “he had already been found not guilty of murder and could not be tried again,” Heaney said. Peter Worthington

    • So now it’s Robideau who was Mr. X -you people crack me up, can’t
      even make up your mind who he was.
      Have you forgot Robideau was in the room at the same time as X-
      want to explain that? What was it astral projection or some kind
      of bi-location?
      You’re embarrassing yourself SB.
      As to the red whatever are you assuming every person knows every
      make and model of a vehicle they see. Do you?

  2. More from Worthington on the “American Way:”

    Three times I visited Peltier when he was incarcerated at the federal prison at Leavenworth, Kansas. Since then he has been moved several times — to the federal prison at Terre Haute, Ind.; to Lewisburg, Pa.; to Canaan, Pa., and today back to Lewisburg.
    At each, he was jumped, beaten, threatened with death by so-called native inmates when in general population. Provocateurs? Who knows?
    Peltier insists his only enemies are the system and justice department.
    In the past I (and others) argued that the case against Peltier was not only flawed, but grotesquely dishonest, unfair and unjust, replete with admittedly perjured testimony and fraudulent evidence by the FBI.
    No longer should guilt be an issue — Peltier is not a conventional criminal or felon.
    Even if one believes he was guilty, he has served enough time and deserves to be free. But no — that’s not the American way in his case.

    • “Native Inmates”… tells a story doesn’t it? That even his “own” people
      don’t believe the heroic, courageous,warrior bs and pounded his lying ass.
      Good for them.
      So what’s left? The old provocateurs bullshit?
      Oh I agree-Peltier isn’t a “conventional” criminal,he’s in a class by himself.

  3. “So-called Native inmates”? Holtzman, you are not Native and need to move on and quit acting like you belong. The beatdown he took in 2009 was not by guards or Latino’s. It came from young Natives who didn’t care for his bromantic advances. Real simple.

  4. Who’s the “joke,” now? When Robideau says certain things it’s taken as Gospel but when he confesses to shooting the agents you don’t take it seriously?

  5. I’ve said plenty already. I’m waiting for your Nazi “boy” to step up and say something. Do you think that I proved that Mr. Ed is indeed guilty of “disinformation,” in regards to Peltier? Do you still think that he’s a credible source worthy of your endorsement and privilege? Do you think that Price lied on the stand in regards to his interrogation of Annie Mae and that Trimbach lied on the stand in regards to illegal wire tapping at Wounded Knee and having knowledge of Durham as an informant? Funny, I don’t recall any perjury charges being filled.

    • Yeah you have,and even made noticable missteps that validated points I
      and others have made-what’s even funnier is that you predictably avoid
      providing a direct answer to a direct question yet again.
      Tell me-how many speeds does that bicycle you’re peddling around have?
      But just in case you didn’t understand the question I’ll ask it again-Do
      you think Peltier,Crow Dog, or AIM has lied about anything related to Jumping
      Bull,WK2, or the murder of Annie and Ray?
      If the question hasn’t been presented to your “satisfaction” let me know and
      I’ll attempt to rephrase.

  6. Maybe I’ll answer you when your other “boy” Trimbach responds to your questions? Remember the great “Sherlock Holmes,” who went running for hills as soon as you asked him a “hard” question? And what happened to his side kick LBW? Are they out on the trail selling FBI/Lakota ‘Spiritual,” retreats? You too can be blessed by an authentic FBI Shaman for the price of $10,000 LOL. So here is a question for you and your boy Wade. How come a “non-Native,” such as Trimbach is given a voice in Indian Country? This paper must not be a credible source. Some more Demain wanna be’s seeking the federal dollar.

    • Non natives are welcome in ndn country as long as they don’t get stupid,
      same reception a person might expect in any neighborhood.
      But there much like anywhere else there are sides and factions that might
      not be too friendly.
      I don’t know about selling “spirituality”-what I do know and is irrefutable
      is that your boy Crow Dog certainly is “selling”, to the extent of “licensing”
      non natives to conduct sun dance ceremonies, sweats,and whatever he can hustle
      a buck off of…want to comment about that, maybe tell me again how he does
      these things so he can pay his daughters utility bills?
      I don’t agree with everything every person I may know says, and I wouldn’t
      expect them to with me-that includes Trimbach.
      I categorically disagree with his statement that Zigrossi saying Hill didn’t
      rollover is the definitive reality-if that’s enough to send him “running” as
      you say it’s one of those oh well things to me.
      As to LBW you know as well as I do that her accounts were hacked and the bill
      for that will be delivered soon- going to be interesting to see where it all
      leads to.
      You’re an AIM tool SB-everybody knows that, and that you wore your welcome out years
      ago whether you’re non native or are, you’re the guy that relentlessly spams people,
      their email accounts, and loves to call them names- but easy enough to see why
      you want deflect and attempt to make it an issue…………another fail.
      Your maybes related to answering a simple question are as transparent as AIM and your
      boy Peltier,and like I said previously-you’re embarrassing yourself-for all
      your talk telling people to man up why don’t you for a change?
      I do like the link though-don’t really see how it “proves” anything you might
      conjure up-sounds more like Trimbach took Magnusson to school.
      And just so readership can have another example of your bicycle peddling I’ll ask
      another question-how many times have you railed against Magnusson and now want to
      present him as another of your favored authors? Think about your answer and remember
      the internet is an archive.
      Crow Dog licensed you to conduct ceremonies, has he made you a sub chief yet,or bestowed
      some other bogus honorific upon you? You and Peltier going to do the Hollywood
      blood brother thing?

  7. I haven’t read Magnusson’s book so I don’t have an opinion on him one way or another. I know that Trimbach is full of shit from personal experience. Maybe him and Magnusson could hit the debate trial together for the price that he was asking? Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll drag you along as a mediator?

    • The real “luck” would be maybe getting you and Seeger to perform
      as a duet a version of that gut wrenching, tear jerking Bring
      Him Home song you penned that languishes at the bottom of the
      Did it ever break the top 1000?

  8. Speaking of money…still no posting of Peltier/LPDOC finances. Wonder what the holdup is?

    There may be some further discussion about those alleged “tax-deductible” donations and money-laundering through a third party.

    As for what was said at the trial, the critical witness were key:

    Such a waste of precious time, but thank goodness for the Wilbur’s out there. They make Peltier look foolish and guiltier…that is, of course, beyond his own amazing self-incriminating statements.

  9. Is Holtzman sounding angrier lately? He’s reminding me somewhat of the “Migraine Boy” comic strip. Maybe he can soothe his spirit at Clyde’s sundance, provided he has enough funds to cover the admission charge? $1,500 was the last “donation” request being asked for around these parts. Maybe he can sing his way into the festivities,er, I mean ceremony…

    • The Migraine Boy-too funny and too appropriate Wade-to paraphrase Holtzman
      I think he’s having a “hissy” of epic proportions.
      A $1500 “donation”-guess Clyde’s trying to augment his retirement fund,
      or maybe like Crow Dog just looking to pay some bills for his children as
      MK said.
      $1500 would put a lot of food on the table for a needy family, purchase a
      good amount of propane,and leave enough left over to buy children some
      shoes and clothes.
      Things AIM always talked about when running a scam but cared less about
      when an option existed to either pocket the money or help people.

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