8 comments on “FLAT TIRE AND CRASH

  1. Oh this is to funny the picture you put to show the crash for this one silent bear
    and we agree.

  2. I didn’t say that I’m a Giago fan and I believe everything he says. I just provided this one entry to present his thoughts on the Trimbach’s on that particular thread. Of coarse, you took it out of context. If you create enough smoke, I guess the rabbit will eventually come out of his hole? Is time standing still for you?

    • BS-you provided it because you got excited about the words AIM had grown,
      or are you attempting to say you recommend Trimbachs book same as Giago
      did-that you believe people should hear the other side of the story the
      same as Giago said?
      And of course you’re trying to clean up now.
      Now, want to talk about how the clock stopped for Annie,Ray,Williams,Coler,
      and AIM’s resmurs victims? Want to talk about how their growth as individuals
      was ripped from them,or how their children’s growth was influenced by the
      You need to find and bring your A game if you have one SB, as what you’re doing
      now is a D-at best
      Take a break,have a glass of milk and cookie, fix the bicycle, and then think
      for a minute before you pick up the poison pen again.

  3. My Bike is just fine. If you’d like to extend the metaphor let’s call you the Lance Armstrong of Blog writing. You might think that like Woods, you’re a legend in your own mind and that you’re bringing your A game but that’s with considerable handicap and cheating. Funny, I just provided my opinion on Trimbach and his “book,” just the other day but did it make it past the censors? So what are you afraid of? Got a name? Got game?

    “What a waste of time and money defending a guilty copkiller; to think all that effort could have been spent alleviating genuine hardship and suffering on the reservation, where people freeze to death in winter because they have no heat. Has the world gone mad? Isn’t it time to educate the non-Indian society about the realities of life faced every day by our Indian brethren? I hope our book is a start.” Fed Baby

    “My terms are simple: I get paid the standard Ward Chuchill fee of 10g’s plus expenses for each appearance. I should actually receive more than that, since what I have to say will be beneficial to many professors of Indian Studies, quite unlike the bilge he peddles. If you wish to contribute your waterboy cut to an Indian fund, that’s your business (good idea as partial penance for the evil you’ve helped bring to Indian Country.) Otherwise, talk to the hand. Better yet, I’ll deal directly with Kari Ann. We really don’t need your bumbling.

    In the Spirit of Anna Mae,

    John(Trimbach) ”

    “I hope you will also talk with Paul DeMain, a Native journalist who respects the truth above all.” John Trimbach

    I forgot to tell you, I generally migrate towards the opinion now days that when Peltier said “I did not shoot those agents,” I believe him. Paul De Main 11/15/09

    “Silent Bear,

    Yes, I normally wait to hear of e-mails through our James Simon contact but was looking for yours in particular. You are the one I want. You are the most perceptive in the group, the most spiritual. I hope I have chosen well. I think you are kind, decent, and wise, but sadly misinformed on many issues. A man who walks in darkness should himself be careful, for he cannot see where he is going. With a single arrow in my quiver, the truth, and with the support of many, many Natives, I have exposed your AIM heroes as the liars and killers that they are, no better than the white men oppressors from 200 years ago. This is why we will prevail. After you read the book, you may want to consult a spiritual advisor. Why? Read the letter I have provided for you below, not for anyone else’s eyes but yours, and you’ll see why.

    I hope you will also talk with Paul DeMain, a Native journalist who respects the truth above all. Paul can educate you on the Anna Mae Aquash murder and why Leonard put a loaded gun in Anna Mae’s mouth during one of her many interrogations. He could inform you about the AIM leaders’ paranoia, and how it drove them to suspect her and order her death. Before they shot her in the head, your AIM heroes had her beaten and raped. You would also benefit from speaking with Richard Two Elk, descendant of the great Lakota Chief Two Elk. I had the honor of being with Richard earlier this year as he whispered Lakota prayers and spread sacred tobacco over mother earth, in the same area of Wounded Knee village where Ray Robinson drew his last breath in 1973. Richard was calling forth Ray’s spirit to rise up. Ray was a peaceful civil rights activist under Martin Luther King. He wanted to forge an alliance with the AIM leaders but one of them shot him in the leg during the latter days of the occupation because he refused to pick up a weapon. All of this is couched in friendly terms or else hidden from view by that notorious Indian traitor, white man Peter Matthiessen, your main font of wisdom. You have much to learn, my friend, and you won’t get it from Hollywood movies.” John Boy

    So, “John Boy:” Do you still think I’m the “most perceptive” and the “most spiritual? ” The truth is you knew nothing of real spirituality then and you know less about it now. Will Paul De main also tell me why the FBI put out a memo days after Annie Mae was kidnapped with the whole plot illustrated? Maybe he can enlighten me as to who the planted “informants/operatives” where? Common sense would indicate that if the FBI’s hands weren’t “bloody” they would have pursued the case back then. Instead they tried to “bury” it and “cover it up.” Maybe Paul De main can also name who “Informant A” and who “Informant B ” is. Or how that infamous FORMER head of the Minneapolis office was involved? Maybe he can also illustrate the details of the impunity deal that he made with the FED’s for them to go ahead and pursue the case and how much money that they’re putting in his pocket. These are the real interesting questions. Perhaps, after Leonard is set free, we can all sit at a table together and talk about this or make a “Hollywood movie” about it?

    • How much do your boys charge for personal appearances?
      We know Churchill gets 10k, Clyde gets $1500 for what he refers to as
      Want to enlighten us about Crow Dogs current fees? Or how about Banks-what’s
      his going rate?
      Even Russell is still generating ill gotten gain as people hustle his “legacy”.
      A legend in my own mind-care to point out anywhere in the blog that I have claimed
      to be anything more than a human being-complimented or promoted myself in any manner?
      Ever said I was a “warrior” or anything like that?
      Had you of ever taken anything other than an AIM zombie approach you would have noticed as you’ve followed the blog that I have said I’m not looking for compliments
      and tend to deflect them.
      Same tired cliche crap you keep posting in this your latest-all of which have been
      rebutted in countless places across the net.
      But I’m curious about this-are you saying DeMain cut some deal with feds? That’s almost
      too ignorant even for you.
      “Maybe Paul De main can also name who “Informant A” and who “Informant B ” is. Or how
      that infamous FORMER head of the Minneapolis office was involved? Maybe he can also
      illustrate the details of the impunity deal that he made with the FED’s for them to go
      ahead and pursue the case and how much money that they’re putting in his pocket.”

      Why didn’t you add DeMain’s response re the tends to that his inclination when he said
      this was that his thought Peltier may have shot only one of the agents instead of both?

      Care to ask him his opinion now and post it?
      This is like the claim you attempt to advance about the extractor and ballistics test when
      you always omit the fact that LPDOCs own hired ballistics expert never refuted a single word of the fed report during the evidentiary hearing during the three days he had the opportunity to. He didn’t say a word SB,offered nothing into evidence-presented no “findings”. He was little more than a token so LPDOC could say they had a ballistics expert and trot out some more bogus bs.
      I’d ask you to explain that,but I have countless times already and of course you refuse to.
      I can see you repaired your bike-you’re back on it peddling for all you’re worth. Tell me
      what model is it Schwinn,a Crow Dog or AIM mountain bike to cruise around the mountain of lies they offered?
      So whose you’re pick,Pacquiao or Rios? I need you’re opinion so whichever it is I can know they’ll lose and not bet on them on.

    • Hesitant? Wrong horse? The only “horse” I would bet on is the nations.
      I’d say you’ve been remarkably “hesitant” to answer simple direct questions.
      You’ll never snatch the pebble from the hand grasshopper as you can’t even
      admit it’s presence.

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