1. Come on now SB ,I know you read this-cat got your tongue?
    No scathing “insightful” bogus argument or misdirection to
    Pick a question from those in the blog-just one will do,and
    answer it-“man up”.
    Tell us how this piece of crap “loved” his “sister”.

  2. I did. What happened to Barry’s quote? Do I need to post it again? Did you enjoy that “stroke,’ from Mr. Ed? What happened to those blogs examining the villainy of Price, Wood, Zilgrossi ect.. and all the evil that the Federal Gov. brought to Pine Ridge? Here, I’ll start it off for you:
    “Dead within a year…”
    P.S- Regardless of who you think you’re fooling, I know that YOU are a fraud and a cheater. A legend in his own mind, indeed. And a COWARD as well. You love to throw my name around but what’s yours?
    Is Trimbach Annie Mae’s ‘sister?” I love how he asks for money in “the Spirit of Anna Mae.”

    • I DID- I DID….you sound like Tattoo-“the plane boss,the plane”.
      I’ll look through the SPAM folder again and if there approve it,
      it could have gotten overlooked with the countless get rich schemes,
      how to drive viewer numbers to a blog, want to marry a Asian woman,
      or the numerous porn invitations that land in the spam bin everyday.
      That’s not to say yours are of the same nature, though they are spam.

      Barry’s “quote” can be found in various blogs like the FOI ones and wherever
      else you have posted them and had them to be rebutted- would you like for me
      to pull them up along with Bachrachs and those within LPDOC’s personal opinions
      about Peltier? You didn’t like them then when I did and I doubt you would now,
      but I’ll repost them either later tonight or maybe in the morning,surely you
      didn’t think enough time had passed that they would have been forgotten.
      Got me laughing SB-you’re having a fullblown “hissy” aren’t you-catching
      a little heat from your boys maybe for the numerous hoof in mouth statements
      you’ve made?
      Like I said-I’m a human being, one of the people,and that’s all I’ve ever
      said-no strutting lying peacock like your boy Peltier-not a grifter like your
      homeys in AIM or at “paradise”- never murdered, raped, tortured, kidnapped,
      bombed, committed arson, or anything like that.
      Never said a word about praying on a pipe, being a firekeeper,or anything like
      that either.
      As to Trimbach did he stick a gun in Annie’s mouth and interrogate her-did
      he want to give her truth serum, or commit any of the acts Peltier is noted for?
      If you want to talk about “villany” how about we begin with those?
      A “cheater”-you sound like a six year old-what’s next, you going to do the sticks
      and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me thing?
      Pull yourself together, you’re beginning to unravel.
      The federal government has brought a lot evil to every rez,every nation,in this
      country-more than enough without AIM and your boy adding to it.
      Nobody gets a pass for that-not them,not AIM,and not your boy Peltier-you don’t
      like that, ask me if I care.
      Maybe I can disabuse you of one thing though-you can say whatever you want about
      me-doesn’t change a single reality, and the only reaction I have to it is to laugh,
      the more you squeal the more I know you aren’t peddling that bicycle fast enough to
      elude the truth. Now take a Midol or something and a few deep breaths.

  3. Here’s a really simple question for you SB-only requires a yes or no answer-
    Do you think Annie lied when she said Peltier stuck a gun in her mouth?

  4. I don’t think it really matters. Let’s add some perspective to this alleged interrogation. What if Annie Mae was working for the U.S gov and was a suspected spy? What do you think would have happened to her? Perhaps she would have been water boarded at Guantanamo? Executed like the Rosenberg’s? Look what happened to that military man that just got convicted for exposing war crimes? Or perhaps she would have been chained to a bed after being shot up and interrogated by “Agent Woods,” himself? Or ask to testify before the house of “Un-American activities,” like Pete Seeger? Do you think that there were legitimate suspicions for suspecting that Annie Mae was an informant? Certainly the Price interrogation and the “Informant A and Informant B,” document didn’t help her much. And if Theda was indeed the “pig” that led her into the hornets nest that would add perspective as well. So you love to take certain instances and blow them out out of proportion as to foster your position. You do the same thing with Ray Robinson by portraying him as a King disciple and trying to play an African American civil rights angle. You don’t think that Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Dr. Cornel West ect.. don’t know who orchestrated the murders of Dr. King, Malcolm X, Chirman Fred Hampton ect…And maybe they’re guilty of Robinson’s death as well? Maybe it was one of their operatives that pulled the trigger on him the same way a mole in the mob gains his credibility by making a hit? Again it all comes down to the withheld documents.

    • Of course you wouldn’t, and if it did you couldn’t afford to answer it could you?
      So,I’ll respond to this your latest offering and then nothing more until you answer
      the question of whether you believe Annie lied when she said Peltier stuck a gun her
      Nothing else from you gets through until you abide by the rules of the game you set,
      and you call it whatever you like as you write comments to yourself.

      A freudian slip SB- a little peek into a personally held belief-that Annie was a snitch?
      Annie isn’t a Manning by stretch of the imagination, who by the way is a whistleblower,
      but a case can be made that AIM’s response was in the finest tradition of oppressors.
      In your attempts to discredit Ray are you really going to say he wasn’t involved in the
      civil rights movement,that he didn’t march with King?
      Belafonte, Glover,and West have never said anything about Ray whether they know who
      orchestrated the murders of King and Hampton or not, and that speaks volumes to me-your referencing these things is another attempt to misdirect,to throw something against the
      wall and hope it sticks.
      Since you’re doing the maybe and what if thing check the comment I’ll be posting soon
      in the Liberation-Or Murder and Mayhem blog -you may find it adds some “perspective”-most
      probably though it will set your head to spinning.
      I might add in passing that a friend commented that SB is BS spelled backwards-too funny.

  5. Not even going to waste the space re your attempted diversion re
    the Annie question-but will offer a final chance since the previous question
    was either too difficult or unnerving for you-do you think AIM
    or your boy Peltier have lied about anything?

  6. “Do you think that there were legitimate suspicions for suspecting that Annie Mae was an informant? Certainly the Price interrogation and the “Informant A and Informant B,” document didn’t help her much. ”

    Mark, if the price interrogation contributed in some way to them thinking Annie was an informant… How did they know what was said?

    • I believe that Annie Mae told some folks herself what transpired in the Price interrogation? There is documentation about it in I.T.S.O.C.H, Unquiet Grave, Lakota Woman ect…I’d have to look it up myself again to give you more specific detail then that. I remember something specific about “informant A and B, in Hendricks’ book?

  7. If you’re asking if I knew Annie Mae personally and if she told me directly I’d have to say, no. These are all theories presented in PUBLISHED books. Like Hendricks and others, I tend to believe that the FBI were very involved in creating paranoia in AIM and in helping to orchestrate her murder. The facts that you’re seeking are still buried in the withheld FOIA documents. Oh, about the Price interrogation, she did tell John Trudell and he in turn testified about it, off the record, at Leonard’s trial. If you really want to know what Annie Mae told Trudell I’d try and track him down?

  8. “These are all theories presented in PUBLISHED books. ”

    You do realize that being published in anything doesn’t make it fact right? Also which definition of theory are you using?

    1: the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another
    2: abstract thought : speculation
    3: the general or abstract principles of a body of fact, a science, or an art
    4a: a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action
    b : an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances —often used in the phrase in theory
    5: a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena
    6a : a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation
    b : an unproved assumption : conjecture
    c : a body of theorems presenting a concise systematic view of a subject

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